Accurate transcriptions of the 1921 census are being added to the pub history site, starting with London.

1895 listing of Beer Retailers in the London Post Office - T

Many of these Beer Retailers (usually better known as Publicans) are very important in the fact that many formed the modern Public House as we now know it; whilst others were the modern equivalent of the Off Licence.


Taffs Thomas Hy,. 37 Commercial road Lambeth S E
Tait Mrs. Emma. 10 Garden street, Stepney E
Talbot Mrs. Sarah E. 697 Commercial road east
Tanner Charles, 135 Earls court road SW
Tanner Charles, 20 Fish street hill E C
Tarbard Alfred, 96 Grundy street. Poplar E
Tarbard Robt. Albert, 121 Bow common lane E
Tarr William, 28 Penton street N
Taylor Charles, 152 Shadwell High street E
Taylor Mrs. Ellen, 48 Weston street, Bermondsey S E
Taylor Mrs. Eliza Hannah, 24 & 26 Birchfield street, Poplar E
Taylor John, 24 Union road, Rotherhithe S E
Taylor Lambert, 13 South street, Walworth S E
Taylor William, 29 Cornwall road, Lambeth S E
Terry Mrs. Sarah, 263 Latimer road W
Thatcher Alfred John, 28 Robinhood lane E
Thomas Edward, 39 Cadiz street, Stepney E
Thomas John, 29 Neptune street, Rotherhithe S E
Thomas Joseph, 9 Canterbury road S E
Thomas Lewis, 13 Little Coram street WC
Thompson Charles, 164 Roman road E
Thompson David, 35 Wharf road, City road N
Thompson Joseph, 40 Lever street, St. Lukes E C
Thompson Peter, 117 London road S E
Thompson Robert, 53 Tanswell street, Lambeth S E
Thorlby John, 60 Sutton street east E
Thorp George, 20 Willis street, Poplar E
Thorpe Frederick, 27 Warden road, Kentish town NW
Tidder Roland William, 65 Monier road, Wick lane Bow E
Tilbury Thomas, 16 Peel place, Silver street W
Tillcock Edward, 32 Gough street, Grays inn road W C
Tolworthy Harry, 66 Turnmill street E C
Toombs Walter, 147 Whitecross street E C
Tout Charles, 108 Cornwall road, Lambeth S E
Towerzey George, 58 Kennington park road S E
Townsend Thomas, 199 Shoreditch High street E
Townsley George, 14 Old Gravel lane E
Trawley William Francis, 206 Commercial road east E
Trenchsrd Thomas, 133 Bleckfriars road S E
Trew Charles Henry, 349 Old Kent road S E
Truckell George, 20 Theobald street, New Kent roadS E
True Mrs. Mary Jane, 145 Charles street, Stepney E
Truett Robert, 6 Three Colt street, Limehouse E
Tucker Miss Frances A. 178 Rhodeswell road E
Tullett John, Pottery lane, Notting hill W
Tully Frederick 102 Westminster bridge road S E
Tungate Stephen, 150 East India dock road E
Tupper Hy H, 120 Brunswick street, Hackney road E
Turner Mrs. Ann Maria, 20 York road, Stepney E
Turner Mrs. Charlotte, 27 & 29 Brady street E
Turner Mrs. Emma, 25 Arline street, Hansard street E
Turner Francis John, 159 Cleveland street W
Turner Henry William 71 Redmans road,Stepney E
Turner Joseph, 56 Cleveland street E
Turner Percy Chas. 32 Cressy place, Stepney green E
Turney George, 15 Canvey street, Southwark S E
Turnham Mrs. Christina, 1A Lower Ranelagh grove SW
Tushaw Henry, 73 Belgrave street, Stepney E
Tyler Mrs. Jane Elizabeth, 19 Finsbury market E C
Tyson Edward Horice, 88 East road, City road N

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