Accurate transcriptions of the 1921 census are being added to the pub history site, starting with London.

1895 listing of Beer Retailers in the London Post Office - W

Many of these Beer Retailers (usually better known as Publicans) are very important in the fact that many formed the modern Public House as we now know it; whilst others were the modern equivalent of the Off Licence.


Wager Fred, 146 St. George street E
Waghorn Hamor, 103 Copenhagen street N
Wakeford Mrs Eliza, 77 Douglas street, Deptford S E
Wakelin Charles, 25 Copenhagen street N
Wakeling Edward, 11 Old road, Rotherhithe S E
Walden George Chas, 25 Seymour street, Euston square NW
Waldridge Charles, 3 Hardinge street E
Walker Edwin James, 8 Old Kent road S E
Walker Richard, 310 Albany road, Camberwell S E
Walker Thomas George, 2 Oxford street W
Wallis Edward, 2 Pembroke mews, Grosvenor place SW
Walton William Dawson, 40 Brunswick street, Blackwall E
Waninger Adolph, 54 St. George street E
Ward Isaac Hy.2 St Anns road, Bow common E
Ward John, 10 Roman road N
Ward Thomas John, 137 Brick lane E
Warden Frederick, 4 Torrington mews, Torrington square WC
Warner Mrs. Catherine, 31 Pekin street, Poplar F
Warrilow Albert, 250 Green street, Bethnal green E
Wass Mrs. Ann, 29 Boston place, Dorset squsre NW
Waters James, 57 Hyde road N
Watkins John, 9 Earl street, Lieson grove NW
Watson William, 4 Walpole road, New Cross road S E
Watson William Alfred, 12 Mansford street, Hackney road E
Watts Henry, 3 Cornwall road W
Waxham William John, 20 New road E
Weaver George Edward, 106 St Anns road, Bow common E
Webber Alfred, 3 Church lane, Whitechapel E
Webber Frank Jas. 26 Chapel street, Somers town NW
Webster James, 23 Gower place, Euston square WC
Weeks Frederick, 86 Ernest street, Mile end road E
Welch Augustine J. 130 Brunswick street, Blackwall E
Welch John, 1 Murchison road, North Kensington W
Weller Mrs. Emily, 137 Harrow road W
Wells William, 151 Globe road E
Wells William John ,66 Tottenham road, Kingsland N
Wenden Charles, 41 Grove road, Mile end road E
Westbury John, 80 Coutts road, Bow common E
Westmacott Edn, 40 Robert street, Hampstead road NW
Wethersett R. Challas, 59 St. John street road E C
Wheeler Francis, 6 Herberts passage, Strand W C
Whessell Allot. Benj. 69 Cheshire et. Bthnl gn E
Whessell Benj. 109 Devonshire street, Mile end E
Whilock Samuel, 8A, Little Cross street, Islington N
White Alfred Brearey, 54 Gold street, Stepney E
White Christopher, 90 Georges road N
White Frederick, 86 Wornington road W
White Frederick William, 95 Columbia road E
White George, 1 Berkley street, Clerkenwell E
White James, 26 Tysoe street, Rosebery avenue WC
White John, Station road, Bermondsey SE
Whitelock Henry, 46 Kay street, Hackney road E
Whitmarsh Charles, 148 Neate street, Camberwell S E
Whitnall Samuel Fairey, 364 Portobello road W
Whittle Henry, 17 Saville street, Langham street W
Whittlesey Elzabeth & Sons, 61 & 63 Scrutton street E C
Wickham Alfred Jas, 17 Barnes street, Ratcliff E
Wigmore John Beauchamp, 64 Lant street, Borough S E
Wilkins George, 30 Northey street, Limehouse E
Wilkins Mrs. Lucy, 67 Lower road SE
Wilkins Richard, 129 Green street, Bethnal green E
Wilkinson Bernard Edward, 29 Bale street, Stepney E
Wilkinson John, 421 Old Ford road, Bow E
Wilkinson Thomas Andrew, 25 St. Pauls road E
Willenbruch Chas. Jn, 5 Southwark park road SE
Williams Augustus, 37 Dean street, Commercial road east E
Williams Benj. 22 Mowlem street, Bethnal green E
Williams Ernest Chas, 8 Norman street, St Lukes E C
Williams Hugh, 19 Albion street, Maplin street E
Williams WilliamJasnSt.Marks road, Fullern rdS W
Willis Miss Sarah, 23 John street west, Edgware road W
Wilson Edmund, 88 Lambeth walk S E
Wilson Mrs. Frances M. 187 Tredegar road E
Wilson John, 110 St. Stephens road, Bow E
Wilson William G. 32 Achilles street, Clifton hill S E
Wilton Benj. 9 Churchway, Somers town NW
Wimpenny Varley, 24 Parkers row, Dockhd S E
Winfield John, 193 Hackney road N E
Wingfield Albert Edward, 49 Brunswck place, City road N
Wingfield George Frederick, 114 Drummond street N W
Winters William, 13 Belgrave mews east, Pimlico SW
Wiseman James, 16 Hercules road, Lambeth SE
Wolfe Thomas, 106 Coventry street E
Wolloms Hy Waring, 6 Wilds rents, Bermondsey S E
Wood Harry, 210 Commercial road east E
Wood Henry, 108 Abbey street, Bermondsey SE
Wood James, 47 St. Thomas road,Bow e,ommn E
Wood Mrs. K. E. A. 186 Seymour street, Ruston road N W
Woodard Thomas, 253 Cambridge roan E
Woodford William, 20 Hoxton street N
Woodhouse James,34 Baldwin street, StLukes E C
Woodruff Henry, 33 Deptford green S E
Woods Edward, 30 Teesdale street, Hackney road E
Woolard Benj. 26 Leigh street, Burton crescent W C
Woolger Arthur, 196 Kennington park road SE
Woolnough Mrs. Eliza 20 Trinity street, Islington N
Wooton Mrs. Susannah, 145 Three Colt street E
Worwood John, 286 Oxford street, Stepney E
Wren Benj.William 10 York street, Kings cross road W C
Wren Jesse, 260 High Holborn WC
Wright Frederick 7 Charlotte street, Whitechapel E
Wright Joseph, 16 Tarn street, New Kent road SE
Wright Robt. William 21 Church street, Chelsea SW
Writer Mrs. Elizabeth Caroline, 30 Goldens place, Denny street, Kennington S E
Wust Chas. 62 Charlotte street, Fitzroy square W
Wyatt Geo. 7 Penton road, Nine Elms lane SW
Wyatt George William, 12 Hillingdon street, Walworth S E
Wye George, 141 Harrow road W
Wyness James, 279 East India dock road E

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