Accurate transcriptions of the 1921 census are being added to the pub history site, starting with London.

The 1891 listing of around 1400 Beer Retailers / Publicans in London - from the 1891 Post Office Directory,

This excludes the Publicans listed at named Pubs in the Directory. The Directory does not include Public House names, just an address. This is fine for double checking names and places; but lacks the modern naming convention of a Public House and its named sign.

Many of these Beer Retailers (usually better known as Publicans) are very important in the fact that many formed the modern Public House as we now know it; whilst others were the modern equivalent of the Off Licence.

I will add links from these pages as I am able; but please help me out here. It is often difficult through the documentation that exists to match an address to a Pub name as much of this is through word of mouth, i.e. a Public House is often known by it's name to the locals, rather than through any record system.

1891 Beer Retailer index

Eager Tilston, 13 Devonshire Street E
Eames Herbert,1 Arlington Street, Sadlers Wells EC
Eames James, 57 Hyde Road, Hoxton N
Eaton Chas, 123 Green Street, Bethnal Green E
Eaton Chas, 3 & 5 Nine Elms Lane SW
Ebborn Charles, 24 Alfreton Street, Old Kent Road SE
Eccleston William, 47 Grundy Street, Poplar E
Ecclestone William, 81 Bancroft Road E
Ede William, 81 Cambridge Road E
Edwards Mrs Eliza, 27 Regent Street, Deptford SE
Edwards George, 6 Wellington Street, Kingsland Road N
Edwrds Rd, 44 Muriel Street, Caledonian Road N
Edwards Wm, 121 Barlow Street, Walworth SE
Edwards William Walter, 130 Holborn EC
Edwards William Walter, 104 Leather Lane EC
Elbourne Daniel, 85 Wornington Road W
Eldred Edward, 254 Hackney Road E
Eldridge Hiram Valentine, 494 Old Ford Road E
Eley Wilford Wilmot, 22 Stibbington Street NW
Ellett James, 11 Deptford Green SE
Elliott Robert, 241 Pentonville Road N
Ellis Anthony G, 30 Whitehart Street, Kennington SE
Ellis Frank, 45 Burton Street WC
Wllis George Henry, 490 Old Kent Road SE
Ellis Lewis, 56 Watson Street, New Cross Road SE
Ellis Robert, 229 Oxford Street E
Ellis Thomas, 7 Rochester Row, Westminster SW
Elston Alfred, 18 Whiston Street, Haggerston E
Elves Wm Nehemiah, 118 Hackney Road E
Elvin James, 30 Devonshire Street E
Ely Alfred Charles, 197 Canterbury Road, Old Kent Road SE
Emberson Henry, 460 Bethnal Green Road E
Emerson Frederick, 203 Copenhagen Street N
Emery Mrs Elizabeth, 827 Old Kent Road SE
Emmerson Samuel, 12 Morton Road, Islington N
Emmett Hy Geo, 92 Sclater Street, Bethnal Green E
Emms Edward, 24 Nelson Street, Long Lane SE
England William, 121 Devons Road E
English Chas Joseph, 24 York Street, Hackney Road E
Entecott Thos Chas, 74 Wellington Street, Deptford SE
Epgarve Joseph, 565 Old Ford Road E
Ernie Edward, George Row, Bermondsey Wall SE
Etheridge William, 9 Allas Road, Globe Road E
Evans Frederick, 67 Three Colts Lane E
Evans Samuel, 44 Glaucus Street E
Evans Tom, 272 Bethnal Green Road E
Evans William, 1 Lizard Street, St Lukes EC
Eveson Henry, 106 Long Lane, Bermondsey SE
Ewington Edwin, 31 Central Street, St Lukes EC
Ewstace John, 32 Hertford Road N

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