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The 1910 listing of around 1300 Beer Retailers / Publicans in London

From the 1910 Post Office Directory, this excludes the Publicans listed at named Pubs in the Directory. The Directory does not include Public House names, just an address. This is fine for double checking names and places; but lacks the modern naming convention of a Public House and its named sign.

Many of these Beer Retailers (usually better known as Publicans) are very important in the fact that many formed the modern Public House as we now know it; whilst others were the modern equivalent of the Off Licence.

London 1910 Beer Retailer index

Bacon Joseph Samuel, 86 Back Church Lane E
Bailey John, 17 Remington Street, City Road N
Bailey William Thomas, 96 Knapp Road, Bow E
Baker Alfred John, 85 St Ervans Road W
Baker Harry, 8a Penton Place, Kennington Park Road SE
Baker Henry, 25 West Ferry Road E
Baldock John, 38 Mile End Road E
Baldwin Charles, 13 St Leonards Road, Poplar E
Baldwinson Frank, 62 Morecambe Street, Walworth SE
Ball Walter James, 55 Lower Kennington Lane SE
Band Charles, 13 & 14 Newby Place, Poplar E
Banning William, 56 Euston Street, Euston Square NW
Bannister Charles, 202 Mile End Road E
Barber William Andrew, 26 Chapel Street, Somers Town NW
Barker Henry Thomas, 134 Cannon Street Road E
Barker William, 180 Stamford Street SE
Barley James Nathaniel, 184 Beresford Street SE
Barnard Charles, 86 Neptune Street, Rotherhithe SE
Barnard Henry, 11 Old Road, Rotherhithe SE
Barnes Charles John, 33 Crimscott Street, Bermondsey SE
Barnes William, 41 Harmood Street, Chalk Farm Road NW
Barnett Alfred, 3 Church Lane, Whitechapel E
Barnett Henry Edward, 50 Ormside Street SE
Barnett Samuel, 45 Bow Common Lane E
Barrett Mrs Anna Nancy, 647 Commercial Road east E
Bartholomew Samuel A, 111 Provost Street, Hoxton N
Bartlett William Edmund, 22 Blair Street, Poplar E
Basey Thomas, 55 Hind Street, Poplar E
Bassi Carl, 17 Baildon Street, Deptford SE
Batchelor Horace Henry, 98 Gifford Street, Caledonian Road N
Batten Thomas, 12 Uxbridge Street, Newington Causeway SE
Battershell Henry Francis, 384 Kingsland Road NE
Baulk Esau, 28 Lynedoch Street, Hoxton N
Baxter & Russell, 805a Commercial Road east E
Baxter Charles Cooke, 45 Vauxhall Street SE
Baxter Frank, 100 Goswell Road EC
Baxter George, 66 Tottenham Road N
Baxter Tom, 34 Warwick Street, Deptford SE
Bayley Henry, 84 Princes Road, Notting Hill W
Beagley Frank Roger, Frances Street, Waterloo Road SE
Bean Edward, 22 Nelson Terrace, City Road N
Behling Edward John, 27 Clenham Street, Southwark Bridge Road SE
Bell Frank, 24 West India Dock Road E
Bendwell William James, 12 Hillingdon Street, Walworth SE
Benee Alfred, 115 Monier Road, Bow E
Bennett Benjamin Dudley, 30 Carlisle Street NW
Bennett Henry, 7 Willis Street, Poplar E
Bennett William, 537 Holloway Road N
Benstead Joseph, 236 Cambridge Road E
Benten William Paul, 339 Ladbroke Grove W
Benzing Hy, 109 Devonshire Street, Mile End E
Berry Samuel Keep, 33 Clive Street, Pole Street, Stepney E
Berryman Richard Lockett, 148 Boleyn Road, Stoke Newington N
Berwick Robert William, 460 Hackney Road NE
Bingham Henry, 13 Mauve Street, Poplar E
Birdsey Thomas, 25 Upper North Street, Poplar E
Bishop Mrs Elizabeth, 18 Maidstone Street, Goldsmiths row NE
Bishop George Thomas, 58 Haggerston road, NE
Bishop William, 30 Queens Crescent NW
Bishop William Henry, 1 Elsdale Street, Hackney NE
Blackbourn Josiah, 536 Commercial Road east E
Blackmore Claud, 9 Skinner Street EC
Blackmore John, 557 Old Kent Road SE
Blackmur Mrs Harriet Elizabeth, 87 St Peter Street, Hackney Road NE
Blakesley John William, 36 East Lane, Bermondsey SE
Blanchard Mrs Susan, 287 Kings Road, Chelsea SW
Blois Richard, 108 Abbey Street, Bermondsey SE
Bloomfield George Frederick, 45 Grove Street, Commercial Road east E
Bloss Ambrose, 17 Chester Street, Kennington Road SE
Bloss John, 40 St Marychurch Street, Rotherhithe SE
Blount Alfred, 31 Broadway, London Fields SE
Blunden John, 89 Westbourne Park Road W
Bodfield John Charles, 23 West Lane, Bermondsey SE
Boggust John Frederick Hugh, 93 Brandon Street SE
Bohrman Charles, 2 St Dunstans Road, Bow Commom E
Boisson Sidney, 75 Amberley road W
Bolsover John, 111 Tyers Street, Lambeth SE
Bond William, 14 Salmon Lane E
Bone Thomas James, 55 Cheshire Street, Bethnal Green E
Bonner Charles Henry, 21 Macclesfield Street EC
Bonnett Robert, 163 Morning Lane, Hackney NE
Bonnor James Arthur, 29a Circu Street, Marylebone Road W
Boorman William Robert George, 64 New Road, Whitechapel E
Booth William Henry, 14 Ida Street, Poplar E
Bootle George, 37 King Street, Cambridge Road E
Boreham Mrs Rosetta, 380 Commercial Road east E
Boreham Mrs Sarah Amelia, 2 Devas Street, Bromley E
Bosher William, 53 Wandsworth Road SW
Boulter Charles, 56 Watson Street, New Cross Road SE
Boulton Thomas, 127 Seymour Place, Bryanston Square W
Boustred George R ,83 Clark Street, Commercial Road east E
Bouttell Charles Edward, 8 Frederick Street, Portland Town NW
Bovett William, 115 Long Lane, Borough SE
Bowden Henry, 52 High Street, Bromley E
Bowden Mrs Martha, 55 Grafton Road NW
Bowden Richard, 78 & 80 Kennington Road SE
Bowmer Mrs Mary Ann, 58 Judd Street WC
Bowra George, 3 harding Street, Commercial Road east E
Boydell James, 163 St Leonards Road, Poplar E
Boyes William, 93 Arthur Street, Chelsea SW
 Brace Charles John, 74 Eastfield Street, Limehouse Fields E
Bracher James Robert, 18 Whiston Street, Haggerston NE
Bradley Charles, 75 Treviot Street, Poplar E
Brand Mrs Kathleen, 16 Gillingham Street SW
Branston Joseph James, 38 Vauxhall Street SE
Brialey Albert Ernest, 190Boleyn Road, Stoke Newington N
Brierley James, 71 Torriano Avenue NW
Brimble Mrs Ann Letitia, 39 Cadiz Street, Stepney E
Brinsden Henry James, 26 Sale Street, Paddington W
Bristow Mrs Ellen Elizabeth, 11 Granby Street, Bethnal Green E
Broadmeadow Mrs Emma, 48 Ida Street, Poplar E
Brockington George, 8 Alice Place, Berger Road, Homerton NE
Broderick Alfred Walter, 271 Brick Lane E
Bromley Charles, 57 Watney Street E
Bromley Mrs Louisa, 44 Watney Street E
Brooke Mrs Sarah, 1 Braemer Street, Bethnal Green E
Brookes Frank, 7 New Gravel Lane E
Broom Alfred, 43 Oxford Street, Stepney E
Brougham Ernest, 7 Maygood Street, Barnsbury N
Brown Albert E, 117 Cheyne Walk, Chelsea SW
Brown Christopher Charles, 2 Austin Street, Bethnal Green E
Brown Frederick, 10 Ann Street, Clerkenwell WC
Brown John Thomas, 57 Hyde Road, Hoxton N
Brown Samuel George, 45 Cheshire Street, Bethnal Green E
Brown Thomas Henry, 85 Wornington Road W
Brown William Henry, 2 & 4 Caledonian Road N
Brownson Thomas, 58 Upper Kennington Lane SE
Buchele James, 125 Gossett Street, Bethnal Green E
Buchele William, 228 Devonshire Street, Mile End E
Buck Joseph, 321 St Leonards Road, Bromley E
Bugg George, 19 Wall Street, Islington N
Bugg Walter, 54 Collier Street, Pentonville N
Bull Walter, 51 Harrow Road W
Bunnell William, 13 Norfolk Street, Islington N
Burbridge Arthur James, 25 Burdett Road E
Burch Frederick Charles, 24 Union Road, Rotherhithe SE
Burgin Mrs Agnes, 8 Sans Walk, Clerkenwell WC
Burke Patrick, 623 Old Kent Road SE
Burn Ebenezer George, 41 Kilburn Park Road NW
Burton Harry, 17 Lawrence Street, Chelsea SW
Burton William, 6 Smart Street, Bethnal Green E
Burtwell Mrs Elizabeth, 68 Pages Walk, Bermondsey SE
Burtwell George Arthur, 183 New Kent Road SE
Burtwell George Arthur jun, 139 Vauxhall Bridge Road SE
Burtwell John, 35 Oswin Street, St Georges Road SE
Bush George Wm, 52 New Road, Whitechapel E
Butcher John, 118 Hackney Road NE
Butcher Thomas Hy, 59 Felton Street, Hoxton N
Butcher Thomas James, 871 Old Kent Road SE
Butcher Tom, 51 Walnut Tree Walk, Lambeth SE
Butler Arthur, 61 Hillingdon Street, Walworth SE
Butler Leonard Sauter, 14 Holloway Road N
Butterfill Mrs Eliza, 31 Ben Jonson Road E
Buttle Walter William, 15 Lillie Road SW
Button Charles Henry, 578 Old Kent Road SE
Button Hugh, 62 New Cross Road SE
Byatt Walter,277 Globe Road E
Bygraves Thomas Rd, 237 Green Street, Bethnal Green E

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