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There is now an amazing, NEW, and complete, historical London street directory for 1832 and 1842 and more

The 1910 listing of around 1300 Beer Retailers / Publicans in London

from the 1910 Post Office Directory, this excludes the Publicans listed at named Pubs in the Directory. The Directory does not include Public House names, just an address. This is fine for double checking names and places; but lacks the modern naming convention of a Public House and its named sign.

Many of these Beer Retailers (usually better known as Publicans) are very important in the fact that many formed the modern Public House as we now know it; whilst others were the modern equivalent of the Off Licence.

London 1910 Beer Retailer index

Claxton Arthur, 169 St Leonards Road E
Claxton George Herbert, 23 Lant Street, Borough SE
Clegg Whitmore, 77 Lower Chapman Street E
Clifford George Wm, 424 Portobello Road W
Clift William Arthur, 1 Sutton Street east E
Clifton Hy Jas, 94 Ben Jonson Road, Stepney E
Cluer Albert Joseph, 241 Pentonville Road N
Coates James William, 39 Ford Street, Bow E
Coates William Henry, 349 Portobello Road W
Cock Mrs Charlotte, 105 Vienna Road, Bermondsey SE
Cocksedge Jessie, 36 Matthias Road N
Codling Mrs Berthalina, 32 Limehouse Causeway E
Coe Sidney, 79 Salmon Lane E
Cohen Abraham, 15 Parnham Street, Limehouse Causeway E
Coles Harry, 20 Netherwood Street, Kilburn NW
Collett Robt James, 16 Haverstock Road NW
Collier Albert, 461 Fulham Road SW
Colvin Geo, 56 Cleveland Street, Mile End Road E
Comley Mrs Alice, 63 Smith Street, Kennington SE
Conlay Chas, 74 Wellington Street Deptford SE
Connolly Francis, 129 Whitfield Street W
Connolly Patk, 105 Beaufort Street, Chelsea SW
Conway Wm Edwin, 22 Great St Andrew Street WC
Cook Charles, 4?0 New Cross Road SE
Cook Edward, 272 Globe Road SE
Cook George, 41 Ormside Street SE
Cook Mrs Kate, 167 Harrow Road W
Cook Thomas George, 17 Kinnerton Street SW
Cook William, 18 Vyner Street, Cambridge Road NE
Cooksley William, 108 Duckett Street, Stepney E
Coombes Edmund, Vincent 87 & 89 Watney Street E
Coombes John, 5 Wapping Wall E
Coombs Mrs Mary, 282 Southwark Park Road SE
Cooper Mrs Catherine, 15 Grest Prescott Street E
Cooper Robt Desborough, 73 Clarendon Road W
Cooper William, 128 Rhodeswell Road E
Cornish Henry, 107 Harrow Road W
Cossons Henry, Geo 114 St Anns Road, Bow common E
Costa Mrs Ellen, Phils Buildings, Houndsditch E
Cotton John Philip, 161 Upper Kennington lane SE
Courcelle George Jas, 107 Aldenham Street NW
Courtney Fredk, 100 Georges Road, Holloway N
Couves Edward James, 22a Ben Jonson Road E
Cowley Mrs Elizh, 51 Bridge Street, Mile End road E
Cox Leonard George Wilkinson, 9 Royal Road, Walworth SE
Crabb Mra Emma Eliza, 95 East India Dock Road E
Crabb William, 70 Provost Street, City Road N
Crabb William, 6 Woolmore Street, Poplar E
Cradick Richard Thomas, 15 Cleveland Street, Mile End Road E
Cranmer George, 54 Gold Street, Stepney E
Cranmer John Thomas, 88 East Road, City Road N
Crate Mrs Sarah Ann Taylor, 95 Bride Street, Liverpool Road N
Crawley George James, 72 Weedington Road NW
Creed Mrs Amelia Matilda, 41 Coutts Road, Bow Common E
Crew Edward, 65 Kinglake Street SE
Cridge Vernon Robert Henry, 70 Glengall Road, Cubitt Town E
Crofts Thomas Edwin, 41 Hoxton Street N
Crofts Wm Albert, 525 Kingsland Road NE
Crombie Wm Allan, 35 Brunswick Street, Hackney NE
Crook Henry James, 64 Marsham Street SW
Cross William Charles, 233 Bow Road E
Crouch Jn Clarence, 103 Graham Street, City Road N
Crump George, 109 Columbia Road E
Cundy Herbert, 57 St Stephens Road, Bow E
Curle Wm Jas, 1 Queensdale Road, Notting Hill W
Curno John, 255 Globe Road E
Cutchey Arthut Edward, 2 Courtenay Street, Kennington SE
Cutler Henry, 46 Farm Lane, Fulham SW
Cutting Walter, 32 Centre Street, Bethnal Green E
Cutts Harry, 24 East Street, Walworth SE

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