UK and London street directory and pub history

The 1910 listing of around 1300 Beer Retailers / Publicans in London

Many of these Beer Retailers (usually better known as Publicans) are very important in the fact that many formed the modern Public House as we now know it; whilst others were the modern equivalent of the Off Licence.

London 1910 Beer Retailer index

Pedersen Christian, 16 West India Dock Road E
Pedrick Andrew, 109 Lauriston Road, S Hackney NE
Pelling Jos, 56 Woodland Street, Dalston NE
Pellolio Giosue, 1 Bridporty Place, Hoxton N
Penn Jabez, 82 Seymour Street, Euston Square NW
Penny Thomas ,130 Brinswick Street, Blackwall E
Perle Miss Amelia Ellisa Augusta, 37 Hassard Street, Hackney Road NE
Peterkin George Chas, 17 Barnes Street, Ratcliff E
Peterkin Hy, 15 Bishops Road, Cambridge Road NE
Peters John, 5 Drummond Street NW
Pettengell John George, 22 Englefield Road N
Pettit Stephen William, 365 Cable Street E
Phibbs Mrs Frances Anne, 15 Canvey Street, Southwark SE
Phillips Arthur, 37 Crosby Row, Borough SE
Phillips John Thomas, 80 Coutts Road, Bow Common E
Phillips Nathan, 142 Whitechapel Road E
Phillips Thomas Matthew, 38 Tredegar Road Bow E
Pickworth Mrs Marie Phillipine, 583 Old Kent Road SE
Pidgeon Nicholas Edwin, 81 Marner Street, Bromley E
Pietrucchi Olimpio, 10 Elm Street, Grays Inn Road WC
Pinkney Albert George, 190 ? Shoreditch High Street E
Piper Frederick, 7 Norman Street, St Lukes EC
Pitcher John, 143 Jubillee E
Pitt Alfred, 410 Mile End Road E
Pitt Robert Alfred, 32 Morning Lane Hackney NE
Plumb John Thomas, 92 Fairfield Road Bow E
Polkinghorne Walter Ernest, 35 Wick Road NE
Ponsford Albert Henry, 78 Fitzalan Street, Kennington Road SE
Pope Frank, 44 Muriel Street, Caledonian Road N
Porter James, 31 Praed Street W
Porter James, 74 Prusom Street, Old Gravel Lane E
Potter Mrs Rosa, 206 North End Road W
Potter William, 275 Southwark Park Road SE
Pottinger Mrs Lavina, 286 Oxford Street, Stepney E
Potts Lewis, 115 & 117 Brandon Street, Walworth SE
Powell Charles John Robert, 39 Warley Street, Bethnal Green E
Poyton Jas David, 57 Tarling Street, Commercail Road east E
Pratt William Chas, 106 Ironmonger Row, St Lukes EC
Pretty John Albert, 7 Blagrove Road W
Preston John Robert, 45 St Anns Road, Notting Hill W
Price James, 12 Chilton Street, Bethnal Green E
Proctor William Milford, 827 Old Kent Road SE
Pryer Thomas Harry, 3 Blandford Street W
Pudduck Edward, 131 Blythe Road, W Kensington W
Pullen Robert Hy, 53 Donegal Street, Pentonville N
Pye Charles, 423 Bethnal Green Road E


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