Accurate transcriptions of the 1921 census are being added to the pub history site, starting with London.

1934 Beer Retailers in London Index

from the 1934 Kellys Directory, this excludes the Publicans listed at named Pubs in the Directory. The Directory does not include Public House names, just an address. This is fine for double checking names and places; but lacks the modern naming convention of a Public House and its named sign.


Bailey Charles, 16 Courthill Road, Lewisham SE13
Bailey Mrs Eliza, 18 Lamprell Street, Bow E3
Bailey John Robert, 17 Remington Street, City Road N1
Bailey Matthew William, 53 Waldo Road NW10
Baker Albert Oliver, 70 Tennyson Road, Stratford E15
Baker Alfred John, 66 Strathleven Road, Brixton SW2
Baker Arthur, 44 Maroon Street, Limehouse Fields E14
Baker Edward Arthur, 191 Lyham Road, Brixton SW2
Baker Frederick Louis, 15 Sparta Street, Greenwich SE10
Baker Miss Louisa, 2 Daniels Road, Nunhead SE15
Ball Arthur John, 1 Oldfield Road, West Acton W3
Ball Mrs Maud L, 71 Torriano Avenue NW5
Ball Wallace V, 246 Acton Lane, Acton Green W4
Ball William, 302 Sangley Road, Catford SE6
Balls Frederick George, 185 & 187 Rye Lane, Peckham SE15
Balls Frederick George William, 96 Bridge Road, West Battersea SW11
Balme Edward, 255 Globe Road E2
Banning Aldred, 44 Muriel Street, Copenhagen Street N1
Barber Mrs Mary Ann Sophia, 1 Conway Street, Plaistow E13
Bark Samuel, 236 Cambridge Road E2
Barker George Walter, 37 Crosby Row SE1
Barker Henry Thomas, 59 Homerton Terrace, Hackney E9
Barker William Daniel, 40 Bolingbrooke Road, Battersea SW11
Barklamb Walter, 30 Rossington Street, Upper Clapton E5
Barley William G, 53 Peel Street, Kensington W8
Barnard George Thompson, 49 Brunswick Place N1
Barnard Henry P, 11 Rotherhithe Old Road SE16
Barnard Mrs Jessie Anne, 236 Vallance Road E2
Barnes & Golding, 122 Falcon Road SW11
Barnes Albert James, 99 Summerstown Tooting SW17
Barnes Charles Carrington, 14 Hazelville Road, Upper Holloway N19
Barnes George, 38 Old Town, Clapham Common SW4
Barnes George Henry, 16 Barwick Road, Forest Gate E7
Barnett Joe, 165 Hoxton Street N1
Barnett Stanley Herbert, 202 The Grove, Stratford E15
Barrett Mrs Fanny, 17 Ardmere Road, Lewisham SE13
Barrett Frank, 1 & 3 Lilleshall Road, Clapham SW4
Barrett Frederick T, 124 Globe Road E1
Barrett G H, 2 Perrers Road, Hammersmith W6
Baron Charles, 349 Portobello Road W10
Barry Charles J, 45 Artillery Place, Woolwich SE18
Bartholomew George, 14 Blenheim Crescent W11
Barton F B, 89 & 91 Burrage Road, Plumstead SE18
Barton H B, 18 Greens End, Woolwich SE18
Barton William B, 296 Woolwich Road, Charlton SE7
Bassi Carlo A, 127 Curtain Road EC2
Bastow Wm Reginald, 5 Dunstans Road, E Dulwich SE22
Bateman Ernest, 96 Fairfield Street, Wandsworth SW18
Batten Mrs Catherine, 12 Uxbridge Street, Newington Causeway SE1
Battle Mrs Mary Hannah, 42 Roxwell Road, Shepherds Bush W12
Baulk Albert V, 1 Lawton Road, Mile End Road E3
Baxter & Russell, 805a Commercial Road east E14
Baxter Frank, 43 Lower Clapton Road E5
Baxter William H, 79 Basildon Road, Plumstead SE18
Beach Chas Arthur, 83a Cornwall Road W11
Beach Mrs Elizabeth, 2 Borrodale Road, Wandsworth SW18
Beadle Edward Hy, 33 Eton Road, Plumstead SE18
Beard John, 76 Mitcham Road, Tooting SW17
Beard Mrs Maud A, 272 Devonshire Street, Mile End E1
Beaumont Jas, 47 Frances Street, Battersea SW11
Beckett Horace Hy, 2 St Anns Road, Bow Common E3
Bedford Sidney H, 757 Woolwich Road SE7
Beer Edwin, 42a Osborne Road, Hackney Wick E9
Beer Richard Augustus, 7 Poplar High Street E14

Bellamy Eric Douglas, 64 Putney Bridge Road SW18
Belsher & Hawkins Allan S & Sidney H, 286 Mitcham Road, Tooting SW17
Belsher A S, 443 & 445 Coldharbour Lane, Brixton SW9
Benbow Jas Leslie, 56 Ashbrook Road, Upper Holloway N19
Bennell Samuel Thomas, 8 Frederick Street, St Johns Wood NW8
Bennett Mrs Eliz A, 13 & 15 Woolwich Road, Greenwich SE10
Bennett Mrs Emma Lily, 37 Hassard Street, Bethnal Green E2
Bennett William, 557 Holloway Road N19
Benson George, 10 Montpelier Vale, Blackheath SE3
Bentley Jn Beilbeck, 103 Culvert Road, Battersea SW11
Benwell William Jas, 16 Hillingdon Street, Walworth SE17
Berridge Ernest A & Ernest A E, 76 Warple Way, Wandsworth SW18
Berry Mrs Bertha E, 22 Brydges Road, Stratford E15
Berry Mrs Clara, 134 Kerbey Street, Poplar E14
Berry Mrs Mary Ann Helena, 33 Clive Street, Pole Street Stepney E1
Berwick Robert William, 27 Rathbone Street, Canning Town E16
Best Clement Sidney, 21 Beale Street north, Plaistow E13
Bevan Rt, 274 Latimer Road W10
Bicnell Joseph, 8a Penton Place SE17
Bigg Mrs C, 53 Stratford Road E13
Biggs William, 35 Wick Road, Hackney E9
Binks Percy Geo, 74 Bennerley Road, Battersea
Birch Benjamin, 401 Battersea Park Road SW11
Birch Cecil, Mantle Road, Brockley SE4
Bird William H, 92 Fairfield Road, Bow E3
Bishop Archibald Charles, 576 Garratt Lane SW17
Bishop Edard William, 194 West Ferry Road, Millwall E14
Bishop Harry William, 149 Lancefield Street, Queens Park W10
Bishop William, 113 Arthur Street, Chelsea SW8
Blackman William Jas, 35 Willow Street, Westminster SW1
Blackmore Claud, 20 Fish Street Hill EC3
Blackwell Jas A, 40 Osborne Road, Acton W3
Blake Alfred, 59 James Street, Canmden Town NW1
Blake Harry, 113 High Street, Homerton E9
Blake Mrs Jane Eliz, 97 Aberfeldy Street, Poplar E14
Blake Percy Valentine, 51 & 53 Robsart Street, Brixton SW9
Blake Wm Ernest, 6 Railway Place, Cambridge Road E2
Blanchard William, 272 Bethnal Green Road E2
Blanks Edmund David, 49 Alma Road, Wandsworth SW18
Bloomfield Basil, 28 Barnsley Street E1
Bloss John, 191 Estcourt Road, Fulham SW6
Blount Sidney H, 2a West Road, West Ham E15
Bloxham Rd Hy, 23 Bridson Street, Old Kent Road SE15
Boatman Mrs E Dorothy, 24 Union Road, Rotherhithe SE16
Boatright James, 22 Winchester Street E2
Bodfield Jn Chas, 23 West Lane, Bermondsey SE16
Bolton Mrs Catherine Mary, 155 Hackney Road E2
Bond A G, 330 Glyn Road, Lower Clapton E5
Bond Alfred James, 131 Globe Road E2
Bond Frederick T, 133 Teesdale Street E2
Boniface William Fras, 10 Grimaldi Street, Pentonville N1
Bonner Sidney S, 500 Commercial Road east E1
Boon William Edward, 4 Chisendale Road, Old Ford E3
Boorman William Rt George, 243 King Street, Hammersmith W6
Boot Alfred William, 205 Canterbury Road SE15
Bootle George, 37 Wickford Street, Cambridge Road E1
Boulter Mrs Rose Amelia, 68 Pages Walk SE1
Boundy Robert, 8 Park Place, Clapham SW4
Bowra George, 111 Provost Street N1
Bowra William Gabriel, 69 Plough Road, Battersea SW11
Bowyer Elsdon, 22 Nelson Terrace, City Road N1
Boxall Eber, 32 Bealey Street Streatham SW16
Boyce James J, 141 Battersea Park Road SW8
Boyes William Jardine, 701 Fulham Road SW6
Boyton Edward William, 143 New Church Road Camberwell SE5
Boyton Jas Hy, 46 Church Road, Brixton SW2

Bracher James Robert, 35 Silchester Road W10
Bradford Mrs Josephine, 13 Brook Green Road W6
Bradstock Geo Thos, 18 High Street, Plaistow E13
Braid Albert, 49 Park Place, Clapham SW4
Brand Edward Land, 166 Larkhall Lane, Clapham SW4
Brand Mrs Emily Eliz, 24 Queensferry Road, Custom House E16
Bray Alfred, 48 Duke Road, Chiswick W4
Bray John, 79 Nevill Road, Stoke Newington N16
Brennan Mrs Mary, 65 Queens Road, Dalston E8
Brewer Sidney W, 1 Bridport Place, Hoxton N1
Brialey Fredk 57, Alderney Road, Mile End E1
Brian Bertie, 9 Plumstead Road SE18
Brice Thos, 186 Drayton Park N5
Briggs Colin, 17 Chatham Road, Battersea SW11
Briggs Ernest A, 130 East Street SE7
Bright Bertram J, 78 Fitzalan Street, Kennington Road SE11
Broadhurst John William, 47 Parsons Green Lane, Fulham SW6
Braodway Miss L A, 175 King Street, Hammersmith W6
Brockman Mrs Ellen E, 148 Albert Road E16
Brockwell Frederick Richard, 104 St Anns Road, Notting Hill W11
Bromley Leslie Horace, 8 Old Kent Road SE1
Bromley Mrs Louisa, 43 Watney Street E1
Brooke Jas, 250 Green Street, Bethnal Green
Brooks Albert, 21 Prince Edward Road, Hackney Wick E9
Broom Robert, 65 Acklam Road W10
Broome Ronald Frank, 74 Prusom Street E1
Brown Arth & Son, 105 Falcon Road, Battersea SW11
Brown Arth, 129 Green Street, Bethnal Green E2
Brown Arthur Neve, 18 Wilmount Street, Woolwich SE18
Brown Edward, 18 Landor Road, Stockwell SW9
Brown Mrs Garce Stoakes, 24 Garton Street, Wandsworth SW18
Brown Jas Edwin, 126? Meyrick Road SW11
Brown Joseph, 103 Wick Road E9
Brown Mrs Sarah Ann, 146 Major Road, Stratford E15
Brownrigg Mrs Helen, 398 Hornsey Road N19
Brydges Wm, 40 Brunswick Street, Poplar E14
Buchele Alfred, 32 High Street, Lewisham SE13
Buchele James George, 2 & 4 Queen Street, Hammersmith W6
Buck Harry, 211 High Street, Acton W3
Buckle Harry Edward, 87 Old Kent Road SE1
Budd John Henry, 15 Park Place, Eltham SE9
Bull Thomas Henry, 10 Thomas Street, Woolwich SE18
Bundock Mrs Helena, 55 Woolwich Road SE10
Burgess & Clark Leonard G & Frederick G Clark, 344 Grange Road, Plaistow E13
Burgess Leonard George, 114 & 116 Corporation Street, West Ham E15
Burrows Harry William, 41 Coldharbour Lane, Camberwell SE5
Burslem George, 55 Manderville Street E5
Burton Alfred, 21 & 23 Rommany Road, West Norwood SE27
Burton Arthur Chas, 131 Well Street E9
Burtwell Mrs Alice Doris, Vauxhall Walk SE11
Busby Sydney Jn, 1 Orchard Place, Poplar E14
Bush Arth Edwin, 76 Glenthorne Road, Hammersmith W6
Bush Geo Jas, 503 & 505 Woolwich Road SE7
Bush Rd, 163 Fort Road, Bermondsey SE1
Bush Robt Wm, 117 London Road, Southwark SE1
Bushele William, 84 Ben Jonson Road E1
Buswell Wm Chas, 148 St Leonards Street, Bow E3
Butcher Thomas Hy, 59 Felton Street, Hoxton N1
Butler Arthur George Hack, 25 Hanbury Road, Battersea SW11
Butler Frank, 66 Greyhound Road, Hammersmith W6
Butler Hy Dunlop, 531 Kings Road, Chelsea SW10
Butler Chas R, 5 & 7 Plaistow Grove, West Ham E15
Butterfill, Mrs Eliza, 31 Ben Jonson Road E1
Buttle Stanley W J, 180 North End Road W14
Byles Mrs Eliz Sarah, 102 Riversdale Road N5

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