Accurate transcriptions of the 1921 census are being added to the pub history site, starting with London.

Here is the entire listing of the Beer Retailers as recorded in Middlesex in the 1874 Directory.

Select the Letter below, for the London Beer House & Retailer Listing.

By visiting the  relevant Beer House, you will find Licensee information, bar staff, boarders & lodgers from Census and Trade Directory information. The East London / Essex area is best covered, and new information is being added every day.

Transcribed by Lyn Yates


Odell Mrs. Ann, 58 North Street, Mare Street, Hackney
Odell George, Angel Lane, Hayes, Uxbridge
Olfer A., 135 King Street West, Hammersmith
Orford William, Lea Bridge Road, Lower Clapton

Padbury Edward, Drum Lane, Old Brentford
Page Alfred, High Street, Acton
Paine C.C., Trafalgar Place, Shacklewell Lane
Palmer Henry Francis, 6 Pritchard’s Place, Broadway, London Fields
Parker Henry, 10 Mildmay Terrace, Back Road, Stoke Newington
Parker James, 29 Queen’s Street, Hammersmith
Parker R., 84 Goldhawk Road, Shepherd’s Bush
Passingham William Poyle, Stanwell, Slough
Pateman Mrs. M.A., 5 The Lynch, Uxbridge
Paul F., Holly Bush, Chase Side, Enfield
Pearce George, High Street, Old Brentford
Pearson William, West Street, Mare Street, Hackney
Peck Thomas, Whitton, Hounslow
Peek John, Kew Bridge, Old Brentford
Pepper Richard, Upper Fore Street, Edmonton
Petifer George, 93 Well Street, Hackney
Peverill Robert, Cowley, Uxbridge
Pickett T., Sidney Terrace, Edgware Road
Pigrum William, Enfield Chase
Pike William, 19 Well Street, Hackney
Pilshaw Henry George, High Street, Southgate
Pinckney William, Edgware
Pinnuck Frederick, Chase Side, Enfield
Pithouse Henry, Harlington, Hounslow
Pizzey James, Park Road, Crouch End
Plant Mrs. A., 79 King Street East, Hammersmith
Plastine John, High Street, New Brentford
Pocock W. & E., 213 Seven Sisters’ Road
Pollecutt Jesse, Heath Lane, Twickenham
Polletty Mrs. Eliza, Crown Road, North End, Fulham
Poole John, Clifden Road, Lower Clapton
Poole Joseph Henry, Stanwell, Staines
Porterfield James, West Place, Turnham Green
Pound R., Wellington Road North, Hounslow
Prangnell William, Brent Street, Hendon
Pretlove Richard, High Street, Hanwell
Price C.T., 23 George Street, Hammersmith
Prince Thomas, Northolt, Southall
Pritchard Moses, Heath Lane, Twickenham
Pryor William, Bull’s Lane, Finchley
Puddifoot Charles, Harefield, Uxbridge
Pursey Mrs. Selina, London Road, Staines
Putland George, 4 Queen Street, Hammersmith

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