Cambridge 1911 pub history census summary

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Cambridge 1911 pub history census summary

St Andrew the Great

Dis 1
PH, 11 Magdalen street, Fields
PH, 96 Castle street, Drake - Sir Isaac Newton
PH, 1 Spotted Cow yard, Twinn - Spotted Cow
Man loaded with Mischief, Mags street, Hazlewood
Beerhouse, 71 Castle street, Stacey
The White Swan, 43 Castle street, Nolan
The Three Tuns, 41 Castle street, Farrant
Masons Arms, 9 Castle street, Matthews
Rose & Crown, Pound Hill, Salisbury
Cow & Calf, 14 Pound Hill, Hunt
White Horse, 2 Castle street, Dudley-Hay
The Wheatsheaf, Huntingdon road, Arnold
The Travellers Rest, Huntingdon road, Wright

Dis 2
The Pickerel, 30 Magdalen street, Silk
The Bell, 7 Northampton street, Welford
Merton Arms, 25 Madingley road, Pateman
Plough & Harrow, Madingley road, Free

Dis 3
Granta Hotel, Newnham road, Tabraham
Jolly Millers, Newnham road, Musk
Coach & Horses, Newnham road, Clarke
Tally Ho, Newnham road, Wright

Dis 4
Crown Inn, 18 Jesus lane, Radford
Royston Arms, 11 Jesus lane, Beament
The Mitre, 18 Bridge street, Green
Baron of Beef, 19 Bridge street, White
George Hotel, Thompsons lane, Leng
The Ram, Ram yard, Werry
Plume of Feathers, 45 & 46 Park street, Martin
Maypole, 21 Portugal place, Goodfellow

Dis 5
Nags Head, 20 Hobson street, Spencer
Prince of Wales Hotel, not a dwelling
The Rhadegund, 129 King street, Hills
True Blue, 23 Sidney street, Clark
The Boot, 39 King street, Rand
Royal Arms, 21 King street, Hawkes
Horse & Groom, 86 & 88 King street, Hamilton
Willow Tree, 17 Willow walk, Scales
Duke of Cambridge, 5 Short street, Clements
Brewery & Bar, 4 King street, Scales
Earl Grey, 60 King street, Grimes
Champion of Thames, 68 King street, Wilsher

Dis 6
Bird Bolt Hotel, 41 Regent street, Hall
Hotel, 91 Regent street, T Hayward
University Arms Hotel, Regent street, Bradford
Golden Rose, 17 Emmanuel Road, Harvey

Dis 7
Sugar Loaf, 10 Market hill. Whitmore
The Angel, 16 & 17 Market street, Moden
The Criterion, 15 Market passage, Denyer
The Wheatsheaf, 3 Market hill, Moden
The Rose, 6 Rose crescent, Best
The Marquis Granby, 36 Bridge street, Covey
The Volunteer, 8 Green street, Coppins
Blue Boar Hotel, 17 Trinity street, Sadler

Dis 8
Bull Tap, Queens lane, Southgate
Bull Hotel, Trumpington street, Clarke
Bath Hotel, Benet street, Friend
The Eagle, Benet street, Turner
Carriers Arms, 4 St Tibbs row, Watling
Bun Shop, 1 St Andrews Hill, Whitemore & Co
Red House, St Edwards passage, Beck
Wine Vaults, Peas hill. Miller & Sons
Queens Arms, 8 St Andrews street, Reeve
Rose & Tulip, 1 & 2 St Andrews Court, Newman
The Bell, 14 Peas hill, Hull
PH, 14 Benet street, Dean
Alexandra bar, 9 Alexandra street, Churcher
Corn Exchange Inn, 10 Corn Exchange street, West
PH, 1A Petty Cury, Grant
Red Lion Hotel, Moyes
Red Cow, Guildhall street, Swann
Black Swan, 8 Guildhall street, Bellitta
Lamb Inn, 9 Guildhall street, May
Cardinals Cap, 20 - 21 Guildhall place, Tomlin

Dis 9
PH, 5 Little Marys lane, Peters
The Mill, Mill lane, Stevens
PH, 15 Silver street, Dolby - Anchor

Dis 10
Ye Olde Castle Hotel, 39-39 St Andrews street, Hammond
Bell Inn, 12 St Botolph lane, Claridge
The Oak Inn, Lensfield road, Hillyard
The Carlton Inn, Lensfield road, Bettesworth
Rutland Arms, St Botolph lane, Highland
Little Rose Inn, 37 Trumpington street, Wass


St Andrews the Less

Dis 1
Fort St George, River Side, Harmer
Burleigh Arms, 9-11 Newmarket road, uninhabited
Brewery, 13 Newmarket road, uninhabited
Priory Tap, 67-69 Newmarket road, Beedom
Bird in Hand, 73-75 Newmarket road, Byatt

Dis 2
The Earl of Durham, [215] Newmarket road, Stepney
Brickmakers Arms, 229 Newmarket Road, Lee
Seven Stars, 249 Newmarket Road, Scott
Plough & Fleece, 287 Newmarket Road, Benstead
Wrestlers Arms, 333 Newmarket Road, Linsey
Dog & Pheasant, Newmarket Road, Squires
Old Abbey, 17 Beche Road, Warren

Dis 3
Rose & Crown, Newmarket Road, Walsh
Five Bells, Newmarket Road, Brown
Crown & Anchor, 64 Newmarket Road, Uninhabited
Hare & Hounds, 96 Newmarket Road, Smart
Britannia Inn, East road, Day
The Swan, New street, Houghton
Rodneys Stores, New street, Off Licensed House, Rayner
Horse & Jockey Lodging House, East road, Townsend
Crown Inn, Wellington street, Sparkman

Dis 4
Danish Flag, 106 Fitzroy street, George Burlingham
Hop Bine, 11 Fair Street, Charles Swann
Zebra, 80 Maids causeway, W T South
Shakespeare, 44 Newmarket road, J E Passant

Dis 5
Elm Tree, Thompson
Alhambra, 189 East road, Witt
Cricketers, Melbourne place, Hayward
Fitzroy Arms, Fitzroy street, Jones
Coopers Arms, 46 City road, Worboys
Free Press, 7 & 8 Prospect row, Asher
Duke of Gloucester, 35 Prospect row, How

Dis 6
PH, 176 & 177 East road, Snelling
PH, 23 Grafton street, Friend
PH, 75 Burleigh road, Fuller
PH, 45 Burleigh street, Gray
PH, 15 John street, Canty

Dis 7
Cherry Tree, 15 Fitzroy Street, Turner
The Ancient Shepherds, 34 & 35 Fitzroy street, Chapman
Old English Gentleman, 47 Fitzroy street, Preston
Duke of Wellington, 50 Fitzroy street, Turvey
John Gilpin, 17 - 18 Gold street, Shipp
The Turn Stile, 80 East road, Hobbs
The Sovereign Tap, 39-40 Gold street, Breton
The Rabbit Inn, 50 Gold street, Nixon
Three Compasses, 104 & 141 East road, Beamiss
The Pelican, Lodging & Beer House, 153-154 East road, Marshall
Waggon & Horses, 170 East Road, Lunn

Dis 8
George IV & Lodging house, East road, Dove
The Granville, 19 East road, Huggins
The Engineer, 19 Norfolk street, Tingey

Dis 9
Man in the Moon, 39 Staffordshire Street, Eve
White Swan beer house, 27 Staffordshire Street, Hammond
The Norfolk, 56 Norfolk street, Humphrey
The Dog & Pheasant, 23 St Matthews street, Beedon
The Star, 30 New street, Brown

Dis 10
King William IVth, 214 Newmarket road, Swann
Bell Inn, 178 Newmarket road, Harmer
Hearts of Oak, 172 Newmarket road, White
Gardeners Arms, 440 Newmarket road, Powter
Race Horse, 244 Newmarket road, Maxted
The City Arms, 184 Sturton street, Weeds
The Red Bull, 100 New street, Townsend
The Jolly Butchers, 132 Newmarket road, Hawes
The Bird Bolt, 138 Newmarket road, Pink

Dis 11
Prince of Wales, 105 Norfolk street, Plumb
White Swan, 77 Norfolk street, Whittaker
The Tiger, 5 East road, Widdows
Lord Nelson, 30-32 South street, Gray
Tailors Arms, 67 Norfolk street, Cowles

Dis 12
Great Eastern, 110 Ainsworth street, Clark
Malt & Hops, 26 Ainsworth street, Varley
Off License, 28 Ainsworth street, Ellum
Off License, 77 Ainsworth street, Beard
Gildart Arms, 1 Ainsworth street, Vane
Gwydir Arms, 45 Gwydir Street, Smith
Dew Drop Inn, 87 Gwydir Street, Sutcliff
Brewers Arms, 103 Gwydir Street, Clark
Alexander Arms, 22 Gwydir Street, Frampton
White Hart, 10 Hooper street, Norman

Dis 13
Kingston Arms, 33 Kingston Street, Swann
Durham Ox, 83 Mill road, Levisley
White Swan, 109 Mill road, Smart

Dis 14
Midland Tavern, 1 Devonshire Road, Hardy

Dis 15
Beer house, 1 Catharine street, James Chapman
The Jubilee, 73 Catharine street, William Brown
Earl of Beaconsfield, 133 Mill Road, Stephen Thompson

Dis 16
PH, 72A Thoday street, John Jay

Dis 17
The Greyhound, Vinery road, Sandford

Dis 18
Royal Standard, Mill road, Fletcher

Dis 19
The Duke of Argyle, 90 Argyle street, Sendey

Dis 20
PH, 40 Mawson road, Bendall - Live & Let Live

Dis 21
The Six Bells, 11 Covent Garden, Shadbolt
Locomotive Inn, 44 Mill Road, Streeter
Crystal Palace, 52 Mill Road, Bull
Crown Inn, 6 Cross Street, Bowles

Dis 22
The Globe, 21 Hills road, Willis
Railway Hotel & Shop, 1-3 Station road, Burn
Three Pigeons, 7 Cambridge place, Pluck

Dis 23
Railway Hotel, 44 Station road, Miss Newman
Earl of Derby, 129 Hills Road, Scott
Osborne Arms, Hills Road, Carter
Crown, Hills Road, Middlemost

Dis 24
Panton Arms, 17A Panton street
The Dolphin, 16 Coronation street, Darton
House of Commons, 66 Hills road, Lines
Dorset Hotel, 72 Hills road, Davies
The Old Guinea, 92 Russell street, Harper
The Windmill, 85 Russell street, Patten
The Alma, 58 Russell street, Walls
PH, 26 Russell street, Webb
Rose & Crown, 37A Russell street, Christian

Dis 25
PH, Princes street, Laurie - Jolly Brewers
PH, Princes street, Chambers
PH, 67 Lensfield road, Fielding
PH, Brookside, Fairchild
PH, 29 Union road, Wallis
PH, 1 George street, Fuller
PH, 48 Panton street, Shepherd

Dis 26



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