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History of Canning Town - 1878

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Canning Town 1878  Post Office Directory

Private Residents

Adamson Michael, 5 Custom House Terrace, Lilliput Road
Bedfon Charles, 4 Mount Pleasant Terrace, Barking Road
Brown Frederick Charles, 2 Mount Pleasant Terrace, Barking Road
Burchnall Frederick Collins, 1 Mount Pleasant Terrace, Barking Road
Carey Richard John, St Johns House, Barking Road
Connolly Rev Robert Campbell, MA, [curate of St Lukes], Dover House, Barking Road
Conroy Edward Hawke, 4 Windsor Terrace, Barking Road
Cooper Alfd, 6 Perkin Terrace, Barking Road
Drew Rev Nicholas [Catholic], 5 Widdicombe Terrace, Barking Road
Francis Rev David Hughes, BA, [mission curate of St Gabriels], Dover House, Barking Road
Gillespie Rev Charles George Knox, AKC [curate of St Lukes], Morton House, Lilliput Road
Gwillin Mrs S, Church Terrace, Barking Road
Hawkey Rev John [Primitive], 4 Pekin Terrace, Barking Road
Hawkins Frederick, 6 Custom House Terrace, Lilliput Road
Henderson John, 2 Church Terrace, Barking Road
Hickey Rev Richard [Catholic], 5 Widdicombe Terrace, Barking Road
Linch Capt George Benjamin, Pier Head, Victoria (London) docks
Maltby Chas, 8 Windsor Terrace, barking Road
Meers George Crittall, Wouldham House, Barking Road
Oxspring George, 68 Roscoe Street
Peacock Peter, 4 Widdecombe Terrace, Barking Road
Porter Joseph Poulton, 9 Pekin Terrace, Barking Road
Rees Rev Allen [Wesleyan], 1 Alexandra Terrace, Barking Road
Rowell Geo, 2 Brindis Terrace, Lilliput Road
Russell Rev John, BA, Holy Trinity Parsonage, Barking Road
Scully James, Lion Lodge, Bidder Street
Soden Rev George, BA [curate of Holy Trinity0, 3 Church Terrace, Barking Road
Stevens Rev  Thos, MA, St Lukes Parsonage
Sussex Geo, Albert House, Barking Road
Tolhurst Thos, 22 Hope Terrace, Lilliput Road
Ward Thos Alfred, 10 Rathbone Street
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