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Canning Town 1896  Post Office Street Directory

History of Canning Town in 1896 - part 2 & part 1

Canning Town Index

[67] Malmesbury Road, 1 Ordnance Road
[68] Malmesbury terrace, 6 Ordnance Road
[69] Martin Road, Freemasons Road
[70] Martindale Road, Victoria docks, Frederick Road
[71] Mary Street, Barking Road
[72] Maud Street, Barking Road
[73] Mayfield Road, Star Lane
[74] Merton Street, near the Pitts Head
[75] Montesquieu Street, Clarkson Street to Rathbone Street
[76] Morecambe Street, Pitt Street
[77] Morgan Street, 166 Barking Road
[78] Nelson Street, Victoria Dock Road to Boyd Road
[79] North Woolwich Road, Victoria Dock Road, Tidal Basin to Silvertown
[80] Oak Crescent, 35 Barking Road
[81] Ordnance Road, 101 Barking Road
[82] Percy Road, Malmesbury Road
[83] Peter Street, Barking Road
[84] Phillip Street, Victoria docks, 265 Victoria Dock Road
[85] Pitt Street, Rathbone Street to Morecambe Street
[86] Plaistow Road, now called Wood Street
[87] Poplar Street, 63 Shirley Street
[88] Portland Road, 33 Boyd Road
[89] Prince of Wales Road
[90] Prince Regent Lane. near Custom House station
[91] Quadrant Street, Bidder Street
[92] Queens Road, 190 Victoria Dock Road
[93] Randall Street, 109 Bidder Street
[94] Randolph Road, 24 Prince Regent Lane
[95] Rathbone Street, Barking Road to Hallsville Road
[96] Rendel Road, Victoria docks, Queens Road
[97] Richard Street, Beckton Road
[98] Roscoe Street, Rathbone Street to Scott Street
[99] Royal Victoria & Albert Docks
[100] Sabbarton Street, Victoria Dock Road
[101] St Johns Road, 12 Fords Park Road
[102] St Lukes Square, Ford Street
[103] Scott Street, Roscoe Street
[104] Ship Street, Bidder Street
[105] Shipwright Street, Bidder Street
[106] Shirley Street, 126 Rathbone Street to Victoria Dock Road
[107] Sidney Street, Victoria docks, Alice Street
[108] Star lane, 237 Barking Road
[109] Star Street, 2 Hermit Road
[110] Stephenson Street
[111] Swanscombe Street, Barking Road to Woodstock Street
[112] Thomas Street, near Beckton Road
[113] Tidal basin, Royal Victoria & Albert Docks, from 106 Victoria Dock Road to River side
[114] Trinity Street, Beckton Road
[115] Tucker Street, Bidder Street
[116] Union Street, near the Tidal Basin, Victoria Docks
[117] Victoria Dock Road
[118] Vincent Street, near Rathbone Street
[119] Wellington Street, Stephenson Street to Quadrant Street
[120] West Road, Prince Regent Lane
[121] Wharf Street, Bidder Street
[122] Wightman Street, 250 Victoria Dock Road
[123] Wilberforce Street, Forth Acre Lane
[124] Wood Street, near Custom Hose station
[125] Woodstock Street, Barking Road to Victoria Dock Road
[126] Wouldham Street, Woodstock Street
[127] Young Street, 242 Victoria Dock Road

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