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Canning Town 1896  Post Office Street Directory

History of Canning Town in 1896 part 2 & part 1

Canning Town Index

[1] Adamsons Road, near Custom House station
[2] Agate Street, Scott Street
[3] Alexandra Street, 234 Barking Road
[4] Alice Street, Lilliput Road to Catherine Street
[5] Argyle Road, 22 Freemasons Road
[6] Arkwright Street, Hallsville Road to 26 Fulton Street
[7] Aviary Street, Barking Road
[8] Barking Road, from the Iron bridge, Bow Creek to Plaistow
[9] Baron Road, 1 Malmesbury Road
[10] Baxter Road, near Prince Regent Road
[11] Beaconsfield Road, 115 Hermit Road
[12] Beckton Road, 162 Barking Road
[13] Bidder Street
[14] Blanche Street, 108 Hermit Road
[15] Boyd Road, Nelson Road
[16] Bradley Street, Beckton Road
[17] Burke Street, 13 Pitt Street
[18] Burnham Street, Barking Road to Woodstock Street
[19] Catherine Street, Nelson Street to Hack Road
[20] Chauntler Road, Victoria Docks, near the Custom House station
[21] Church Street, Barking Road near Holy Trinity Church
[22] Clarence Road, malmesbury Road
[23] Clarkson Street, Rathbone Street
[24] Clever Road, near Custom House station
[25] Clifford Road, 89 Hermit Road
[26] Clifton Road, 13 Malmesbury Road
[27] Cranbrook Road, Victoria docks, North Woolwich Road
[28] Crawford Street, Victoria Dock Road
[29] Cundy Street, Prince Regents Lane
[30] Custom Street, Victoria docks, Lillyput Road
[31] Dale Road, 17 Malmesbury Road
[32] Dock Road, Tidal basin Road to Bridge
[33] Eastwood Road, North Woolwich Road, south of Victoria dock
[34] Edward Street, 3 Morgan Street to Ingal Road
[35] Edward Street, 27 Shirley Street
[36] Edwin Street, 60 Beckton Road
[37] Emily Street, 38 Nelson Street
[38] Ernest Road, 73 Hermit Road
[39] Ethel Road, Victoria docks, near Custom House station
[40] Fisher Street, 29 Beckton Road
[41] Florence Street, Hermit Road
[42] Ford Street, Shirley Street
[43] Ford's Market, Shirley Street
[44] Fords park Road, Trinity Street
[45] Forty Acre Lane, Portland Road to beckton Road
[46] Fox Street, Rathbone Street
[47] Francis Street, 125 Victoria Dock Road to Alice Street
[48] Frederick Road, near Custom House station
[49] Freemasons Road, near Custom House station
[50] Garvary Road, 36 Freemasons Road
[51] George Street, 86 Victoria Dock Road
[52] Hack Road, 168 Victoria Dock Road to Catherine Street
[53] Hallsville Road, Victoria Dock Road to Rathbone Street
[54] Hemsworth Street, end of Pitt Street
[55] Hermit Road, Barking Road to Grange Road, Plaistow
[56] Hill Street, 253 Victoria Dock Road
[57] Hoy Street, 106 Victoria Dock Road
[58] Hudsons Road, 184 Barking Road
[59] Huntingdon Street, Victoria Dock Road to Alice Street
[60] Junction Street, Stephenson Street to Bidder Street
[61] Knights Road, Victoria docks, North Woolwich Road
[62] Lansdown Road, 63 Boyd Road
[63] Lawrence Street, Rathbone Street
[64] Leyes Road, 6 Prince Regent Lane
[65] Lilliput Road, now numbered in Victoria Dock Road
[66] Liverpool Road, Barking Road

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