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Canning Town 1902  Kellys Street Directory

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The numbering inside [] is for my convenience

[1] Adamsons Road, 55 Adamson Road to Queens Road
[2] Addington Road, 35 Star Lane
[3] Agate Street, 99 Scott Street
[4] Albany Road, Agate Street
[5] Alexandra Street, 234 Barking Road
[6] Alice Street, 145 Victoria Dock Road to Catherine Street
[7] Argyle Road, 22 Freemasons Road
[8] Arkwright Street, 25 Hallsville Road to Shirley Street
[9] Ashburton Street, Fords Park Road
[10] Aviary Street, Barking Road
[11] Barking Road, from the Iron bridge, Bow Creek to Plaistow
[12] Baron Road, Malmesbury Road to Star Lane
[13] Baxter Road, 65 Leyes Road
[14] Beaconsfield Road, 115 Hermit Road
[15] Beckton Road, 162 Barking Road
[16] Bengeo Street, 47 Hack Road
[17] Bidder Street
[18] Blanche Street, see Plaistow
[19] Boulton Road, 103 Hermit Road
[20] Boyd Road, 67 Roscoe Street to Nelson Street
[21] Bradley Street, Beckton Road
[22] Brunel Street, Victoria Dock Road
[23] Burke Street, 18 Pitt Street
[24] Burnham Street, 16 Barking Road to Woodstock Street
[25] Burrard Road, 115 Freemasons Road
[26] Catherine Street, Nelson Street to Hack Road
[27] Chapel Street, Victoria Docks, Dock Road
[28] Charlotte Street, 34 Alice Street
[29] Chauntler Road, 291 Victoria Dock Road to Lambert Road
[30] Church Street, 175 Barking Road
[31] Clarence Road, Malmesbury Road to Star Lane
[32] Clarkson Street, Montesquieu Street to Peter Street
[33] Clever Road, 85 Freemasons Road to Queens Road
[34] Clifton Road, Malmesbury Road to Star Lane
[35] Coolfin Road, 14 Frederick Street to Freemasons Road
[36] Cooper Street, Clarkson Street
[37] Cranbrook Road, Victoria docks, 215 North Woolwich Road
[38] Crawford Street, Woodstock Street
[39] Crown Street, Hack Road
[40] Cundy Road, 194 Prince Regents Lane to Victoria Dock Road
[41] Custom Street, 236 Victoria Dock Road
[42] Dale Road, Malmesbury Road to Star Lane
[43] Devonshire Road, Chauntler Road
[44] Dock Road, Victoria Docks, Tidal basin Road to Bridge
[45] Eastwood Road, 245 North Woolwich Road, south of Victoria dock
[46] Edward Street, 3 Morgan Street to Ingal Road
[47] Edward Street, 27 Shirley Street
[48] Edwin Street, 72 Beckton Road
[49] Ellesmere Road, 205 North Woolwich Road
[50] Emily Street, 38 Nelson Street
[51] Ethel Road, Freemasons Road to Chauntler Road
[52] Evelyn Road, Victoria Docks, 42 Cranbrook Road
[53] Exning Road, 117 Star lane
[54] Fisher Street, 29 Beckton Road to Star Lane
[55] Ford Street, 3 Shirley Street
[56] Ford's Market, Boyd Road
[57] Fords park Road, Trinity Street
[58] Forty Acre Lane, from Beckton Road to Portland Road
[59] Fox Street, Woodstock Street
[60] Francis Street, 125 Victoria Dock Road to Alice Street
[61] Frederick Road, 226 Victoria Dock Road to Clever Road near Custom House station
[62] Freemasons Road, 272 Victoria Dock Road to Beckton Road
[63] Garvary Road, 36 Freemasons Road
[64] George Street, 86 Victoria Dock Road
[65] Granville Road, 11 Fords Park Road
[66] Greek Street, Bidder Street
[67] Greenville Street, Roscoe Street to Boyd Road
[68] Hack Road, 168 Victoria Dock Road to Lansdowne Road
[69] Hallsville Road, 61 Victoria Dock Road to Rathbone Street
[70] Hayday Road, Denmark Street to Beckton Road

[71] Hemsworth Street, end of Pitt Street
[72] Hermit Road, 169 Barking Road to Grange Road, Plaistow
[73] Hoy Street, 106 Victoria Dock Road
[74] Hudsons Road, 184 Barking Road
[75] Huntingdon Street, 134 Victoria Dock Road to Alice Street

If you would like to contribute the amazing new project to map London over the last hundred years and more, please continue to read. What is needed is mainly details of when a London street was renamed, bombed, cleared, or tidied. Pictures are the best way of expressing anything, and a picture tells a thousand words. Also needed is those thousand words, or even fity words. Anything will be brilliant. Please help out before the London skyline is transformed for ever. What is needed, just an email to the Email the London team. We can do the rest; and you also get your name on the site, if this is OK.

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