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    History of Canning Town

    Canning Town Index

    Canning Town 1874  Post Office Directory


    Canning Town 1874

    Canning Town is a populous district, in Church Street ward, in the parish of West Ham, in the southern division of the county, hundred of Becontree, county court district of Bow, rural deanery of Barking, archdeaconry of Essex, and diocese of Rochester; it is also in the Easter Metropolitan Postal district, and in the jurisdiction of the Central Criminal Court and of the Metropolitan Police. The Great Eastern Railway has three stations within the district; the river Lea flows on the west to the Thames. Holy Trinity ecclesiastical parish was formed in 1868. The church, situated in the Barking Road, is a Gothic building, consisting of chancel, nave, aisles, a tower with a small spire, and 1 bell; it contains 1,000 sittings, all free and unappropriated: there is an organ. The living is a vicarage, yearly value £200, in the gift of the Bishop of Rochester, and held by the Rev John Russell, BA of Dublin. There are schools for boys, girls, and infants on the National and British systems. The Roman Catholics, Society of Friends, Baptists, Independents and Presbyterians have each places of worship here. . The Victoria (London) docks are in Plaistow Marsh; these docks, designed for the accommodation of ships of the largest burthen, cover an area of 100 acres, and have an entrance lock, 325 feet long by 80 feet wide, with nearly 28 feet depth at Trinity High water. A branch of Her Majesty’s (London) Customs is established here, and under the same roof the London and St Katharine Dock Company, Victoria (London) docks, transact their business. There is an iron church at the tidal basin belonging to the parish of St Mark, Victoria Docks, the church of which is situated in Silvertown: a new church (St Luke’s), is now being erected in Nelson Street; adjoining are schools and a vicarage house. The area of Holy Trinity parish is 433 acres, and the population in 1871 was 7, 697.
    Official Establishements, Local Institutions etc
    Post & Money Order Office, Post Office Savings Bank, Government Annuity & Insurance & Telegraph Office, North Woolwich Road, Wm H Moxon, collector
    Post & Money Order Office & Post Office  Savings Bank, Victoria Dock Road, Joseph Terrell, collector
    Insurance Agents:-
    Atlas, W Averre, 52 North Woolwich Road
    Sun Fire, W H Moxon, 15 North Woolwich Road
    Public Establishments:-
    London & St Katharines’s Dock Co (Charles Norman, sup; Geo B Linch, dock master;), Victoria (London) Docks
    Police Station, Victoria (London) Docks, Edward Ellis, chief constable
    Victoria Graving Dock Company Limited (per Jones Brothers), Victoria (London) Docks E, city offices, 9 Mincing Lane EC
    Victoria Docks Union (Congregational) Church, Rev Josiah Foster, minister
    British & Infant, North Woolwich Road, Matthew Cape Witty, master
    St Luke’s National (boys), Hoy Street, Joseph Phillips, master; Robert William Allison, second master
    St Luke’s National (infants), Nelson Street, Miss Julia Maria Fentum, mistress; Miss Jane Disney, assistant mistress
    St Mark’s National (girls), Mrs Carr. Mistress
    St Mark’s Iron Church School (infants), Victoria (London) Dokcs, Miss Agnes Marchant
    Holy Trinity National (boys & girls), Barking Road, John St John, master; Mrs Eliza Dixon, mistress; Mrs Jesse Crick, infants mistress
    Roman Catholic (mixed), Barking Road, Michael O’Leary, master; Mrs Susan Burley, mistress
    Custom House Railway Station, North Woolwich Road, Robert Warring Coling, station master
    Railway Station, Barking Road, Alfred Smith, station master
    Railway Station, Tidal Basin, Robert Hartin, station master
    Great Eastern Railway Goods Department, Victoria (London) Docks, George David Rowsell, agent
    Great Northern Railway Goods Department, Victoria (London) Docks, Stevenson, agent
    London & North Western Railway Goods Department, Victoria (London) Docks, Thomas T Thompson, agent
    Midland Railway Goods Department, Adam Hunter Boylanm superintendent; William Richmond, assistant superintendent
    Private Residents
    Barker Frederick, 1 Rosetta Villas, Barking Road
    Beckett Thomas Sharpe, Francis Terrace, Barking Road
    Beetlestone John, 9 Widdicombe Terrace, Barking Road
    Bell George, Lifford House, Barking Road
    Bellman Ernest E, 6 Widdicombe Terrace, Barking Road
    Bodily Rev Henry James, 3 Embla Terrace, Barking Road
    Binhoff Mrs, Redriff Cottage, Barking Road
    Bonto Mrs, Myrtle Cottage, Barking Road
    Brown Rev Robert [Catholic], 1 Woodbine Terrace, Barking Road
    Brown Mrs, 4 Custom House Terrace, North Woolwich Road
    Brown Mrs, 7 Widdicombe Terrace, Barking Road
    Burgum Thomas, 5 Woodbine Terrace, Barking Road
    Conroy Edward Hawke, 4 Windsor Terrace, Barking Road
    Cripps Thomas, 1 Custom House Terrace, North Woolwich Road
    Cross William Horton, Blenheim Villa, Barking Road
    Davis Alfred, 1 Windsor Terrace, Barking Road
    Day Fras John, Isabella Villa, Barking Road
    Fennell Richard Thomas, 8 Windsor Terrace, Barking Road
    Gibbon Mrs, 4 Woodbine Terrace, Barking Road
    Gibson James John, 3 Windsor Terrace, Barking Road
    Glover Mrs, 2 Woodbine Terrace, Barking Road
    Gomm George, 3 Mount Pleasant Terrace, Barking Road
    Jacobs Robert, 1 Mount Pleasant Terrace, Barking Road
    James Hy, Booth Cottage, Barking Road
    Johnson Thos, Hope Cottage, Barking Road
    Jones Wm, 2 Mount Pleasant Terrace, Barking Road
    Kelland Chas Theo, 83 North Woolwich Road
    Kenchington I William, 6 Custom House Terrace, Barking Road
    Kendall John, 4 Mount Pleasant Terrace, Barking Road
    King Mrs, Stephenson Street
    Lepard William Charles, 2 Windsor Terrace, Barking Road
    Lowe Henry, 2 Ellen Cottages, Barking Road
    Meers George Crittall, Wouldham House, Barking Road
    Morris Ellis Jones, 105 North Woolwich Road
    Peacock Peter, 4 Widdicombe Terrace, Barking Road
    Prior John, 1 Ellen Cottages, Barking Road
    Prowse Richard William, Isabella Villas Terrace, Barking Road
    Reed James, Barking Road
    Russell Rev John, BA, Vicarage, Barking Road
    Shotter William James, Ardesco Vill, Victoria London Docks
    Simmonds George, 8 Widdicombe Terrace, Barking Road
    Smith William John, 7 Windsor Terrace, Barking Road
    Sorrell Thos, Museum House, Barking Road
    Spencer Thomas Jackson, 5 Widdicombe Terrace, Barking Road
    Southgate Thomas, Mansfield Cottage, Barking Road
    Sykes Rev Henry James [Wesleyan], 1 Alexandra Terrace, Barking Road
    Trott Francis, 6 Widdicombe Terrace, Barking Road
    Troughton William Henry, 6 Windsor Terrace, Barking Road
    Tyer George, Prospect Terrace, Stephenson Street
    Wearn Rogerm 2 Embia Terrace, Barking Road
    Wilton John, Booth Cottages, Barking Road