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History of Canning Town

Canning Town Index

Canning Town 1878  Post Office Directory Index

Commercial Traders

Balister John, baker, 3 Trinity Place, Barking Road
Bagg Benjamin, clothier, 66 Victoria Dock Road
Bailey Samuel, greengrocer, 43 Scott Street
Baines Henry, grocer, 2 Crawford Street
Baker Charles, butcher, 103 Woodstock Road
Baldery Robert, boot maker, 54 Rathbone Street
Balbing John, shopkeeper, 38 Rathbone Street
Banstock Robert, carpenter, 10 Stephenson Street
Barber William & Son, manufacturers of fuses, vesuvuans, & flamers, matches & wax vests of all kinds, Globe Works, Randall Street
Barber Edward, earthenware dealer, 92 Woodstock Street
Barber William, Britannia, Junction Street
Barker Frederick Griffiths, chemist, 17 Victoria Dock Road & at 8 Victoria Terrace, High Street, Plaistow
Barker George, baker, 36 Hallsville Road
Barnes William James, second hand clothes dealer, 8 Dolphin Cottages, Lilliput Road
Barrett William, shopkeeper, 78 Rathbone Street
Bartlett James, horse slaughterer, Phillip Street
Bartram Robert, draper, 53 & 54 Victoria Dock Road
Bass William, draper, 87 Victoria Dock Road
Batsford Jonathan, Gibraltar Tavern, 1 Gibraltar Terrace, Victoria Dock Road
Batt George, beer retailer, Lilliput Road
Bauman John William, shopkeeper, 24 Alice Street
Baxter Wm John, shoe maker, 5 Stephenson Street
Bean Benjamin John, shopkeeper, 1 Regent Terrace
Beckett Joseph James, Graving Dock Tavern, Graving Dock Terrace, North Woolwich Road
Beckett Thomas S, chemist, 67 Victoria Dock Road
Beckley Amelia Harriet (Mrs), shopkeeper, 8 Bidder Street
Beddell Benjamin, beer retailer, 25 Hallsville Road
Bedford Thomas, beer retailer, 40 Hallsville Road
Bee Henry, beer retailer, Burke Street
Beech Henry, Walmer Castle, Woodstock Street
Bell Lavinia & Emily (Misses), linen draper, 95 Victoria Dock Road
Bell John, ironmonger, 94 Victoria Dock Road
Bell Thomas, wheelwright, 17 Rathbone Street
Bennett Arthur John, Ram Tavern, North Woolwich Road
Bennett Mark Thomas, eating house, 3 Ship Terrace, Lilliput Road
Best Christopher, grocer & builder, 40 Catherine Street
Bevan John, shopkeeper, 152 Bidder Street
Bigden Alfred, beer retailer, 11 Swanscombe Street
Billups Thomas Richard & Joshua, market gardeners, 72 Stephenson Street
Bilton Charles Henry, marine store dealer, 99 Rathbone Street
Bird Robert, chandlers shop, 48 Roscoe Street
Blake Robert, greengrocer, 63 Rathbone Street
Blundell Brothers, engineers, Victoria Dock Road
Booth Robert, coffee rooms, 9 Rathbone Street
Boreham Arthur Aug, station master, 29 Hack Road
Bosworth John Thomas, boot maker, 100 Victoria Dock Road
Botting Edward, Red Tape Tavern, 63 Scott Street
Bowden, Martin & Sons, plumbers, glaziers, painters, house decorators & paper hangings warehouse, 50 Woodstock Street
Bowler John, Custom House Hotel, Lilliput Road, Victoria Docks
Bowman Harriet (Mrs), corn chandler, 31 Stephenson Street
Boyd Memorial Workman’s Institute, Nelson Street
Boys Alfred, brick layer, 36 Fox Street
Bracewell Henry, greengrocer, 34 Hallsville Road
Bradfield Henry, carman & contractor, North Woolwich Road
Brayshaw Benjamin, furniture dealer, 44 Victoria Dock Road
Brewster George, sewing machine agent, 44 Rathbone Street
Brinn Walter, shopkeeper, 1 Morecamb Street, Pitt Street
Brooks John, provision & coal dealer, 73 Roscoe Street
Brooks Sarah (Mrs), wardrobe dealer, 51 Hallsville Road
Brough William, tobacconist, 5 Market Terrace, Barking Road
Brown Joseph, greengrocer, 22 Alice Street
Brown Joseph, plumber, 37 Hallsville Road
Brown William Henry, stevedore, 14 Hack Road
Bull William, tailor, 2 Ship Terrace, Lilliput Road
Burke James, cow keeper, 6 Wharf Street
Burness Joseph, shopkeeper, 84 Bidder Street
Burrows Thomas, boot maker, 38 Victoria Dock Road
Burt, Boulton & Haywood, timber merchants & tar & creosote works, Prince Regents Wharf & Victoria (London) docks
Butler Joseph, tobacconist, 102 Victoria Dock Road
Buttery Geo Eugene, baker, 20 Woodstock Street
Buttling Thos Avery, oil & color manufacturer, 101 Victoria Dock Road
Byford John, coal merchant & lighterman, Bridge Wharf, Barking Road
Byford Wm, china & glass dealer, 46 Victoria Dock Road


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