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History of Canning Town

Canning Town Index

Canning Town 1878  Post Office Directory Index

Commercial Traders

Hackford John, dining rooms, Victoria Dock Road
Haddock Isaac, shopkeeper, 4 Roscoe Street
Hadley George, cow keeper, 74 Stephenson Street
Hake George Henry, Woodstock Arms, Woodstock Street
Hale Robert, boot & shoe manufacturer, 33 Hallsville Road
Hale Samuel, spirit dealer, 72 Victoria Dock Road & 6 Victoria Terrace, Barking Road, Plaistow
Haley Daniel, beer retailer, George Street
Hall William James, eating house, 59 Victoria Dock Road
Halls Charles, Ground Rent Tavern, Roscoe Street
Hammett Benj & Lewis, pawnbrokers, Charles House, Barking Road
Hammett Edward, pawnbroker, 1 Market Terrace, Barking Road
Hammond John George, oilman, 42 Victoria Dock Road
Hanman Samuel, beer retailer, 5 Hallsville Road
Harmer Wm John, printer, 2 Widdecombe Terrace, Barking Road
Harrington William, butcher, 6 Hallsville Road
Hart William, hair dresser, 8 Victoria Dock Road
Harvey Isaac, beer retailer, 27 Hallsville Road
Hasler Charles, greengrocer, 23 Hallsville Road
Hattley William, coal dealer, 44 Scott Street
Head William James, greengrocer, 31 Shirley Street
Headworth Henry, oil & color man, 105 Woodstock STret & Melville House, Barking Road
Heath Mary Ann (Mrs), chandlers shop, 2 Alexandra Street
Heaton Elizabeth (Mrs), oil & lamp dealer, 32 Rathbone Street
Heaton James, tailor, 2 Hope Terrace, barking Road
Heesters George, boot maker, 21 Crawford Street
Helliar Henry, confectioner, 14 Hallsville Road
Henderson Hewitt, china & glass dealer, 61 Rathbone Street
Hermitage George, builder, 5a Widdecombe Terrace, Barking Road
Hewitt John, corn chandler, 103 Victoria Dock Road
Hickling David Watson, builder, 6 Ebenezer Cottages, Hudsonís Road
Hickman Javen, shopkeeper, 18 Hermit Street
Hilliard Augustus John, Marine Hotel, Victoria Dock Road
Hitchcock Alfred, linen draper, 79 Rathbone Street
Hitchcock Henry, engine smith, 5 Hoy Street
Hole William, pork butcher, Barking Road
Holt John, shopkeeper, 1 Vincent Street, Pitt Street
Holyfield Henry, oil & color man, 93 Rathbone Street
Hopkins Henry John, beer retailer, 53 Burnham Street
Hopper Aungier Alfred, beer retailer, 106 Victoria Dock Road
Horlock Joseph Geo, builder, Springfield Cottage, Barking Road
Horseman William Burnell, West Ham sewage engineer, Quadrant Street
Horsey William, grocer, 60 Victoria Dock Road
Horth walter, plumber etc, 6 Lawrence Terrace, Lilliput Road
House John, baker, 2 Roscoe Street
Howard William, carman, Shirley Street
Howell Henry, beer retailer, 128 Lilliput Road
Hudson Joseph, chandlers shop, 80 Bidder Street
Hudson Mary (Mrs), marine store dealer, 92 Bidder Street
Hughes Henry Beadle, licensed lighterman, 8 Newman Street
Hughes William, tobacconist, 58 Victoria Dock Road
Hunt Henry, shopkeeper, 34 Hermit Street
Hunt Mary Elizbh (Mrs), ham & beef dealer, 23 Stephenson Street
Hutt Matilda (mrs), shopkeeper, 42 Alice Street
Huxter Charles, shopkeeper, 1 Young Street, Lilliput Road
Huzzey Thomas, beer retailer, 20 Hoy Street
Hyde Samuel, cow keeper, 36 Rathbone Street
Hyland William, harness maker, 3 Alexandra Street


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