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History of Canning Town

Canning Town Index

Canning Town 1878  Post Office Directory Index

Commercial Traders

Ohlendorff & Co, merchants & manufacturers of “The dissolved Peruvian guano” & chemical manures; city offices. 15 leadenhall Street EC; & Peruvian Guano Works, Victoria Docks
Oliver George, Wellington, 75 Bidder Street
Orford Benjamin, greengrocer, 97 Rathbone Street
Osborne John, Freemasons Tavern, Lilliput Road
Ovens James, furniture dealer, 23 Fox Street
Oxspring Geo, ironfounder, Becton Road; residence, 68 Roscoe Street

Page Chas, ship chandler, 22 Custom House Terrace, Lilliput Road
Page Henry, firewood dealer, Becton Road
Page Mary (Mrs), shopkeeper, 3 Quadrant Street
Paine George, beer retailer, Shirley Street
Palmer Thomas, Sir John Lawrance, 16 Rathbone Street
Parrett Thomas, medical herbalist, 64 Victoria Dock Road
Parsons George,baker, 7 Alexandra Street
Parsons Sarah (Mrs), baker, 23 Montesquieu Street
Parsons William, baker, 1 Denmark Terrace, Shirley Street
Paul Alexander, fishmonger, 11 Hallsville Road
Pavitt Josph Hy, Liverpool Arms, 1 Liverpool terrace, Barking Road
Paxton Wm, tailor, 4 Custom Hose Terrace, Lilliput Road
Payne Ellen (Mrs), beer retailer, Tucker Street
Payne Henry, beer retailer, 21 Victoria Dock Road
Pearce Richard, cow keeper, Bradley Street
Pentecost Alfred, butcher, 78 Bidder Street
Peoples Café Co Lim (Alfred Phillips, sec), 105 Victoria Dock Road
Peppiatt George, Royal Oak, barking Road
Perrett Enos, greengrocer, 1 Canning Terrace, Lilliput Road
Perrin Jonathan, carpenter & shopkeeper, 15 Alice Street
Phillips Kate (Mrs), stationer etc, 2 Trinity Place, Barking Road
Pickford & Co, carriers, Victoria (London) Docks
Pickford Wm White Standfast, beer retailer, 35 Alice Street
Pike Samuel, coffee house, 77 Victoria Dock Road
Pond Joseph, glass cutter & painter, 113 Lilliput Road
Porter William, grocer, 112 Bidder Street
Powditch Thomas, boot maker, 14 Swanscombe Street
Powel Susannah (Mrs), beer retailer, Nelson Street
Poxer Eliza (Mrs), haberdasher, 56 Hack Road
Poyser George, carman, 19 Wilberforce Street
Prior Richard Burnard, Lord Nelson, 117 Lilliput Road
Pryor Chas, furniture dealer, 3 Hope Terrace, Barking Road
Pyne Robt, glass & earthenware dealer, Brickfield Cottage, Barking Road
Pyne Wm Geo, baker, 1 Dolphin Cottages, Lilliput Road


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