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History of Canning Town

Canning Town Index

Canning Town 1878  Post Office Directory Index

Commercial Traders

Sadler Richard, rag, rope,canvas, sack & bag merchant, 101 Woodstock Street
Sage Thomas, Durham Arms, 24 Stephenson Street
Salter John & Son, coppersmiths, North Woolwich Road
Sankey john hart, lime, cement, slate, tile, pipe brick fire brick, plaster, sand & ballast merchant etc, Iron Bridge & Essex Wharves
Saunders Jabez, coffee house, 91 Victoria Dock Road
Saunders William, greengrocer, 2 Alice Cottages, Alice Street
Scrutton & Campbell, timber merchants, Crown Wharf, barking Road
Seaman William Henry, greengrocer, 10 Hallsville Road
Searl John, greengrocer, 82 Bidder Street
Semple Charles, oil & colorman, 126 Lilliput Road
Shadrack William, greengrocer, North Woolwich Road
Shaw Mary (Mrs), baker, 96 Victoria Dock Road
Shephard Wm, shopkeeper, 4 Market Terrace, Barking Road
Sheppard John, boot maker, 104 Rathbone Street
Ship Stores Company, ship chandlers, sail makers, oil & white lead merchants & manufacturers; Victoria Dock Road & Victoria Docks branch post, telegraph & money order office & savings bank
Simon Charles, baker, 129 Lilliput Road
Simpson Brothers, decorators etc, Victoria Dock Road
Smith Alfred, station master, 7 Burnham Street
Smith Ann (Mrs), coal agent, 31 Swanscombe Street
Smith George William, dairyman, 30 Shirley Street
Smith Joseph, butcher, 79 Woodstock Street
Smith Joshua, builder, Alexandra Street
Smith William Thomas, grocer, 5 Victoria Dock Road
Sneary William, coffee house, 3 Graving Dock Terrace, North Woolwich Road
Softley James, cow keeper, 104 Roscoe Street
Solomon Joseph, outfitter, 79 Victoria Dock Road
Southgate James, shopkeeper, 28 Rathbone Street
Southgate Thomas, barge owner, Mansfield Cottage, Barking Road
Spencer Benjamin, lighterman, 41 Roscoe Street
Spratt William, fishmonger, 89 Woodstock Street
Springford John, greengrocer, Brassey Terrace, Lilliput Road
Sprosen Richard, butcher, 2 Everett Terrace, Lilliput Road
Stallard George, fishmonger, 59 Rathbone Street
Standen William, greengrocer, North Woolwich Road
Stanfield George, dining rooms, 3 Everett Terrace, Lilliput Road
Stanner Sarah (Mrs), hair dresser, 9 Hallsville Road
Stearn Alfred, auctioneer, 2 Alexandra Terrace, Barking Road
Steeles Robert, shopkeeper, 117 Bidder Street
Stevens henry, shoe maker, 4 Nelson Street
Stevens William, boot maker, 3 Railway Place, Lilliput Road
Stock William, firewood dealer, Huntingdon Street
Stone Thos, tobacconist, 5 Platts Buildings, Victoria Docks
Strudwick Eliza Henrietta (Mrs), shopkeeper, Pitt Street
Stuart Silvester Stonehouse & Son, outfitters, 4 Gibraltar Terrace, Victoria Dock Road
Sutton Benjamin, shopkeeper, 42 Crown Street
Sutton Fredk T, academy, 8 Widdiecombe Terrace, Barking Road
Sutton Peter, beer retailer, 31 Victoria Dock Road
Sutton Thomas, coal dealer, 12 Wouldham Street
Sutton Thomas, shopkeeper, 35 Rathbone Street
Sutton William, Essex Arms, 92 Victoria Dock Road
Swan james, shopkeeper, 2 Junction Street
Sweetingham Frank, marine store dealer, 21 Hallsville Road
Symmons John, butcher, 57 Rathbone Street


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