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History of Canning Town

Canning Town Index

Canning Town 1878  Post Office Directory Index

Commercial Traders

Talbot Anna (mrs), fancy repository, 4 Everett Terrace, Lilliput Road
Talbot George, confectioner, 7 Victoria Dock Road
Tann Robert, greengrocer, 2 Hemsworth Street
Taylor Edward, shopkeeper, 8 Deddington Terrace, Lilliput Road
Taylor John, taior, 1 railway Place, Lilliput Road
Taylor Richard Charles, oilman, 7 Queens Road
Terrell Eliza (Mrs), coffee house, North Woolwich Road
Terrell William, chandlers shop, North Woolwich Road
Thames Iron Works & shipbuilding Co Limited (William Hayward, manager & sec), Victoria Dock Road; offices, Orchard Yard, Blackwall
Thomas Samuel, tripe dresser, 51 Hallsville Road
Thompson Edwd, carman, 2 Model Cottages, Peto Street, Victoria Docks
Thompson Henry, shopkeeper, 37 Hoy Street
Thomson Andrew & John, plumbers, Plaistow Road
Thomson Robert, marine engineer, 4 Woodbine Terrace, Barking Road
Thorpe Matthew, tailor, 38 Bidder Street
Threadwell Alfred, writer & grianer, 35 Burnham Street
Tipple William & Charles, ironmongers, 31 Hallsville Road
Todd Eliza (Mrs), chandlers shop, 17 Alice Street
Trevillian Samuel, beer retailer, 1 Stephenson Street
Trudgill William, oilman, 18 Junction Street
Trudgett Frederick, provision dealer, 95 Woodstock Street
Turner Charles & sons, varnish manufacturers, North Woolwich Road
Turner Alfred, shopkeeper, 40 Bidder Street
Turvey William, provision dealer, 1 Everett Terrace, Lilliput Road
Tyer George, oilman etc, 97 Woodstock Street

Underwood Henry, grocer, 127 Lilliput Road

Vanderkiste John, beer retailer, 76 Victoria Dock Road
Venton Daniel, greengrocer, 34 Rathbone Street
Victoria Docks (London & St Katharine Docks Co) (Charles Norman, superintendent; Charles Braithwaite, assistant superintendent; Capt Geo benj Linch, dockmaster; Michael Adamson, assistant engineer; Edward Ellis, head constable), Victoria Docks
Victoria Dock Engine Workc Co Limited, engineers (Clennell Fenwick, manager), Victoria (London) Docks
Victoria graving Dock Co Limited (Druitt Halpin, manager), Victoria (London) Docks
Victory Thomas, fishmonger, 109 Lilliput Road
Vincent Joseph, hatter, 70 Victoria Dock Road & 137 Lilliput Road
Vinicombe Simon, boot & shoe maker, 23 Victoria Dock Road
Vogt Charles, baker, 136 Bidder Street & 8 Hope Terrace, Barking Road
Vohman George Henry, leather seller, 13 Hallsville Road


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