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History of Canning Town

Canning Town Index

Canning Town 1878  Post Office Directory Index

Commercial Traders

Wade George, tobacconist, 22 Victoria Dock Road
Wagner Charles, butcher, 55 & 104 Victoria Dock Road
Wagner Hermann, pork butcher, 122 Lilliput Road
Wagner Philip, pork butcher, 50 Victoria Dock Road
Wagstaff Henry, butcher, 68 Victoria Dock Road
Wakeling James, cow keeper, 20 Wilberforce Street
Walder Thomas, oilman, 96 Bidder Street
Walklin Robt Hards, picture frame maker, 118 Lilliput Road
Walkom William, shopkeeper, 33 Hermit Street
Wall Henry, beer retailer, Arkwright Street
Walter Henry, corn chandler, York House, barking Road
Ward James George, plumber, 99 Victoria Dock Road
Warman Robert, beer retailer, 82 Victoria Dock Road
Waterfield Thomas, greengrocer, 27 Hudsons Road, barking Road
Watkins & parker, yacht & boat builders, North Woolwich Road & at Orchard yard, Blackwall
Watkins Samuel & Son, Victoria Tavern & Railway Hotel, Barking Road
Watkins John Wright, cow keeper, tucker Street
Watson Robert & Co, shipwrights, North Woolwich Road
Watson Frederick, shopkeeper, 21 Fox Street
Watson James, greengrocer, 87 Woodstock Street
Watson Lucy Elizh (Mrs), milliner, 5 Trinity Place, Barking Road
Watson peter, lodging house, 80 Victoria Dock Road
Watson Thomas, Shakespeares Head, 44 & 46 Roscoe Street
Watson Thomas John, wheelwright, Burnham Street
Watson Walter Henry, hair dresser, 1 Union Street
Webb Jabez, shopkeeper, 115 Bidder Street
Wells Alfred, grocer, 5 Hope Terrace, Barking Road
Welsh James, beer retailer, 35 Wouldham Street
West Ham Local Board of Health Pumping Station (engineers office, William B Horseman, engineer), River Lea side
Whisler Mary Ann (Mrs), laundress, 139 Lilliput Road
White Charles, ginger beer maker, 39 Hallsville Road
White Frederick, cab proprietor, Barking Road
White George, tailor, 104 Rathbone Street
White George, tin plate worker, 77 Woodstock Street
White maria (Mrs), greengrocer, 8 Crawford Street
White Richard, upholsterer, 74 Rathbone Street
White Rt, engineer, 6 Gibraltar Terrace, Victoria Dock Road
White Sarah Ann (Mrs), milliner, 12 Hallsville Road
Wiencke Henry, shopkeeper, 9 Hudsons Road, barking Road
Wiggins & Rihll, oil & color manufacturers, ship chandlers, sail makers etc, Victoria Dock Road
Wilkins Aaron, boot maker, 49 Alice Street
Williams George Henry, house agent, 55 Stephenson Street
Williams Jas, oil & color man, 1 Widdecombe Terrace, barking Road
Williams John, Balmoral Castle, 91 Rathbone Street
Williams John, butcher, North Woolwich Road
Williams Peter, shopkeeper, 1 Hemsworth Street
Williams Thomas, shopkeeper, 25 Queens Road
Williamson Humphrey Thomas, blacksmith, Grenville Street
Window George William, shopkeeper, 37 Alice Street & 38 nelson Street; & baker, 75 Rathbone Street
Winter Joseph Nicholas, berthing master, 27 Hack Road
Winterflood John, beer retailer, 1 Hope Terrace, Barking Road
Wise John Thomas, shopkeeper, 4 Railway Place, Lilliput Road
Womersley Pelham, linen draper, 32 to 34 & 39 Victoria Dock Road
Wood Charles, marine store dealer, 111 Lilliput Road
Wood Daniel, chimney sweeper, Newton Street
Wood John, greengrocer, 1 Trinity Place, Barking Road
Wood William, Hallsville Tavern, Hallsville Road
Woodhouse Chas, chandlers shop. 1 Victoria Terrace, Lilliput Road
Woods James, tailor, 21 Custom House Terrace, Lilliput Road
Woods Robert, Sidney Arms, 10 Alice Street
Woolidge Walter James, carman, 4 Ordnance Row
Worland James & Son, corn & flour merchants, 43 Victoria Dock Road & 1 Ordnance Row, Barking Road
Wortley Richard, undertaker, 27 Victoria Dock Road
Woven Alfred ,beer retailer, 5 Frances Street
Wray George, shopkeeper, 8 Arkwright Street
Wyndham P & Co, creosote works, Victoria (London) Docks

York Thomas, cow keeper, 27 Swanscombe Street
Young Jacob, beer retailer, 34 Hoy Street
Young John, coal dealer, 13 Fox Street
Young William, Lord Napier, 85 & 58 Victoria Dock Road
Young William, Railway Tavern (opposite Tidal Basin station), 1a Lilliput Road
Young William Volant, Victoria Dock Tavern, 62 Victoria Dock Road
Youngman William, oil & color man, 1 Church Street

Zurhorst Alfred, confectioner, 26 Victoria Dock Road


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