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History of Canning Town 1886

Canning Town Index

Canning Town 1886  Post Office Directory Index

Commercial Traders

Babister Alfred, baker, 178 Barking Road
Back John & Co, clothiers, 70 Barking Road
Backer Christian, baker, 15 Alice Street
Bailey John, dairyman, 1 Blanche Street
Baines Henry, grocer, 2 Crawford Street
Baker Charles, butcher, 103 Woodstock Road
Baker Charles, provision dealer, 144 Bidder Street
Balding John, shopkeeper, 38 Rathbone Street
Baldwin Albert Edwin, butcher, 32 Rathbone Street
Bantock Robert, carpenter, 10 Stephenson Street
Barker Frederick Griffiths, chemist, 17 Victoria Dock Road
Barker George, baker, 36 Hallsville Road
Barnard Arthur, butcher, 2 Dolphin Cottages, Lilliput Road
Barnes Frederick, chemist, 149 Barking Road
Barnes William Henry, coffee rooms, 3 Gordon Terrae, North Woolwich Road, Victoria Docks
Barry Bartholomew, photographer, 11 Barking Road
Bartlett James, horse slaughterer, Phillip Street
Barton Thomas, dining rooms, 3 Everett Terrace, Lilliput Road
Bartram Robert, linen draper, 53 & 54 Victoria Dock Road
Basire Charles John, birdcage maker, 125 Barking Road
Bass William, hosier, 11 Victoria Dock Road
Bates Maria Elizabeth (Mrs), flock merchant, 1 Victoria Dock Road
Batsford John, Gibraltar Tavern, Tidal Basin, Victoria Dock Road
Batt George, beer retailer, 1 Brassey Terrace, Lilliput Road
Bavage Frederick James, beer retailer, Ford Street
Baxter Joseph, boot & shoe maker, 29 Woodstock Street
Baxter Walter Charles, beer retailer, 1 Brassey Terrace, Lilliput Road
Baxter William John, shoe maker, 5 Stephenson Street
Bayliss John, fruiterer, 100 Barking Road
Bean Benjamin John, shopkeeper, 4 Clifton Terrace, Lilliput Road
Beckett Thomas Sharpe, chemist, 67 Victoria Dock Road
Beckley Amelia H (Mrs), shopkeeper, 8 Bidder Street
Bell Brothers, greengrocers, 4 Lorne Villas, Lilliput Road
Bell John, ironmonger, 94 & 95 Victoria Dock Road
Bell Thomas, wheelwright, 17 Rathbone Street
Bellsham Geo, beer retailer, 2 Deddington Terrace, Lilliput Road
Bellsham George, boot & shoe maker, 82 Hermit Road
Bennett Arthur Jn, Ram Tavern, North Woolwich Road, Victoria Docks
Bennett Joshua, greengrocer, 17 Blanche Street
Bennett Richard, beer retailer, 7 Fords market
Bensted William, tobacconist, 120 Rathbone Street
Berry Albert Charles, corn dealer, 73 Hermit Road
Best Christopher, grocer & builder, 40 catherine Street
Billups Joshua, market gardener, 47 Barking Road
Bishop Frank, grocer, 2 Church Street
Blackburn Charles, dairyman, 22 Beckton Road
Board of Trade Mercantile Marine Office (Hy Chas Moore, supt; Chas Geo Powell, deputy supt), Victoria Dock Road
Bottjer Henry, tobacconist, 6 Railway Terrace, Stephenson Street
Bowden Martin & Sons, plumbers etc, Wouldham Street
Bowley William, pastry cook, 2 Shirley Street
Bowman Harriet (Mrs), corn chandler, 31 Stephenson Street
Boyd Working Mens Institute (Joshua Ablett Phillips, hon sec), Boyd Road
Bracewell Henry, greengrocer, 34 Hallsville Road
Bradfield Henry, carman, North Woolwich Road, Victoria Docks
Bradfield Samuel, fish salesman, 78 Victoria Dock Road
Bradley Henry, tobacconist, Tidal Basin, Victoria Docks
Braithwaite James, tobacconist, 4 Harrington Terrace, Fisher Street
Brandon Charles James, dairyman, 89 Victoria Dock Road & 3 Buckingham Terrace, Lilliput Road
Braun Charles, baker, 20 Beckton Road
Breedon Charles Frederick, beer retailer, 11 Swanscombe Street
Brewster George, news vendor, 138 Barking Road
Brig & Maudel, tailors, 164 Barking Road
Briggs Thomas, shopkeeper, 4 Mary Street
Bright Thomas, dairyman, Wellington Street
British India Steam Navigation Co Limited (Gray, Dawes & Co, managing owners), Royal Albert Docks
Britton James, shopkeeper, 4 Hudsons Cottages, North Woolwich Road, Victoria Docks
Brooks Sarah (Mrs), wardrobe dealer, 51 Hallsville Road
Bryant Thomas, butcher, 10 Gordon Terrace, North Woolwich Road
Buckley Eliza (Mrs), shopkeeper, Frederick Road
Buffery George W, Wellington PH, 73 Bidder Street
Bulford Thomas West, oilman, 65 Rathbone Street
Bull William, tailor, 2 Ship Terrace, Lilliput Road
Burke James, dairyman, 6 Wharf Street
Burness Joseph, shopkeeper, 80 Bidder Street
Burrell Thomas, tobacconist, 19 Barking Road
Burridge William, undertaker, 37 Hallsville Road
Burton Edward, greengrocer, 22 Alice Street
Burton Edward Edwin, greengrocer, 87 Rathbone Street
Bush Arthur, grocer, 32 Beckton Road
Butler Ernest, tobacconist, 102 Victoria Dock Road
Butler Henry, tobacconist, 4 Charles Terrace, Lilliput Road
Buttery William Eugene, baker, 20 Woodstock Street
Buttling Thomas Avery, oilman, 101 Victoria Dock Road & 8 Larcher Terrace, Lilliput Road
Byford John, sand, coal & coke merchant, Bridge Wharf, Barking Road; GER coal depot; & 128 Barking Road
Byford William, china & glass dealer, 163 Barking Road
Byford William, dining rooms, 144 Barking Road

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