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History of Canning Town 1886

Canning Town Index

Canning Town 1886  Post Office Directory Index

Commercial Traders

Callaby William, tobacconist, 3 Hallsville Road
Campbell Smith & Co, stevedores etc, 15 Chauntler Road
Cant Edward jun, watch maker, 238 Barking Road
Canty John, butcher, 79 Woodstock Street
Carey Cornelius, beer retailer, 134 & 135 Lilliput Road
Carey Richard John, MA, surgeon, 85 Barking Road
Carpenter Walter Charles, pawnbroker, 162 Barking Road
Carter Thomas & Co, timber merchants & saw mills, Norway Yard, Custom Street
Carter Charles, brick maker, Beckton Road
Carter Geo, watch maker, 2 Providence Place, Woodstock Road
Carter Thomas, beer retailer, North Woolwich Road
Castle George & Co, grocers & tea dealers, 46 to 49 & 52 Victoria Dock Road & 29 Hallsville Road
Castle George & Co, 52 Victoria Dock Road
Cearns James William Youngs, grocer, 72 Swanscombe Street
Chad Richard, dining rooms, 24 Custom House Terrace, Lilliput Road
Champion Edwin, coal & coke merchant, 37 Barking Road
Charrington Thomas, Pitts Head Inn, Pitt Street
Childs Henry Edward & Co, private estate office, Hooper Road
Clark D, cowkeeper, 3 Providence Place, Woodstock Street
Clarke Ephraim, tobacconist, 103 Hermit Road
Clayden Alfred, baker, & post office, 4 Gordon Terrace, North Woolwich Road, Victoria Docks
Cleaver John Gilbert, oilman, 8 Hoy Street
Cleaver William, beer retailer, 20 Victoria Terrace, Lilliput Road
Clement Joseph, chemist, 15 Victoria Dock Road
Clowet Isaac, hair dresser, 137 Lilliput Road
Coak George, fishmonger, 6 Crawford Street
Cohen George, Sons & Co, metal merchants, River Lea side, Quadrant Street
Cole Michael, saddler, 82 Barking Road
Coleman Thomas, shopkeeper, 9 Arthur Street
Colkett Jas Samuel, boot maker, 4 Ebitt Terrace, North Woolwich Road
Colkett John, shopkeeper, 9 Gordon Terrace, North Woolwich Road
Collinson Michael, wardrobe dealer, Shirley Street
Connell Sarah (Mrs), dress maker, 140 Barking Road
Connell William Hopkins, clothier, 140 Barking Road
Connolly Charles, tobacconist, 5 Stephensons Terrace, North Woolwich Road
Conservative Working Mens Club (Geo Heritage, sec), 96 Barking Road
Conway James, carman, Hoy Street
Cook James, coffee rooms, North Woolwich Road
Coombs Brothers, grocers & oilmen, 28 & 30 Rathbone Street
Cooper Charles, linen draper, 4 Brindisi Terrace, Lilliput Road
Cooper Susannah (Miss), linen draper, 57 Victoria Dock Road
Cooper William, beer retailer, 69 Hemsworth Street
Coote William, shopkeeper, George Street, Victoria Dock Road
Copley John, saw & tool maker, 28 Victoria Dock Road
Corbett Joseph, cowkeeper, 4 Arthur Street
Cordery David, beer retailer, 110 Hermit Road
Cordery Henry David, Royal Oak PH, 73 Barking Road
Cornwall Charles, dining rooms, 6 Prince Regent Road
Cornwall Charles, dining rooms, Tidal Basin, Victoria Docks
Cory William & Son, coal merchants, Royal Victoria Docks
Courier & east London Advertiser Newspaper (Wm John Harmer, printer & publisher; friday), 94 Barking Road
Cowley Arthur Edward, dining rooms, 2 Buckingham Terrace, Lilliput Road
Cox Henry, outfitter, 38 Victoria Dock Road
Crabtree Alfred, plumber, 23 Custom House Terrace, Lilliput Road
Cramp Thos Geo, dairyman, 6 Devonshire Terrace, Shirley Street
Craven Herod, fishmonger, 8 Hallsville Road
Crawford Neeltze (Mrs), shopkeeper, 33 Burnham Street
Crews John, cowkeeper, 19 Young Street
Crick Henry, ship smith, North Woolwich Road
Crick Herbert, baker, 108 Hermit Road
Cross Daniel, beer retailer, 125 Lilliput Road
Cross George, beer retailer, 5 Burke Street
Crowley Mary (Mrs), shopkeeper, 17 Rathbone Street
Culy William, butcher, 92 Woodstock Street
Cundy John George, Bell & Anchor PH, North Woolwich Road; & Prince of Wales PH, Prince Regent Road
Cundy Thomas North, beer retailer, 25 Custom House Terrace, Lilliput Road
Cunningham Benjamin, plumber, 9 Rathbone Street
Cunningham Samuel James, plumber, 2 Sabberton Street
Curtis Stephen Curtis, Lilliput Arms PH, Lilliput Road
Cutcher Charles, beer retailer, 27 Rathbone Street
Cutmore George, clothier, 3 Charles Terrace, Lilliput Road
Cutts James, butcher, 1 Providence Place, Fisher Street

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