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History of Canning Town 1886

Canning Town Index

Canning Town 1886  Post Office Directory Index

Commercial Traders

Haddock Isaac, oilman, 4 Roscoe Street
Hadley Ezra, Dock House Tavern, North Woolwich Road
Hadley George, cowkeeper, 74 Stephenson Street
Hale Arthur, boot maker, 11 rathbone Street
Hale George, boot maker, 3 Brindisi Terrace, Lilliput Road & 56 Victoria Dock Road
Hale Roberta (Miss), boot & shoe maker, 33 Hallsville Road
Hale rebecca (Mrs), milliner, 234 Rathbone Street
Hale Samuel, wine merchant, 6 Ship Terrace, Lilliput Road & 72 Victoria Dock Road
Hall Charles, Ground Rent Tavern, Roscoe Street
Hammett Edward, pawnbroker, 84 Barking Road & 3 Ship Terrace, Lilliput Road
Hammond John George jun, auctioneer, 190 Barking Road
Hancock Henry Joseph, farrier, Crawford Street
Hannaford Charles Robert, undertaker, 213 Barking Road & 60 Rathbone Street
Harding Philip, shopkeeper, 27 Mary Street
Harmer William John, printer, 94 Barking Road
Harper Robert, Victoria Dock Tavern, 62 Victoria Dock Road
Harrington Geo Wm, oilman, 16 Hallsville Road & 80 Scott Street
Harris Charles, butcher, 3 Canning Terrace, Lilliput Road
Harrison William Thomas, pawnbroker, 12 Barking Road
Hart William, hair dresser, 8 Victoria Dock Road & 180 Barking Road
Harter Frederick, baker, 12 Quadrant Street
Hartmann Brothers, composition makers for ships bottoms, Barking Road
Harvey Thomas Jas, linen draper, 5 Larcher Terrace, Lilliput Road
Haryott Richard, dining rooms, 9 Hudsons Cottages, North Woolwich Road Victoria Docks
Hasler Charles, greengrocer, 23 Hallsville Road
Hawkins Joseph, fishmonger, 4 Hudsons Road
Hayden Thomas, wheelwright, Shirley Street & grocer, 1 Denmark Terrace, Shirley Street
Haynes Edward, greengrocer, 65 Lansdown Road
Hayns Edgar, news vendor, 62 Rathbone Street
Head William, stationer, 135 Barking Road
Heaton James, tailor, 28 Barking Road
Heester John, boot maker, 102 Roscoe Street
Heeston Peter, boot & shoe maker, 1 Alice Street
Heintze Robert, baker, 7 Brindisi Terrace, Lilliput Road & 102 Leyes Road, Victoria Docks
Heitzmann Frederick, jeweller, 172 Barking Road
Henderson Brothers, steam ship owners, Royal Albert Docks
Henderson David, dining rooms, North Woolwich Road
Hendry William, draper, 18 Junction Street, Stephenson Street
Henley Charles, hosier, 8 Deddington Terrace, Lilliput Road
Heritage george, builder, 42 Barking Road
Heron Mary (Mrs), confectioner, 182 Barking Road
Hester George, boot maker, 21 Crawford Street
Hewitt John, corn chandler, 103 Victoria Dock Road
Heyward James, oilman, 47 Trinity Street
Hill Sidney Chas, Victoria Tavern & Railway Hotel, Barking Road
Hilliard Aug John, Marine Hotel, Tidal Basin, Victoria Docks
Hills John Thomas, grocer, 45 Roscoe Street
Hitchcock Alfred Edgar, linen draper, 79 Rathbone Street
Hobday Charles, fried fish shop, 12 Beckton Road
Hochstadt Philip, hair dresser, 4 Prince Regent Road
Holliday Edward James, oilman, 7 Queens Road
Holliday William, confectioner, Hoy Street
Holloway Henry, contractor, Beckton Road
Holmes Robert, tobacconist, 11 Fords Market
Holt Henry, shopkeeper, 50 Blanche Street
Honey Thomas, tobacconist, 6 Fords Park Road, Trinity Street
Hooper William Henry, dust contractor etc, 1a Hill Street, Victoria Docks
Horlock Joseph George, builder, 95 Barking Road
Horne John, confectioner, 34 Scott Street
Horseman William Burnell, West Ham sewage engineer, River Lea side, Quadrant Street
Horth Walter, plumber, 58 Alice Street
Hosbach George, baker, 50 Peter Street
House John, baker, 2 Roscoe Street
Howard (W W) Brothers & Co, timber merchants, Crown Wharf, Barking Road
Howard William, carman, Shirley Street
Howell Henry, beer retailer, 128 Lilliput Road
Howett George, greengrocer, 42 Peter Street
Howse Alfred, surgeon, 234 Barking Road & 74 Victoria Dock Road
Hudson William, shopkeeper, 1 Gordon terrace, North Woolwich Road, Victoria Docks
Hughes William, tobacconist, 58 Victoria Dock Road
Hull John Killingworth, watch maker, 99 Victoria Dock Road
Humphrey Arthur James, lighterman, Royal Albert Docks
Hunt Frederick, 5 Canning Terrace, Lilliput Road
Hunter William, beer retailer, 54 Clifford Road
Hutson henry, greengrocer, 21 Victoria Terrace, Lilliput Road
Hutt Mannassah, furniture dealer, 130 & 137 Barking Road
Hutt William, furniture dealer, 137 Barking Road
Huzzey Thomas, beer retailer, 20 Hoy Street
Hyde Samuel, cowkeeper, 36 Rathbone Street
Hyland William, harness maker, 3 Alexandra Street


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