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History of Canning Town 1886

Canning Town Index

Canning Town 1886  Post Office Directory Index

Commercial Traders

Kay Henry, tobacconist, 91 Woodstock Street
Keeble Arthur William, dining rooms, Hallsville Road
Kelly Charles, hatter, 130 Lilliput Road
Kelly Mary (Mrs), outfitter, 114 Lilliput Road
Kemp Charles James, house decorator, 213 Barking Road
Kemp George, greengrocer, 113 Hermit Road
Kennedy Alfred Edmund, surgeon, 5 Railway Place, Lilliput Road
Kerridge Christopher, grocer & corn chandler, 168 & 170 Barking Road
Keszler August, baker, 14 Hallsville Road
Kincaid james Elliott, butcher, 1 Everett Terrace, Lilliput Road
King Peter, greengrocer, 104 Hermit Road
Kirby Theodore, provision dealer, 1 Devonshire Terrace, Shir;ey Street
Kirkaldy John & Co, engineers, Royal Albert Dock
Kitchener Samuel John, boot & shoe maker, 22 Rathbone Street
Knapp Samuel, boot maker, 42 Rathbone Street
Knight John & Sons, hard & soft soap makers, candle makers, tallow chandlers & melters, seed crushers & oil refiners; soap works & oil mills, Silvertown, Victoria Docks; depots for receiving butchers fat, S E gate Metropolitan Cattle Market N, 11 West Smithfield EC & 52 King Street, Deptford SE
Knott George, carpenter, 28 Hallsville Road
Knotts Alfred William, Tidal Basin tavern, Victoria Docks
Kraushaar Simon, glazier, 29 Rathbone Street
Kuhl Daniel, baker, 61 Victoria Dock Road
Kurman Israel, watch maker, 106 Barking Road
Kurtz Andrew, Bridge Hotel, 23 Barking Road
Kydd & Kinear, fancy repository, 127 Barking Road

Laing, Howlett & Co, shipwrights, Royal Albert Docks
Lambach Peter William, baker, 8 Queens Road
Lambert George, boot maker, 6 Rathbone Street
Lambert George, butcher, 44 Victoria Dock Road
Lambert George, tripe dresser, 81 Woodstock Street
Lambert Henry, greengrocer, 40 Queens Road
Lancaster John, market gardener, Stephenson Street
Landrebe David, baker, 57 Hermit Road
Lane Henry, confectioner, 139 Lilliput Road
Langman Henry, grocer, North Woolwich Road
Larkin Joseph, greengrocer, 108 & 111 Lilliput Road
Larkins John, beer retailer, 120 Bidder Street
Lawson James, baker, 127 Rathbone Street
Lea C & Co, coal merchants, 43 Barking Road
Leadbetter & Pidduck, composition makers, Edward Street
Lee Daniel, boot maker, 142 Barking Road
Lee Henry, stationer, & post office, 166 Barking Road
Lee Matthew Robert, greengrocer, 27 Hermit Road
Lego John, shopkeeper, 48 Burnham Street
Lelliott Stephen, coal dealer, 5 Oxford Terrace, Alexandra Street
Leonard Ellen (Mrs), fishmonger, 89 Woodstock Street
Lester & Perkins, shipwrights, Royal Albert Docks
Lester Edward, venetian blind maker, 242 Barking Road
Levy Julius, boot maker, 65 Victoria Dock Road
Lewis Henry, oilman, 105 Hermit Road
Lewis John, licenced lighterman, 7 Princess Street, Tidal Basin
Lewis Thomas, beer retailer, 49 Hermit Road
Lewis William, coffee rooms, 105 Victoria Dock Road
Lewsey Joseph, cowkeeper, 46 Bell & Anchor Cottages, Victoria Docks
Linch Charles & Sons, block makers, 4 Ship Terrace, Lilliput Road
Lipscombe Albert, ships lamp maker, 19 King Street
Lloyd Thomas, confectioner, 54 Hermit Road
Loeber Lewis, baker, 1 Catherine Street
Loehr Clemens, china & glass dealer, 136 Barking Road
London & North Western Railway Goods Depot )George Alfred Smith, local agent), Royal Victoria & Albert Docks E; goods & coal depot (E Draycott, local agent), Barking Road
London & Provincial Bank Limited (branch) (John William McVeagh, manager), 55 Barking Road
London & St Katherine Docks Co (Captain James Hoff, dock master; Joseph Nicholas Winter, berthing dock master), Royal Albert & Victoria Docks
Long Elizh (Mrs), shopkeeper, 31 West Road, Prince Regent Road
Lowe Daniel, oilman, 93 Woodstock Street
Lowe John, beer retailer, 22 Burke Street
Lowrie Walter, oilman, 69 Peter Street
Lucas Heinrich, baker, 16 Barking Road
Ludlow Thomas John, chandlers shop, 36 Hermit Road
Luton George, greengrocer, 61 Rathbone Street
Lyle Abram & Sons, sugar refiners, North Woolwich Road, Victoria Docks
Lyons Joseph, Shakespeares Head PH, 44 & 46 Roscoe Street



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