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History of Canning Town 1886

Canning Town Index

Canning Town 1886  Post Office Directory Index

Commercial Traders


McGuffick William, boot & shoe maker, 39 Stephenson Street
McKellow Richard & Son, wheelwrights, Barking Road
Mackrey John, cowkeeper, Rose Cottage, Edwin Street
Macriner Robert, confectioner, 32 Hermit Road
Maddison William John, builder, Clarkson Street
Malpass Alice (Miss), furniture broker, 10 Victoria Dock Road
Mander William, cowkeeper, 38 Woodstock Street
Mantz Henry Frederick, baker, 1 Fords Market
Marsh George William, shopkeeper, 8 Lansdown Road
Marshall Henry Wm & Co, dyers & cleaners, 89 Barking Road
Martin Ellen (Miss), dress maker, 41 Hallsville Road
Maskell Joseph, hatter, 20 Barking Road & 25 Victoria Dock Road
Mather John, cowkeeper, 4 Randall Street
Maudsley, Sons & Field, engineers, Royal Victoria Docks
Maxey Thomas Rudd, newsagent, 14 Gordon Terrace, North Woolwich Road, Victoria Docks
Maycroft Matthew, cowkeeper, 56 Peter Street
Maynard Emma (Mrs), beer retailer, 107 Lilliput Road
Maynard Samuel, beer retailer, 76 Rathbone Street
Mayron John, provision dealer, Mayfield Road
Mead Frederick, greengrocer, 8 Crawford Street
Medcalf William Herbert & Co, butchers, 110 & 112 Lilliput Road & 1a Alice Street
Melville Alfred, boot & shoe maker, Frederick Road
Merritt James, shopkeeper, 29 Vincent Street
Michell Richard Dalby, chemist, 84 Victoria Dock Road
Middleton William, shopkeeper, 45 Hack Road
Midland Railway Goods Department Office, Victoria Dock Road; depot (Henry Mason, local agent), Victoria Docks
Miller & Son, naval tailors & outfitters, 21 Custom House Terrace, Victoria Docks
Miller Joseph John, saw mills, Crown saw mills, Bidder Street
Mills Emanuel, beer retailer, 26 Rathbone Street
Mills George, Prince Alfred PH, Bidder Street
Milo Robert, coffee house, 77 Victoria Dock Road
Mitchell Charles, tripe dresser, 51 Victoria Dock Road
Model John, baker, 53 Hallsville Road
Moir John, LRCP Edin, surgeon, 22 Hope Terrace, Lilliput Road
Molenkamp Douwe, watch & clock maker, 82 & 83 Victoria Dock Road
Monk Richard, tailor, 33 Stephenson Street
Moore Ayres, LKQCP Irel, surgeon, 6 Hallsville Road
Morday Sarah (Miss), ladies school, 56 Barking Road
Moss Charles, oilman, Frederick Road
Moss Lewis, tailor, 16 Rathbone Street
Mount Walter, surgeon, 6 Victoria Terrace, Lilliput Road
Mower George, dairyman, 46 Burnham Street
Mullucks Arthur, greengrocer, Ford Street
Murphy Dennis Silvester, beer retailer, 40 Hallsville Road
Murphy George, naturalist, 54 Bidder Street
Murray Ann (Mrs), beer retailer, 93 Victoria Dock Road
Murrell Thomas, grocer, 59 Hermit Road

Nason William, boot & shoe maker, 100 Victoria Dock Road
Nathan Abraham & Son, outfitters, 90 Victoria Dock Road
National Steam Ship Co Limited, Royal Albert Docks
Navin Mary Ann (Mrs), lodging house, 80 Victoria Dock Road
Nelle Frederick, baker, 71 Victoria Dock Road
Nelson Dock Co Limited, ship builders, Royal Albert Dock
Neve Frederick, Builder, Mary Street
Newell James, hair dresser, 3 Brassey Terrace, Lilliput Road
Newholm Henry, linen draper, 3 Victoria Dock Road
Newman Olliff (Mrs), beer retailer, 10 Crawford Street
Nichols William & Co, coal merchants, 211 Barking Road
Nichols James Vincent, coffee rooms, 150 Barking Road
Niesner Philip, baker, 1 Vincent Street
Nitro, Phosphate & Odams Chemical Manure Co Lim (C T Macadam FCS, general manager & secretary; Charles Patmore Phillips FCS, manager of factory), Hudsons Wharf, North Woolwich Road, Victoria Docks
Noakes Isaac, builder, 10 Hudsons Road
Noakes Stephen, grocer, 10 Hudsons Road
Noall Eliza (Miss), haberdasher, 12 Prince Regent Road
Nock Henry William, clothier, 19 Victoria Dock Road
Norman W G & Son, auctioneers, valuers, estate & business agents; agents to the General Life & Fire & Scottish Plate Glass Insurance Companies, 62 & 64 Barking Road & Clyde House, Balaam Street, Plaistow
Morman Jas (Mrs), smith, George Street, Victoria Dock Road
Normandy A Stilwell & Co, engineers, Phillip Street, Victoria Docks
Normandy's Patent Marine Aerated Fresh Water Co Lim (A L Normandy, manager & secretary), sea water distilling apparatus makers, Phillip Street, Victoria Docks
Norris John, baker, 40 Victoria Dock Road



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