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History of Canning Town 1886

Canning Town Index

Canning Town 1886  Post Office Directory Index

Commercial Traders

Sadler Richard & Son, wheelwrights, 3 Burnham Street
Sadler Richard, marine store dealer, 101 Woodstock Street
Sains Joseph, fried fish shop, 4 Dolphin Cottages, Lilliput Road
Salford & Irwell India Rubber & Gutta Percha Works Limited, Central Station, Royal Albert Docks
Salter John & Sons, copper smiths, North Woolwich Road
Salter James, greengrocer, 223 Barking Road
Sankey John Hart, cement, lime, tile, slate, brick, pipe, plaster, sand, ballast & fire clay goods merchant etc, Iron Bridge & Essex Wharves
Saunders William, greengrocer, 2 Alice Cottages, Alice Street
Scarfe Wm A, boot & shoe maker, 13 Cambridge Terrace, Fisher Street
Scheib Jacob, baker, 1 Wards Terrace, Forty Acre Lane
Schmitt Henry, baker, 51 Scott Street
Schoch Charles, butcher, 91 Bidder Street
Schoch Frederick, butcher, 10 Prince Regent Road
Schumm Fredk, baker, 1 Dolphin Cottages, Lilliput Road
Scotney Owen, carpenter, 1 Essex Cottages, Morgan Street
Scott William, confectioner, 94 Woodstock Street
Scotton Francis, fishmonger, 231 Barking Road
Seaden George, engineer, 155 Barking Road
Seadon George, blacksmith, 2 Hindes Cottages, Edward Street
Searle William, greengrocer, 86 & 88 Bidder Street
Semple Charles, oil & colorman, 126 Lilliput Road
Sewell Charles, coffee rooms, 91 Victoria Dock Road
Shadrack Wm, greengrocer, 7 Stephensons Terrace, North Woolwich Road
Sharp Benj J. provision dealer, 21 Trinity Terrace, Trinity Street
Sharp James, tobacconist, 76 Barking Road
Sharp Joseph, wood turner, 24 Burnham Street
Sharp Joseph Martin, shopkeeper, 35 Hoy Street
Sharpe John Stephen, oilman, 153 Barking Road
Shaw Thomas Henry, baker, 96 Victoria Dock Road
Shelton Thomas, hair dresser, 88 Victoria Dock Road
Sheppard John, boot maker, 104 Rathbone Street
Shevill Joseph, tobacconist, 1 Hermit Road
Shipp Joseph, greengrocer, 51 Wilberforce Street
Short Charles, beer retailer, Tidal Basin, Victoria Docks
Sibery George, dining rooms, 5 Ship Terrace, Lilliput Road
Simon Charles, baker, 129 Lilliput Road
Simpson William & Co, petroleum merchants, Manhattan Wharf, Knights Road, Victoria Docks
Simpson Thomas, mineral water maker, 215 Barking Road
Singer Manufacturing Co, sewing machine manufacturers, 104 Barking Road
Sinnott Stephen, shopkeeper, 46 Bidder Street
Smith Alfred, boot maker, 73 Rathbone Street
Smith Alfred, chimney sweeper, 18 Frances Street
Smith Alfred Henry, boot & clog maker, 1 Brunel Street
Smith Charles, blacksmith, 20 Swanscombe Street
Smith Eleanor (Mrs), provision dealer, 71 Bidder Street
Smith George, boot maker, 79 Victoria Dock Road
Smith George, confectioner, Salisbury House, Blanche Street
Smith George William, baker, 1 Kings Road
Smith Joseph, butcher, 219 Barking Road
Smith Joseph, shopkeeper, 11 Gordon Terrace, North Woolwich Road, Victoria Docks
Smith Joshua, builder, Hope House, Alexandra Street
Smith Robert, firewood dealer, 13 Wilberforce Street
Smith Thomas, carpenter, 11 Hoy Street
Smith Thomas, greengrocer, 3 Larcher Terrace, Lilliput Road
Smith Thomas Edward, pawnbroker, 105 Woodstock Street
Smith William Thomas, grocer, 5 Victoria Dock Road
Smarthwaite James, oilman, 1a Hallsville Road
Solder George, boot maker, 22 Victoria Terrace, Lilliput Road
Sotcher William George, grindery dealer, 139 Barking Road
Southgate Fredk James, Dartmouth Arms PH, 162 Bidder Street
Sowman Charles, carman, Hallsville Road
Spencer Benjamin Henry, lighterman, 41 Roscoe Street
Spicer Henry, greengrocer, 13 Sabbarton Street
Springford George, shopkeeper, 35 Scott Street
Springford John, greengrocer, 50 Clarkson Street
Sprosen Richard, butcher, 2 Everett Terrace, Lilliput Road
Stallard George, fishmonger, 55 Rathbone Street
Standen William, carman, North Woolwich Road
Stanney Elizabeth (Miss), fried fish shop, 109 Lilliput Road
Stearn Alfred, auctioneer, 6 Barking Road
Steeles Robert, fancy repository, 227 Barking Road
Steer Henry, clothier, 58 Rathbone Street
Stellwagen Philip, dining rooms, 18 Barking Road
Sternbeck Sarah (Mrs), grocer, 74 Woodstock Street
Stevens John, greengrocer, 47 Montesquieu Street
Stevens William, butcher, 52 Hernmit Road
Stock John, greengrocer, 77 Roscoe Street
Stock William, beer retailer, Queens Road
Stoffelen Catherine Johanna (Mrs), florist, 154 Barking Road
Stone Abraham, shopkeeper, 39 Star Street
Stone Timothy, corn chandler, 233 Barking Road
Stout Bros, musical instrument makers, 7 Victoria Dock Road
Stower Ann (Mrs), midwife, 2 Graydon Villas, Lilliput Road
Stratford Co-operative & Industrial Society Limited (branch) (henry Archer, manager), 107 Rathbone Street
Stuart Silvester Stonehouse & Son, outfitters, Tidal Basin, Victoria Dock Road
Suffield & Watt, copper smiths, Lilliput Road
Sullivan James, Royal Sovereign PH, 45 Victoria Dock Road
Summers Fred, confectioner, 101 Rathbone Street
Sunshine John Charles, stevedore, 34 Peter Street
Suter, Hartmann & Co, composition manufacturers for ships bottoms, Royal Albert Docks
Sutor John Philip, baker, 7 Alexandra Street
Sutton Cornelius, Durham Arms PH, 24 Stephen Street
Sutton Felix, baker, 32 Stephenson Street
Sutton Peter, Beer retailer, 31 Victoria Dock Road
Sutton Thomas, coal dealer, 12 Wouldham Street
Sweetingham Frank, marine store dealer, 21 Hallsville Road

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