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Canning Town 1896  Post Office Street Directory

History of Canning Town in 1896

Canning Town Index

[19] Catherine Street, Nelson Street to Hack Road
1 Loeber Louis, baker
3 Webster Jn Robert, confectioner
... here is Alice Street ...
2 Bassett Mrs Mary, shopkeeper
24 Smith Andrew, chimney sweep
40 Wright Joseph, grocer

[20] Chauntler Road, Victoria Docks, near the Custom House station
... here is Ethel Road ...
21 Woods Miss Charlotte, shopkeeper
... here is Leslie Road ...

[21] Church Street, Barking Road near Holy Trinity Church
1 Riches Hy, oil & color man
Peculiar Peoples Chapel
2 Sams Alfred Henr, painter
10 Holmes Walter C, plumber

[22] Clarence Road, malmesbury Road
31 Clarke Edwin, greengrocer
33 Read Edward, shopkeeper
74 Acton Henry, oilman

[23] Clarkson Street, Rathbone Street
   West Ham School Board School
   Maddison Wm Jn, builder etc
1 Baker Charles, shopkeeper
2 Springford jn, greengrocer
6 Arthur William, painter

[24] Clever Road, near Custom House station
43 Catto Emma Mrs, shopkeeper
55 Donovan Mrs kate, laundry
65 Molyneux Matt Hy, boot maker
70 Dennison Charles, greengrocer
76 Brooks Geo, fried fish shop

[25] Clifford Road, 89 Hermit Road
4 Scanlon Mrs Bridget, midwife
54 Skidmore Mrs Sarah, beer retailer
55 Cook Isaac, shopkeeper

[26] Clifton Road, 13 Malmesbury Road

West side
1 Lanh Frederick, baker
3 Shutt Miss Bessie, milliner

East side
2 Norne Edwin, shopkeeper
St Gabriels Mission Church
75 Bone edwin, grocer
112 Bothwell Alexander, house & estate agent, builder, contractor & insurance agent

[27] Cranbrook Road, Victoria docks, North Woolwich Road
42 Kemp James, shopkeeper

[28] Crawford Street, Victoria Dock Road

East side
1 Baines Henry, grocer
3 Hayward Mrs Louisa, milliner etc
5 Coak George, fishmonger
7 Welsh Thomas, greengrocer

West side
2 Dyer Edward, farrier
4 Leader Henry, lodging house

[29] Cundy Street, Prince Regents Lane
38 Wright Frederick, relieving officer, West Ham union
62 Heywood Henry, laundry
72 Gill William, boot maker
71 Clow Mrs Mary Anna, grocer
73 Bicheno Wm, greengrocer
75 Welshford Joseph, fishmonger

[30] Custom Street, Victoria docks, Lillyput Road
21 Dickerson Arthur, cow keeper
39 Briggs Albert & Charles, coal dealers
10 Peoples Mission Hall


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