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Canning Town 1896  Post Office Street Directory

History of Canning Town in 1896

Canning Town Index

[79] North Woolwich Road, Victoria Dock Road, Tidal Basin to Silvertown

River side
River entrance to Royal Victoria Docks.
Capt Irvine Ross (pier head), dock master
G Usher, deputy dock master
Gibbs James & Co Limited, manure manufacturers
Odams Manure & Chemical C Lim (C T Macadam FCS, gen man; Hy Clayden, sec) (Odams wharf)
Ram Tavern, Arthur John Bennett
Martineau David & Sons Lim, sugar refiners (Clyde wharf)
Farmer Thos & Co Lim, chemical manure manufacturers (Halls wharf)
Walmsley H B & Sons, malt roasters
Anglo-Continental Guano works (Caesar R Brown, manager)
Lyle Abram & Sons Lim, sugar refiners (Plaistow wharf)
... here is Knights Road ...
Great Eastern Railway Silvertown Goods Depot, Walter Watson, collector
Turner Chas & Son, varnish manufacturers
Harding David, dairyman
entrance to Royal Victoria Docks

North side
   Gormley Bernard, shopkeeper
119 Oke Mrs Mary Ann, dining rooms
121 Morrison John, shopkeeper
... here is Clyde Road ...
175 Gormley Mrs Agnes, shopkeeper
211 Hudson Mrs Elizabeth, shopkeeper
213 Hill Jas Wright, physician & surgeon, dispensary
215 Jackson Walter, coffee rooms
... here is Cranbrook Street ...
217 Dyer Morton Simmonds, baker
219 Williams John, greengrocer
221 Knight Hy, corn chandler
223 Fairs Samuel, fishmonger
225 Depradines Thos, hair dresser
227 Colkett James, boot maker
229 Geller John, butcher
... here is Barnwood Road ...
231 Griffiths Mrs Annie, grocer
233 Templeton & Allen, shopkeepers & post office
235 Aylmer Joseph, boot maker
237 Mileham Edward, hair dresser
239 Elford John, dining rooms
241 Cowell Walter Rd, greengrocer
243 Simmonds Charles, dairy
245 Price Alfred Edwin, shopkeeper
... here is Eastwood Road ...
   Jubilee Tavern, Frank Ward
... here is Westwood Road ...
   West Silvertown Baptist Tabernacle
[For the continuation of this road, see Silvertown]

[80] Oak Crescent, 35 Barking Road
21 Jones William Howard, teacher of music
16 Brown Rev Archibald L Th (curate of St Gabriels)

[81] Ordnance Road, 101 Barking Road

West side
Market Place:
1 Cox James, fishmonger
4 Emmens Henry, hair dresser
5 Perkins Geo, news vendor
6 Breakspear John, butcher
7 Perciavls Stores, provision dealers
... here is Malmesbury Road ...

1 Griffiths John Hy, grocer
85 Cushway Mrs Jane, dress maker
95 Sexton Geo, house decorator
   McKenzie Wm, shopkeeper

East side
4 Stone John, boot maker
6 Sales Henry, grocer
8 Boatman Wm Edward, oilman
... here is Malmesbury terrace ...
38 Curtis William, shopkeeper
... here is Oak Road ...
40 Watson John, marine stores
56 Hyde John, cow keeper
80 McLean Allan, baker

[82] Percy Road, Malmesbury Road
85 Horsey George, dairyman
76 Fisher Philip, baker

[83] Peter Street, Barking Road
1 Ramsden Hy, confectioner
11 Arnold Thos, fried fish shop
55 Warboyes Joshua, grocer
69 O'Shaugnessy Jas, news agent
2 Vergeson Anthony, provision dealer
16 Colgate Thomas, plumber
34 Sunshine John C, stevedore
... here is Mary Street ...
50 Hobein Adam, baker
58 Maycraft Matthew, cow keeper

[84] Phillip Street, Victoria docks, 265 Victoria Dock Road
   Normandy Patent Marine Aerated Fresh Water Co Limited (Frank    Normandy, manager), sea water distilling apparatus makers
1 Doughty Alfred, carman
13 Edwards Jas Moore, laundry
33 Hart Chs jun, horse slaughterer

[85] Pitt Street, Rathbone Street to Morecambe Street
1 Arkell Wm Arthur, oilman
   Simpson & Co, builders
   Pitts Head PH, Frank C Hill
27 Mullins James, fishmonger

[86] Plaistow Road, now called Wood Street

[87] Poplar Street, 63 Shirley Street
25 Corbett Joseph, cow keeper

[88] Portland Road, 33 Boyd Road

South side
11 Merrett Mrs annie, shopkeeper
29 Calvert Thomas, greengrocer
31 Hurdle George, fruiterer
... here is Addison Road ...
47 Rowland Thos J, shopkeeper
54 Arnold Arthur Alfred, baker

[89] Prince of Wales Road
   Gregson & Co, ships joiners

[90] Prince Regent Lane. near Custom House station

West side
2 Prince of Wales PH, John George Cundy
... here is Cundy Road ...
4 Boyd & Taylor, physicians & surgeons
186 Montague Wm, fruiterer
188 Mills Charles, haberdasher & post office
190 Wilson Geo, confectioner
192 Hewitt Geo, hair dresser

East side
... here is Leyes Road ...
   Board School
... here is Prince of Wales Road ...
239 Leyland Thos, haberdasher
237 Smith Thos Wm, grocer
233 Ram Benjamin, butcher
231 Blackery David, boot maker
227 Martin Godfrey, confectioner
... here is Randolph Road ...
225 Campbell Charles, temperance bar
223 Longman Mrs Isabella, baker
221 Barrett Alfred, shopkeeper
219 Wilson Robert, cycle maker

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