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Canning Town 1896  Post Office Street Directory

History of Canning Town in 1896

Canning Town Index

[100] Sabbarton Street, Victoria Dock Road
1 Cunningham Samuel J & son, plumbers
   Victoria Mission Hall

[101] St Johns Road, 12 Fords Park Road
   City Glass Bottle Co, Wm A Barrett, manager

[102] St Lukes Square, Ford Street
2 Threlford Thomas, registrar of births & deaths
22 Pridmore henry, marine store dealer
23 Gardiner Walter, beer retailer

[103] Scott Street, Roscoe Street
1 Chapman Chas, beer retailer
3 Gotobed Edward, greengrocer
65 Bartlett Thomas, confectioner
67 Jordan Henry, greengrocer
83 Bick Albert, shopkeeper
... here is Elphicke Street ...
85 Wright Frederick, shopkeeper
8 Cairns Joseph, carman
... here is Agate Street ...
32 Hardingham Henry, shopkeeper
42 Greenleaf Mrs Eliza, confectioner
60 Gathercole Christopher Jn, shopkeeper
... here is Roscoe Street ...
60a Allen lewis, oilman
72 Mayne Thos Wm, gas fitter
94 Red Tape tavern, Kimble Easley

[104] Ship Street, Bidder Street
15 Stone Stephen, fruiterer
14 Read George, boot maker

[105] Shipwright Street, Bidder Street
Robertson A W & Co, engineers

[106] Shirley Street, 126 Rathbone Street to Victoria Dock Road
12 Jordan John, carman
22 Harold Mrs Eliza Jane, midwife
40 Duller George, cab driver
46 Petkin John, boot maker
48 Archer Mrs jane, beer retailer
   Alsford Alfred. lath maker
... here is Arkwright Street
70 Blackman Jas, fried fish shop
72 Smith Wm, shopkeeper
   Rose of Denmark PH, Henry Winter

East side
   United Methodist Free Church
3 Mayer Mrs Julia, baker
5 Barker Thomas, beer retailer
... here is Ford Street ...
25 Howard William, carman
27 Clark Peter, furniture broker
   Baptist (Strict) Chapel
35 Ellis William, wheelwright
51 Kunkler William, baker
53 Garland Edwin, shopkeeper

[107] Sidney Street, Victoria docks, Alice Street
19 Drummond Mrs Maria, shopkeeper
46 Jerhum Joshua, shopkeeper
[108] Star lane, 237 Barking Road
6 Ridgway Robert, fried fish shop
22 Shaw George, coach painter
82 Hall William, shopkeeper
5 Ludlow Francis, dairy
7 Barrett John, shopkeeper
9 Pool Mrs Emily, wardrobe dealer
47 Cordery Mrs Mary Ann, beer seller
47a Softly Thomas, dairyman
49 Fraser Charles, shopkeeper
55 Taylot Jas Geo, boot maker
71 Wolfenden Richard, plumber
85 Monk Richard, tailor
87a Dunn Mrs Catherine, laundry
97 Slater Arthur, baker
99 Holverson Nichols, fishmonger
   Steeles Robert, van & cart builder
161 Langford Isaac, confectioner
... here is Durham Road ...
241 Carter Mrs Alice mary, confectioner
... here is Addington Street ...
   Scrutton Charles E, builder & contractor
   West ham Board School

[109] Star Street, 2 Hermit Road
   Smith Mrs Maria Emma, dress maker (3 Trinity Gardens)
29 Allum Mrs mary Ann, shopkeeper
39 Monk George, marine store

[110] Stephenson Street
1 Duke of Edinburgh PH, Robert Florey
2 Moy Edward, fishmonger
3 Chandler Wm, hair dresser
4 Gall James, boot maker
5 Dorsett Alfred, confectioner
8 Mills Miss Winifred, shopkeeper
10 & 11 Pugh Wm, who oilman
12 Crump Jabez, shopkeeper
23 Hunt Alfred, pork pie maker
... here is Wharf Street ...
24 Durham Arms PH, Francis John Brooks
29 Wood Ebenezer, composition maker
35 Margetts Philip, lighterman
48 Dove Hy, marine store dealer
49 Nicholls John, grocer
... here are Junction & Ship Streets ...
   Pillar Letter Box
... here are Wellington & Randall Street ...
   Billups Joshua, market gardener

[111] Swanscombe Street, Barking Road to Woodstock Street

West side
27a Hardisty Edward, dairy

East side
   German Church
   Congregational Sunday School
20 Smith Henry, blacksmith
26 Savage george, shopkeeper
   Temperance Hall
72 Aylett George, grocer

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