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Canning Town 1896  Post Office Street Directory

History of Canning Town in 1896

Canning Town Index

[118] Vincent Street, near Rathbone Street
85 Holt William, baker
19 Adams Elizabeth Mrs, greengrocer
21 Harding Richard, fried fish shop
32 Mumford Wm, shopkeeper

[119] Wellington Street, Stephenson Street to Quadrant Street
    St Gabriels Church
   Dalton Rev Leighton Mayo MA (The Vicarage)
   Powell Rev E W, MA (The Vicarage)
   St Gabriels Dunday School Room
   St Gabriel Mission House
   Sedgwick Elizabeth (Miss) [Mission lady]

[120] West Road, Prince Regent Lane
1 Lack Elizabeth Mrs, shopkeeper
22 Barker Mrs Jane, shopkeeper
26 Randall Wm, fishmonger
31 Shaw Edwin, dairyman

[121] Wharf Street, Bidder Street
Worland James & Son, wharfingers (Worlands wharf)

[122] Wightman Street, 250 Victoria Dock Road
41 Zanoley Bernard, shopkeeper

[123] Wilberforce Street, Forth Acre Lane
1 Peasey James, shopkeeper
16 Wakeling Jas, cow keeper
62 Shipp Joseph, greengrocer

[124] Wood Street, near Custom Hose station
   Thomson Andrew & John, brass founders

[125] Woodstock Street, Barking Road to Victoria Dock Road

West side
23 Phillips Edwin, greengrocer
31 Sanders John, tinplate worker
33 Mackney Joseph, beer retailer
35 Dael Mrs Charlotte, shopkeeper
45 Campkin Mrs Annie Mary, dress maker
67 Newell Geo, wardrobe dealer
87 Murphy Hy, greengrocer
89 Dicks Samuel, wardrobe dealer
93 Doughty Charles, draper
95 Lowe Daniel, oilman
97 Conner Richard, confectioner
99 Ellenberger Burghard, baker
... here is Burnham Street ...
101 Sadler Mrs Mary, marine store dealer
103 Smith Thomas Edward, pawnbroker

East side
20 Schmidt Charles, baker
... here is Swanscombe Street ...
   Woodstock Arms PH, Edmund Howe
26 Gouldsmith Walter, wardrobe dealer
28 Robinson William, oilman
32 Williams John, cow keeper
38 Denton Jas, packing case maker
40 White George, plumber
44 Horton Walter T, news agent
50 Thake Sarah Mrs, greengrocer
52 Thimbleby Henry, shopkeeper
66 Corbett William, dairyman
68 Ovens Mrs Phillis, umbrella maker
70 Fish William, boot maker
72 Holy Trinity Mission Room
74 Whitehead Arthur, grocer
76 Loades John, beer retailer
... here is Wouldham Street ...
78 Jones John, hair dresser
... here is Crawford Street ...
82 Walker Mrs Caroline, milliner
84 Puttnam Richard, linen drpaer
92 Hunt Edward, fishmonger

[126] Wouldham Street, Woodstock Street
   Bowden Martin & Sons, plumbers etc

[127] Young Street, 242 Victoria Dock Road
37 Taylor John, shopkeeper

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