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Canning Town 1902  Post Office Street Directory

History of Canning Town in 1902 -  part 1  & part 2

Canning Town Index

[130] Thomas Street, 57 Forty Acre Lane to Edwin Street

1 Overgage Geo Walter, oilman
1 Overgage George Philip, teacher of violin
... here is Bradley Street ...
20 Jordan Henry, firewood dealer
32 McBay Mrs Ann, cow keeper

[131] Throckmorten Road, Cundy Road

Catholic Church of St Joachim
Catholic School

[132] Tidal basin, Royal Victoria & Albert Docks, from Victoria Dock
Road to River side

... here is Dock Road ...
4a Eastern Rubber Co (Frederic & Robert Colsell, proprietors)
5 Manufacturers Agency Co (The), ship chandlers
10 & 11 Dixon William Edwin, dining rooms
12 Gibraltar Tavern, Fred Wrigley
... here is Union Street ...
14 Ward Wm Edward, laundry
15 Gas Light & Coke Co (The) District office (Francis Jn Marvin, resident
16 Enderwick Wm, shopkeeper
18 Anglo-American laundry Co
22 Victoria Docks Branch Post & telegraph Office
23 Wiggins & Rihll, oil etc merchants
24 Frank Livett & Son, ship chandlers
25 Marine PH, Edward Wm Burchill
26 Fitz George, dining rooms
27 National Sailors & Firemens Union of Great Britain & Ireland, Edward
Cathery, gen sec; Michael Hooligan, Tidal Basin branch sec)
29 Mission to Seamen Institute (J Haslop, sec)
30 Herniman Robert, dining rooms
31 Tidal Basin Tavern, Ernest Thomas Payne
    Tidal Basin Railway Station (Geo Bevis, station master)
   Board of Trade Mercantile Marine Office (William Henry Godfrey Deacon RNR, supt; Hy    Roche RNR assistant supt; Wm Webber Wheeler RNR, deputy supt)

[133] Trinity Street, 18 Beckton Road to Forty Acre Lane

12 & 4 Non-Conducting Cement Co & Dicks Asbestos Co
40 Rouse george, shopkeeper
42 Challis Charles, draper
86 Evans Tom, shopkeeper
... here is Vincent Street ...
88 Bennett Wm, shopkeeper
94 Heyward James, oilman
85 Millage George, tobacconist
101 Ellenberger Albert, corn dealer

[134] Tucker Street, 144 Bidder Street
25 Irons Thomas, beer retailer
... here is Quadrant Street ...
37 Judd John, tobacconist

[135] Union Street, Tidal Basin Road to Dock Road

1 Ellis Thomas Henry, shopkeeper
1 Edwards John, hair dresser

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