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Canning Town 1914 Commercial Directory B

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1914 commercial directory index

Backhouse Elizabeth (Mrs.), fruiterer, 42 Hermit road
Bailey Elizabeth (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 17 Alice street
Bailey Llewellyn John, dining rooms, 198 Prince Regents lane
Bailey Margt. Elizh. (Mrs.), shopkeeper. 18 Montesquieu street
Baker J. & Co. Limited, outfitters, Central avenue, Royal Albert docks
Baker Nelson William, shirt maker, 16 Swanscombe street
Baldwin Alfred Henry, draper, 6 Hallsville road
Baldwin Mary (Mrs.), draper, 9 Forty Acre lane
Ball Alfred, boot repairer 22, & confectioner 23, St. Lukes square
Ball Mary (Mrs.), laundry, 30 Clifford road
Bancrofts School Hall, Leslie street
Banks Charles, marine store dealer, 50 Alice street
Banks George William, greengrocer, 52 Nelson street
Barber Charles Edgar, tobacconist, 33 Dock road
Barbett Mary Ann (Mrs.), laundry, 138 Butchers road
Bardrick David Charles, Bell & Anchor P.H. 81 Dock road
Barham Frank, greengrocer, 80 Rathbone street
Barker Carrie (Mrs.), wardrobe dealer, 26 Frederick road
Barker Edwin, confectioner, 9 Fords Park road
Barker Walter Sidney, tailor, 331 Victoria Dock road
Barnard Walford, herbalist, 65 Hermit road
Barnes Eliza (Mrs.), draper, 1 Alice street
Barnes Frank Edward, corn dealer, 124 Victoria Dock road
Barnes George Edmund, insurance agent, 79 Maplin road
Barnes George Robert, grocer, 47 Portland road
Barnes Henry James, beer retailer, 76 Woodstock street
Barnes James, greengrocer, 8 Hudson road
Barnett Woolf & Co. tobacconists, i6 Victoria Dock road
Barnett Henry, shopkeeper, 37 Hack road
Barnett William, oilman, 75 Hermit road
Barrana Thomas, shopkeeper, 33 Albany road
Barrett George, corn dealer, 134 Victoria Dock road
Barron Emma (Mrs.), wardrobe dealer, 11 Sabberton street
Barrow Samuel, grocer, 55 Beckton road
Bartlett William Edmund, beer retailer, 38 Hermit road
Barton Richard, shopkeeper, 31 Lawrence street
Barton Thomas, dining rooms, 280 Victoria Dock road
Bassett William, glass & china dealer, 28 Freemasons road
Bastol Limited, cattle food manufacturers, Worlands wharf, Wharf street. T N 475 East
Bateman Henry, laundry, 30 Prince of Wales road
Bates Marie Elizabeth (Mrs.), bedding manufacturer, 154 Victoria Dock road
Bathe Benjamin, tailor, 40 Trinity street
Battie Louis Wm. shopkeeper, 230 Victoria Dock road
Bawdon Charlotte (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 2 Junction street
Baxter Joseph, boot dealer, 187 Barking road
Beadles Harold Shatford M.R.C.S. & L.R.C.P.Lond. physician & surgeon, 234 Barking road
Beaman Abraham, boot repairer, 76 Shirley street
Beaman Jabez Henry, live bird dealer, 10 Hallsville road
Beamont Jas. shopkeeper.205 North Woolwich road, Victoria docks
Bean Edward Joseph, assistant dock master, Royal Victoria & Albert docks
Beasley Edwin, plumber, 295 Victoria Dock road
Beauchamp Charles, fried fish dealer, 46 Bidder street
Beavis Arthur, corn dealer, 86 Bidder street
Beckett Thomas Sharpe, chemist, 67 Victoria Dock road
Beckett William, shopkeeper, 31 Sarah street
Bedwell Arthur, wholesale grocer, 133 Beckton road
Bedwell Harry, grocer, 231 Star lane & grocer, & post office, 120 Ravenscroft road
Beech Edward, stone mason, 58 Malmesbury terrace
Begley John Francis M.B. physician & surgeon, & medical officer for No. 20 district, West Ham union, 144 Barking road
Behrens Frances (Mrs.), laundress, 70 Hermit road
Belchamber Mary (Mrs.), ladies tailor, 60 Ordnance road
Bell John, blacksmith, George street
Bell John, ironmonger, 94 Victoria Dock road
Bell John Samuel, tobacconist, 101 Hermit road
Bendon Nathaniel, tobacconist, 279 Victoria Dock road
Bennett Charles, cycle maker, 116 Rathbone street
Bennett Emily (Mrs.), confectioner, 5 Nottingham terrace, Prince Regents lane
Bennett William, greengrocer, 88 Trinity street
Benson William, decorator, 81 Fife road
Berles Martha (Mrs.), dress maker, 6 Ravenscroft road
Berlinsky Barnett, grocer, 98 Victoria Dock road
Berman Samuel, fishmonger, 83 Rathbone street
Berry Edmund Frederick, waste paper dealer, 27 Beckton road. T N 3778 East
Bevan John Henry, tobacconist, 27 Tidal Basin road, Victoria docks
Bicheno Jane (Mrs.), greengrocer, 8 Baxter road
Bird Alfred George, photographer, 34 Freemasons road
Bird Walter, decorator, 24 Shipwright street
Birkett Isaac Stephen, pawnbroker, see Smith & Birkett
Bishop Sarah Harriett (Mrs.), pill mfr. 5 Rathbone street
Blacker), David, boot maker, 86 Freemasons road
Blackmur James, greengrocer, 3 Granville road
Blighton. George, shopkeeper, 72 Swanscombe street
Blighton John William, shopkeeper, 20 Exning road
Bloomfield David, shopkeeper, 35 Woodstock street
Blount Henry, boot repairer, 113 Bidder street
Boar Walter John, clothier, 39 Victoria Dock road
Board of Trade Labour Exchange, 11,12 & 13 Victoria Dock road
Entrely John, baker, 29 Frederick road
Bollingbroke Geo. Clement, boot maker, 231 Prince Regents lane
Bolton John Albert, yeast merchant, 26 Greenville street
Bond Richard, baker, 11 Alexandra street
Boness Frederick, boot repairer, 109 Argyle road
Boots Cash Chemists (Southern) Ltd. 106 Barking road
Borthwick Thomas & Sons, meat salesmen, Royal Victoria docks
Bothwell Alexander, builder, 112 Clifton road (T N 3563 East) & 30 Barking road
Bottomley & Sons, house decorators, 9 Garvary road
Bowden & Willis, plumbers, Wouldham street & 113 Rathbone street
Bowles Edward, boot & shoe maker, 40 Hermit road
Bowles Louis Burt, insurance agent, 161 Hermit road
Boyce Samuel, shopkeeper, 14 Frederick road
Boyd Working Mens Institute (James W. Hills, hon. sec.), Boyd road
Boyd John Stewart L.R.C.P. & S.Edin. physician & surgeon, & medical officer, No. 6 district, West Ham union, 85 Freemasons road
Bracewell Cpanles, greengrocer, 83 Freemasons road
Brackley William, boot maker, 10 Queens road
Bradley Alfred, butcher, 73 Rathbone street
Bradley William, shopkeeper, 31 South Molton road
Bradstock George Thomas, butcher, 9 Hallsville road; 6 Market place, Ordnance road & 22c, Beckton road
Brand Arthur John, confectioner. 237 North Woolwich road
Brassetb Arthur, fishmonger, 78 Victoria Dock road
Brett Alfred, dining rooms, 161 Leyes road
Brewer Albert Arthur, dining rooms, 26 Tidal Basin road, Victoria docks
Brewster George, stationer, 153 Barking road
Brickell Henry, builder & estate agent, Fife road
Brigden Brothers, boot makers, 146 Barking road
Bright Charles, tobacconist, 22 Hermit road
Bright Jn. Clifford, Railway tavern,145 Victoria Dock road
British India Steam Navigation Co. Limited (Gray, Dawes & Co. agents), Royal Albert docks
British Socialist Party (The) (South West Ham branch) (J. Chamberlain, sec.), 124 Barking road
British United Boot Co. 2 Market stores, Freemasons road
Brooks Henry, Durham Arms P.H. 24 Stephenson street
Brooks Thomas, butcher, 14 Beckton road
Brown Albert, shopkeeper, 60 Scott street
Brown Annie (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 21 & 74 Agate street
Brown Edmund, oilman, 131 Rathbone street
Brown John M.B., Ch.B.Glas. physician & surgeon, Central avenue, Royal Albert docks
Brown Walter, Rose of Denmark P.H. 78 Shirley street
Browne Sidney L.R.C.P. & L.R.C.S.Irel. physician & surgeon, 150 Victoria Dock road
Brownfield Sydney, assistant superintendent Royal Victoria & Albert docks
Browning Frederick, tobacconist, 4 Hermit road
Browning Thomas, Central Buffet P.H. Central avenue, Royal Albert docks
Bragger Robert, watch maker, 57 Beckton road
Buchanan Alfred, shopkeeper, 105 Forty Acre lane
Bugg John, boot maker, 3 Crawford street
Burdick & Co. shipwrights &c. Royal Victoria docks. T A "Smokestack, London ; " T N 532 East
Burdon John, fishmonger, 29 Queens road
Burgunn Thomas, oilman, 94 Trinity street
Burls Bernard, corn dealer, 104 Freemasons road
Bums Lily (Mrs.), tobacconist, 6 Queens road
Burrell Thomas, tobacconist, 19 Barking road
Burrus Henry, boot warehouse, 23 Rathbone street
Burt, Boulton & Haywood Limited, timber merchants, Royal Victoria docks, T Ns 645 & 646 East
Burtenshaw Albert Wm. shopkeeper, 200a,Prince Regents lane
Burton Charles William, Ram Tavern, 26 North Woolwich road, Victoria docks E
Burwood Fredk. Wm. beer retailer, 5 Hallsville road
Butcher Robert, poultry dealer, 10 Sabberton street
Buttling Herbert John, butcher, 184 Prince Regents lane
Byatt Edward, insurance agent, 41 Morgan street
Byatt William, shopkeeper, 116 Candy road
Bye James, shopkeeper, 162 Butchers road
Bye William, shopkeeper, 38 Hack road
Byford John & Son Limited, lime, cement, brick, fire goods, drain pipe & sand merchants, Moody wharf, Poplar & 75 Barking road. T Nos. 1048 Eastern, 2 lines ; 3159 East

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