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Canning Town 1914 Commercial Directory S

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1914 commercial directory index

Sadler James, marine store dealer, 24 George street
Sadler Jesse, marine store dealer, 76a, Burnham street & 101 Woodstock street
Sailors Welcome Home Coffee Tavern (Charles John Bird, manager), 15 & 17 Barking road
St. Margarets Catholic Club (John Good, sec.), 174 Barking road
Sales Henry & Son, furniture removers, 5 Beckton road
Sales Henry, greengrocer, i2o Beckton road
Salmon Horace Charles Grant, beer retailer, 106 Victoria Dock road
Salvation Army Home (Walter Head, manager), 78 Butchers road
Sampson Frances (Mrs.), greengrocer, 2 Baron road
Samson Sl. boot repr. 101 North Woolwich road, Victoria docks
Samuels Edward, tripe dresser, 12 Sabberton street
Sanders Brothers, corn dealers, 75 Rathbone street ; 14 Freemasons road & 37 Victoria Dock road
Sandground Marie (Mrs.), milliner, 4 Hallsville road
Sandham Fredk.Georg.e Stephen, news agent. 36 Barking oad
Sankey J. H. & Son Ltd. Essex wharf, Canning Town E; Established 1857; Barge House wharf ; also North Woolwich, Kentish Town, Hendon, Ilford, Brentwood, Romford, Shenfield, Wickford, Highams Park, Plumstead, Woolwich Arsenal S.E.R. Bexley Heath, Erith,
Beckenham Junction &c. ; contractors to n.m, Government; merchants, shippers & exporters of all kinds of clay goods, cements, limes, bricks, tiles, slates & sands; also tilers & slaters, glazed bricks & tiles, drain pipes, sanitary goods & specialities, stoneware apparatus & special acid resisting bricks &c. for use in chemical work, fire resisting bricks &c. for every description of furnace work. Largest & most varied stock in London; Porous Terracotta fire & sound proof partition blocks & fixing bricks. T A "Sankey, Canning Town ;" T N loot (3 lines)
Sansum James, shopkeeper, 15 Rivett street
Sanerland Henry W. butcher, 9 Baxter road
Saunders Ethel Mary (Miss) & Durrant Lilian (Mrs.), fancy repository, Post office, 152 _Barking road
Saunders George Wm. china dealer, 8o Victoria Dock road
Savage Benjamin, greengrocer, 31 Clarence road
Saxby William Henry, ironmonger, 102 Freemasons road
Scales & Leuw, butchers, 2 & 4 Freemasons road
Schauber Augustus, hair dresser, 4 Queens road
Schneider George, pork butcher, 95 Rathbone street
Schoefield Adolph, baker, 144 Bidder street
Schrutke Wilfred, hair dresser, 138 Barking road
Schwab William, butcher, 69 Bidder street & 42 Roscoe street
Scott Charle3, grocer, 7 Market place, Ordnance road
Scott Elizabeth (Mrs.), dress maker, 18 Invicta road
Scott Isaac, hair dresser, 48 Hermit road
Scott Marks, hair dresser, 1 Victoria Dock road
Scotton Frank, fried fish dealer, 3 Fords Park road
Scotton Henry, fried fish shop, 4 Fords market
Scotton Samuel, fried fish shop, 91 Bidder street
Sconse Robert Charles, boot maker, 72 Hermit road
Scrams Frederick William, printer. 151 Barking road
Scriven Henry, hair dresser, 2 Leyes road
Scrutton & Crebbin9 builders & estate agents, Beckton road. T N 3227 East
Scruttons Limited, stevedores, Royal Victoria (T N 896 East) & Albert docks. T N 3798 East
Seabrooke Rt. Elliott, supt. Royal Victoria & Albert docks
Seaden George, cycle maker, 155 Barking road
Seaman Henry George, coal & coke dealr. 92 Edward street
Seamens Hospital Society (Albert Dock Hospital) (Sir Patrick Manson G.C.M.G., F.R.S., D.Sc., M.D., F.R.C.P., LL.D. consulting physician; F. M. Sandwith M.D., F.R.C.P. it C. W. Daniels M.B., M.R.C.P. physicians; G. C. Low M.D. assistant physician ; James Cantlie M.B., F.R.C.S. surgeon ; L. Vernon Cargill F.R.C.S. ophthalmic surgeon; Kenneth W. Goadby M.R.C.S., L.D.S. dental surgeon; R. E. Delbruck M.B., B.C., M.R.C.S., anwsthetist ; H. B. G. Newham M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., D.T.M. & H. director ; Miss C. Graham Knight, matron; Rev. T. H. Gilbert M.A. chaplain), Connaught road
Sean l Emma (Mrs.), greengrocer, 32 Alice street
Secunda Louis, draper, 62 Rathbone street
Segal Abraham 4 tailor, 19 & 20 Victoria Dock road
Seward John, boot repairer, 30 Dale road
Sewell Sarah (Mrs.), wardrobe dealer, 5 Ascot street
Seymour Emma (Mrs.), corset maker, 46 Barking road
Sliadrack E. & A. coal merchants, 41 Barking road. T N 763 East
Shadrack & Mileham, carmen, 27 Dock road
Shadrack W. & Co. cartage contractors, 40 Shirley strret
Sharp Thomas, refreshment rooms, 27a, Swanscombe street
Shaw, Savill & Albion Co. Limited, steamship owners, Royal Albert docks. T Ns 1724 & 51 East
Shaw Alfred Edwin, shopkeeper, Too Prince Regents lane
Shaw Edward, oilman, 80 Bidder street
Shawyer Arthur William, station master, Gallions railway station, Royal Albert docks
Sheldrake Kate (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 30 Hudson road
Shelton Thomas, hair dresser, 4 Roscoe street & 203 North Woolwich road, Victoria docks
Shepard Patsy, hair dresser, 252 Victoria Dock road
Shepherd _ , Marquis of Salisbury P.H. 110 Hermit road
Shepherd Annie Lydia (Mrs.), news agent, 9 Ripley terrace, Prince Regents lane
Sherman Joseph, hair dresser, 18 Victoria Dock road
Shipping Federation Limited (The) (Cuthbert Laws. general manager; Michael Brett, sec.) (Thames District No. 3), seamens registry office (Thomas McVey, registrar), Connaught road, Royal Victoria docks; labour department (E. G. Irvine, supt.), Royal Albert docks. T N 555 East
Short Thomas, eel & pie house, 47 Victoria Dock road
Sibbons William, baker, 82 Bidder street
Sidnell Frank, confectioner, 19 Fords Park road
Sidnell George Frank, tobacconist, 76 Hermit road
Simister Philip, shopkeeper, 65 Scott street
Simonds Rose (Mrs.), confectioner, 15 Barking road
Simons Charles, beer retailer, 245 Victoria Dock road
Simpkins Fredk. Jas. cats meat dealer. 41 Freemasons road
Simpson Ann Elizabeth (Mrs.), mineral water manufacturer, 215 Barking road
Singer Sewing Maohine Co. Limited, sewing machine manufacturers, 104 Barking road
Skelton Frederick, greengrocer, 130 Butchers road & 23 Frederick road
Skidmore Sarah (Mrs.), beer retailer, 22 Exning road
Skillington Thomas, butcher, 180 Barking road
Skingley Jonathan, haberdasher, 4 Exning road
Skinner Walter .Robert, copper smith, Frederick road
Sky Jack & Son, hair dressers, 188 Barking road
Slade Annie Elizabeth (Mrs.), grocer, 279 Beckton road
Slade Mary Jane (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 145 Leyes road
Slater Samuel, confectioner, 111 Rathbone street
Slowman Samuel, tailor, 136 Barking road
Smart Francis, gramophone dealer, 23 Stephenson street
Smart William, carman, 14 Charford street
Smart William, furniture dealer, 12 Rathbone street
Smith Alfred & Son, chimney sweepers, 1 Garvary road & 24 Catherine street
Smith & Birkett, pawnbrokers, 45 Victoria Dock road
Smith & Chapple, clothiers, 17 Rathbone street & 43 & 49 Victoria Dock road
Smith John & Co. tarpaulin manufacturers, 316 Victoria Dock road. T N 357 East
Smith Sidney & Son, Ordnance Arms P.H. 110 Barking road
Smith William & Co. packing case makers, 38 Woodstock street. T N 129 East
Smith Alfred, draper, 84 Freemasons road
Smith Alice (Miss), haberdasher, 57 Alexandra street
Smith Arthur John, grocer, 66 Jersey road
Smith Catherine (Mrs.), tailor, 241 Victoria Dock road
Smith Charles, carman, 57 Alexandra street
Smith Edward, hair dresser, 4 Rathbone street
Smith Edwin James; plumber, 44 Morgan street
Smith Emma (Mrs.), dress maker, 28 Mary street
Smith Frank, Beckton Arms P.H. 8 Beckton road
Smith George Frederick, insurance agent, 123 Star lane
Smith Harriett (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 9 Hermit road
Smith Jane (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 163 Hermit road
Smith John, beer retailer, 21 Victoria Dock road
Smith Jn.station master,Central station, Royal Albert dock
Smith John Crosby, firewood dealer, 26 Cundy road & Freemasons road
Smith Lewis, greengrocer, 18 Hermit road
Smith Robt. fruiterer & greengrocer, 1 & 3 Cambus eoad
Smith Sarah Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 237 Victoria Dock road
Smith Thomas William, fancy jeweller, 28 Hallsville road
Smith Thomas Wm. grocer, 237 & 247 Prince Regents lane
Smith Walter, butcher, 55 Fife road
Smith William, sack contractor, Royal Victoria docks
Solder Frank Casper, boot repairer, 4 Garvary road
Solder George, boot repairer, 182 Prince Regents lane
Solomon Graham, clothier & hosier, 8 Freemasons road
Solornons Morris, provision dealer, 78a, Rathbone street
Sotcher & Rowe, grindery dealers, 139 Barking road
Soutter Andrew G. & Co. Liluited, varnish manufacturers, Liverpool road. T N 518 East
Spearman Elizabeth (Mrs.), beer retailer, 26 Roscoe street
Speight Richard, greengrocer, 35 Hoy street
Spooner Emma (Mrs.), Hallsville tavern, 57 Hallsville road
Spooner James, shopkeeper, 32 Scott street
Spray Percy James, assistant dock master, Royal Victoria & Albert docks
Springhall John, fried fish dealer, 223 North Woolwich road, Victoria docks
Squire John, shopkeeper, 2 Clifton road
Stanberry Arthur, provision dealer, 46 Rathbone street
Stanford Alfred Semi. greengrocer, 59 Fords Park road
Stanford Julia (Mrs.), greengrocer, 176 Barking road
Stanford Sarah (Mrs.), greengrocer, 1 Nottingham terrace, Prince Regents lane
Starkey, Room & Co. Limited, sack contractors, Royal Victoria docks
Steadman James, house decorator, 222 Barking road
Steamship Owners Coal Association Limited, coal factors, Royal Albert docks. T N 605 East
Stearn Alfred, auctioneer, 6 Barking rd. T N 312 East
Steel T. G. & Co. electrical engineers, 221 Beckton road
Steer Joseph, pork butcher, 64 Barking road
Stein Mark, draper, 7 Rathbone street
Stephens Henry, dining rooms, 150 Barking road
Stevens Ada (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 59 Hermit road
Stevens Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper. 21 Montesquieu street
Stewart Edward Ernest M.B., Ch.B.Glas. physician & surgeon, 26 Freemasons road
Stewart Isabel (Mrs.), umbrella maker, 24 Hallsville road
Sticklee John, shopkeeper, 1 Ford street.
Stiff Frederick, beer retailer, 7 Fords market
Stock William, beer retailer, 50 Butchers road
Stockbridge William George, sign writer, 79 Carson road
Stocker Alexander Joseph, shopkeeper,98 Freemasons road
Stolzenberger Christian, butcher, 105 Freemasons road
Stone Frederick Harry, news agent, 18 Freemasons road
Stone Henry James, corn chandler, 103 Hermit road
Stone Samuel, fruiterer & greengrocer, 8 Junction street
Stone William James, greengrocer, 30 Hallsville road
Stratford Co-operative Society Limited, 115 Rathbone street
Strickland Kate (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 74 Woodstock street
Sture Andrew, shopkeeper, 32 Beaconsfield road
Sturman Charles Elijah, estate office, 1 Jersey road
Sturton Walter, builder, see Chapman & Sturton.
Sugden Arthur Ernest, draper, 295 Star lane
Summers Eliza (Mrs.), laundry, 4 Hudson road
Summers Thomas, shopkeeper, 53 Burnham street
Sumser Frederick, shopkeeper, 1 Catherine street
Sutton Frederick James, oilman, 7 Queens road
Sutton George, shopkeeper, 37 Hoy street
Sutton Sidney, oilman, 52 Alice street
Swaddling George, shopkeeper, 71 Cundy road
Swan James Percy, laundry, 149 Barking road
Sweet Annie (Mrs.), fancy repository, 127 Barking road
Sweet John Davis, dining rooms, 129 Barking road
Swift Beef Co. Limited, meat importers, Royal Albert docks. T N 1446 East


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