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    UK Pub history research and London historical street directory

    Search the historical London street directory, and London pub history site including early street addresses in London through the Victorian pub history of London. This search engine is broken, try address searches in the main google search to get better results. OR visit the London pub history directory index pages to which I am rapidly adding links

    This is a list of entries that have not yet been allocated to a Public House.

    Can you help ?

    These are in no particular order, they are added as they are found (or rather- not found)


    Plough - Barking Lane (Not done yet)
    1861/John Hewells/Beer Seller/43/Stepney, Middx/Census
    1861/Elizabeth Hewells/Wife/40/Whitechapel, Middx/Census
    1861/John Humms/Pot Boy/9/hitechapel, Middx/Census
    1861/Annn Hewells/Widow/73/Aldgate, Middx/Census

    ?? beer house Green Lane (Not done yet)
    1861/Robert Kemp/Beer House Keeper/73/Barking, Essex/Census
    1861/Sarah Giffale?/Daughter, Widow, House Keeper/41/Barking, Essex/Census
    1861/Ellen Reace/Servant/18/?, Essex/Census

    Barking /Ilford 1871

    Old Fairlop Oak (Not done yet)
    1871/Maria Rawlings/Beer House Keeper, Widow/84/Bloomsbury, Middx/Census
    1871/John Dench/Grandson, Painter/40/Stratford, Essex/Census
    1871/Maria S Dench/Grand Daughter/24/Finsbury, Middx/Census
    1871/Sarah E Dench/Great Grand Daughter/8/Barkingside, Essex/Census
    1871/Maria Dench/Great Grand Daughter/5/Barkingside, Essex/Census
    1871/William Dench/Great Grandson/4/Barkingside, Essex/Census
    1871/James Dench/Great Grandson/11 months/Barkingside, Essex/Census

    Black Lion (Not done yet)
    1871/George Stevens/Victualler/69/West Hanningfield, Essex/Census
    1871/Elizabeth Stevens/Wife/49/West Hanningfield, Essex/Census

    ?? Beer house, Ilford Terrace (Not done yet)
    1871/William Skillington/Wholesale Beer Seller/41/London, Middx/Census
    1871/Mary A Skillington/Wife/38/Saffron Walden, Essex/Census
    1871/Stephen Skillington/Son/13/Stratford, Essex/Census
    1871/Eliza Skillington/Daughter/11/Stratford, Essex/Census
    1871/Edward F Skillington/Son/2/Ilford, Essex/Census
    1871/Sophia Housden/Mother, Annuitant/46/Debden, Essex/Census
    1871/Sarah Housden/Sister, Visitor/27/Ilford, Essex/Census
    1871/Martha Housden/Sister/25/Ilford, Essex/Census

    Saffron Walden
    PUB ??
    345_04/pdf 36

    1841/Thomas Westwood/Publican/60/Essex/Census
    1841/Susanna Westwood/../55/Essex/Census
    1841/George Westwood/Ag Labourer/15/Essex/Census

    PUB ??

    345_04/pdf 37

    1841/William Archer/Publican/25/Essex/Census
    1841/Rhoda Archer//25/Essex/Census
    1841/Lewis Archer//5/Essex/Census
    1841/Charlotte Archer//2/Essex/Census

    PUB ??

    345_04/pdf 43

    1841/Samuel Savill/Beer Seller/25/Essex/Census
    1841/Lucy Savill//20/Essex/Census
    1841/Samuel Savill//2/Essex/Census
    1841/Sarah Savill//5 weeks/Essex/Census

    PUB ?? Kings Arms ???
    345_05/pdf 17

    1841/Edward Fitch/Inn keeper/55/Essex/Census
    1841/Dudley Fitch//50/Essex/Census
    1841/Clara Fitch//20/Essex/Census
    1841/Phebe Fitch//20/Essex/Census
    1841/Edward Fitch//14/Essex/Census
    1841/George Debney/Male Servant/30/Essex/Census
    1841/Ruth Wright/Female Servant/15/Essex/Census
    1841/Thomas Riestley/../25/../Census
    1841/Henry Carter/Ag Labourer/35/Essex/Census

    PUB ??

    1841/William Nicholls/Inn keeper/27/../Census
    1841/Ann Nicholls//26/../Census
    1841/Mary Nicholls//1/Essex/Census
    1841/Eliza Nicholls/Bar Maid/18/../Census

    PUB ??
    1841/Stephen Robinson/Inn keeper/40/../Census
    1841/Emma Day/Female Servant/16/Essex/Census
    1841/William Jeffery/Ostler/23/Essex/Census
    1841/George Green/tailor/21/../Census

    345_05 pdf 29

    PUB ?? Kings Head ??
    1841/Mary Webb/Beer House Keeper/49/Essex/Census
    1841/Fanny Webb//18/Essex/Census
    1841/Mary Webb//10/Essex/Census
    1841/William Webb//12/Essex/Census
    1841/George Webb//10/Essex/Census
    1841/Cecilia Webb//8/Essex/Census
    1841/Richard Webb//6/Essex/Census
    1841/Harriett Webb//4/Essex/Census
    1841/Thomas Webb//1/Essex/Census

    PUB ??
    1841/Robert Brand/Beer House Keeper/40/Essex/Census
    1841/George Brand//15/Essex/Census

    345_05 pdf 35 - Gold Street
    PUB ??
    1841/John Francis/Publican/43/Essex/Census
    1841/Elizabeth Francis//38/Essex/Census
    1841/Samuel Francis//12/Essex/Census
    1841/Esther Francis//15/Essex/Census
    1841/Susan Francis//9/Essex/Census
    1841/Emma Francis//5/Essex/Census
    1841/John Francis//3/Essex/Census
    1841/Jeremiah Francis//5 months/Essex/Census


    Swan Inn - this one not done yet
    1861/George Bird/Inn Keeper & Agent to Eastern Railways Co./55/Long Melford/Census
    1861/Susannah Bird/Wife/55/London/Census
    1861/Susannah Fuller/Mother/73/Wethersfield, Essex/Census
    1861/George Bird/Son, Agent to ditto/30/Ilford, Essex/Census
    1861/Elizabeth Bird/Daughter, BarMaid/25/Chelmsford, Essex/Census

    ?? This not entered yet

    1871/Ann Edwards/Inn Keeper, Widow/66/Cold Norton, Essex/Census
    1871/Rachel A Parker/Niece/29/Hockley, Essex/Census
    1871/Emily Hymes/General Servant/18/Chelmsford, Essex/Census
    1871/Henry Whitehouse/Lodger, Moulder/21/Colchester,Essex/Census
    1871/George Hawkes/Lodger, Lab/18/Chelmsford, Essex/Census

    Colchester -from 1099/pdf 147
    Castle - South St
    1861/James Ely/Publican/40/Mistley/Census
    1861/Hannah Ely/Wife/41/Ardleigh, Essex/Census
    1861/Hannah Hyde/Neice/20/Chelsea, Middx/Census


    Check these out 3rd Feb 2005 ** is John, otherwise me.


    Pub not named ??
    1851/John Vaughan/victualler/25/Aveley, Essex/Census **
    1851/Sarah Vaughan/wife/19/Purfleet, Essex/Census **
    1851/William [Forway]/lodger, blacksmith/43/Aveley, Essex/Census **

    Ilford High St
    1861/Robert Pearce/Licensed Victualler/26/Centerbury, Kent/Census
    1861/Sarah Ann Pearce/Wife/29/Aveley, Essex/Census
    1861/Emma Hughes/Inn servant/18/Ilford, Essex/Census
    1861/William Davis/Lodger, Butcher/32/Ilford, Essex/Census

    Back St ??
    1861/John Clark/Beer Seller/54/../Census
    1861/Mary Ann Clark/Wife/52/Maen, Norfolk/Census
    1861/Francis Clark/Son/17/Hornchurch, Essex/Census
    1861/Harriet Clark/Daughter/16/Hornchurch, Essex/Census
    1861/Charles Clark/Son/8/Hornchurch, Essex/Census
    1861/John Clark/Son/5/Hornchurch, Essex/Census
    1861/George Clark/Grandson/6/Hornchurch, Essex/Census
    1861/George Brown/Lodger, Ag Labourer/23/Caster, Norfolk/Census
    1861/Elizabeth Brown/Wife/22/Lowestoft, Suffolk/Census
    1861/John Randell/Lodger, Ag Labourer/29/Dagenham, Essex/Census
    1861/Caroline Randell/Wife/24/Dagenham, Essex/Census
    1861/John Randell/Son/3/Dagenham, Essex/Census
    1861/Caroline Randell/Daughter/4 months/Ilford, Essex/Census

    High St ??
    1861/Henry Childs/Licensed Victualler/43/Hockley, Oxfordshire/Census
    1861/Mary Ann Childs/Wife/42/Bardfield, Essex/Census
    1861/Elizabeth Judd/Visitor/14?/Romford, Essex/Census
    1861/Susan Shelford/General Servant/22/Finchingfield, Essex/Census

    Chadwell, Ilford ??
    1861/Foster Threadgold/Alehouse Keeper/59/Steeple, Essex/Census
    1861/Jane Threadgold/Wife/55/Canewdon, Essex/Census
    1861/James Threadgold/Son, Carpenter/22/Canewdon, Essex/Census
    1861/Martha Threadgold/Daughter/16/Southminster, Essex/Census
    1861/Foster Threadgold/Son/11/Southminster, Essex/Census

    ?? beer house Green Lane
    1861/Robert Kemp/Beer House Keeper/73/Brking, Essex/Census
    1861/Sarah Giffale?/Daughter, Widow, House Keeper/41/Barking, Essex/Census
    1861/Ellen Reace/Servant/18/?, Essex/Census

    Heavy Water, Chadwell ???
    1861/Charles Kettle/Licensed Victualler, Boot ?/36/Dagenham, Essex/Census
    1861/Mary Kettle/Wife/29/Dagenham, Essex/Census
    1861/Kate Sarah Kettle/Daughter/3/Barking, Essex/Census
    1861/Charles Frederick Kettle/Son/2/Barking, Essex/Census
    1861/Elizabeth Hawager/Wifes sister/22/Dagenham, Essex/Census
    1861/Jonah Dedman/Lodger, Journeyman, Boot & Shoe ?/Great Tey, Essex//Census

    ?? Beer house, Ilford Terrace
    1871/William Skillington/Wholesale Beer Seller/41/London, Middx/Census
    1871/Mary A Skillington/Wife/38/Saffron Walden, Essex/Census
    1871/Stephen Skillington/Son/13/Stratford, Essex/Census
    1871/Eliza Skillington/Daughter/11/Stratford, Essex/Census
    1871/Edward F Skillington/Son/2/Ilford, Essex/Census
    1871/Sophia Housden/Mother, Annuitant/46/Debden, Essex/Census
    1871/Sarah Housden/Sister, Visitor/27/Ilford, Essex/Census
    1871/Martha Housden/Sister/25/Ilford, Essex/Census

    Great warley 1861 & 1871


    Gen Havelock - not done
    1861/Thomas Killick/Beer Retailer/24/Chatham, Kent/Census
    1861/Sarah A Killick/Wife/25/Chatham, Kent/Census
    1861/Sarah E Killick/Daughter/1/Great Warley, Essex/Census

    The Queen not done
    1871/Francis Beasley/Publican/30/Mayfair, London, Missx/Census
    1871/Mary J Beasley/Wife/27/Clifton, Glos./Census
    1871/Emma Neville/Servant, Barmaid/19/London, Middx/Census

    Spread Eagle, North End, Stambourne - not found yet

    1851/Henry Cock/innkeeper/31/Great Waltham, Essex/Census **
    1851/Sarah Cock/wife/32/Great Waltham, Essex/Census **
    1851/Cyrus Thomas Cock/son, scholar/10/Great Waltham, Essex/Census **
    1851/Charles Porter/lodger, ag lab/43/Great Waltham, Essex/Census **
    1851/Charles Porter/lodger, his son, ag lab/15/Great Waltham, Essex/Census **
    1851/Arthur Porter/lodger, his son/09/Great Waltham, Essex/Census **

    Pub not named Ballingdon

    1841/Benjamin Crow/publican/40/not Essex/Census **
    1841/Susanna Crow/wife/35/not Essex/Census **
    1841/George Crow/son/11/not Essex/Census **
    1841/John Crow/son/09/not Essex/Census **
    1841/Susanna Crow/daughter/07/not Essex/Census **
    1841/Mary Crow/daughter/10m/Essex/Census **
    1841/Sarah Hampshire/servant/23/not Essex/Census **
    1841/Samuel Lilly/servant/40/not Essex/Census **
    1841/Sarah Warner/25/not Essex/Census **

    Henham (hamlet of Bentfield)

    Pub not named

    1841/George Clark/40/publican/40/Essex/Census **
    1841/Susanna Clark/41/not Essex/Census **
    1841/Betsey Levy/42/Essex/Census **
    1841/Henry Houghton/ostler/20/Essex/Census **


    Pub not named

    1841/Isabel Bentley/publican/50/Essex/Census **
    1841/William Bentley/son, pig dealer/Essex/Census **
    1841/Thirza Bentley/daughter/15/Essex/Census **
    1841/Martin Bentley/son/14/Essex/Census **
    1841/Ann Bentley/daughter/12/Essex/Census **
    1841/Charles Bentley/son/10/Essex/Census **
    1841/Isabel Bentley/daughter/05/Essex/Census **

    Not done yet - 4/2/2005


    Foresters Beer House - not done yet
    1861/Ann Smith/Beer Seller (Licensed) & Farmer 4 Acres, Widow/70/Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex/Census
    1861/Charles Smith/Son, Carpenter/30/Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex/Census
    1861/Lydia Smith/Daughter, Housekeeper/34/Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex/Census

    1871/Ann Smith/Beer House & Farmer 4 Acres, Widow/80/Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex/Census
    1871/Lydia Smith/Daughter, Housekeeper/43/Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex/Census

    Beer House - not done yet
    1871/John Battell/Agr Labourer & Beer Retailer/46/Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex/Census
    1871/Martha Battell/Wife/46/Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex/Census
    1871/Henry Gunn/Lodger, Agr Labourer/28/Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex/Census
    1871/William Reynolds/Lodger, Agr Labourer, Widow/73/Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex/Census
    1871/Henry Reynolds/Lodger, Agr Labourer/17/Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex/Census

    Fox BH - not done yet
    1871/Marian Mardle/Beer Seller, Widow/50/Hallingbury, Essex/Census
    1871/Millicent Dunmow/No occupation, widow/85/Bishops Stortford, Herts/Census
    1871/John Mardle/Son, Errand Boy/15/Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex/Census
    1871/Alfred Mardle/Son/12/Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex/Census
    1871/Florence Mardle/Daughter/8/Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex/Census
    1871/William Barker/Lodger, Bricklayer/51/Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex/Census
    1871/David Francis/Lodger, Agr Labourer/31/Clavering, Essex/Census

    Beer House - not done yet
    1871/Reuben Cook/Dealer, retailer of Beer/44/Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex/Census
    1871/Sarah Cook/Wife/45/Albury, Herts/Census

    Tabrums Green BH
    1881/Reuben Cook/Hay Binder & Beer House Keeper/53/Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex/Census
    1881/Sarah Cook/Wife/54/Albury, Herts/Census

    1891/Reuben Cook/Beer House Keeper, Widow/60/Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex/Census

    Old Stag, Heath - not done yet
    1861/Caroline Staines/Licensed Beer House Keeper/45/Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex/Census
    1861/Hannah Staines/Sister/53/Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex/Census
    1861/Daniel Barnard/Nephew, Drillman/41/High Laver, Essex/Census

    Red Cow - not doen yet
    1861/Solomon Brice/Beer House Keeper/34/Peterboriugh, Northampton/Census
    1861/Sarah Brice/Wife/31/Chelmsford, Essex/Census
    1861/Sarah Brice/Daughter/7/Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex/Census
    1861/Emma Brice/Daughter/5/Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex/Census
    1861/Hannah Brice/Daughter/2/Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex/Census
    1861/Eliza Brice/Daughter/7 months/Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex/Census


    Not sure which this one is yet?
    1851/John Nunn/beerhouse keeper/30/Earls Colne, Essex/Census **
    1851/Mary Nunn/wife/36/Aldham, Essex/Census **
    1851/Philip Nunn/son/02/Thorrington, Essex/Census **
    1851/Frederick Nunn/son/01/Thorrington, Essex/Census **
    1851/Sarah Clark/visitor, labourer’s widow/50/Norwich, Norfolk/Census **
    1851/Mary Ann Saunders/house servant/14/Great Bentley, Essex/Census **


    Pub not named (perhaps the Anchor as I can't find J H Caton, who was in the directory)
    Not done yet, but Joshua wall was at the Anchor in 1828-9

    1851/Joshua Wall/innkeeper/61/Fryerning, Essex/Census **
    1851/Mary Wall/wife/54/Gestingthorpe, Essex/Census **
    1851/Sarah Wall/daughter/28/Willingale Doe, Essex/Census **
    1851/James May/46/lodger, ag lab/46/Fryerning, Essex/Census **


    Fiddlers - not done yet
    1871/Susannah South/Publican/62/Theydon Bois/Census
    1871/Benjamin South/Grandson, Ostler/18/Theydon Bois/Census
    1871/John Page/Boarder, Agr Labourer/40/South Weald, Essex/Census

    Walton le Soken

    Spread Eagle not done yet

    1851/John Palmer/innkeeper/50/Kirby le Soken, Essex/Census **
    1851/Lucy R Palmer/wife/50/Walton le Soken, Essex/Census **
    1851/Hanna R Palmer/daughter, governess/20/Walton le Soken, Essex/Census **
    1851/Mary Palmer/daughter, scholar at home/13/Walton le Soken, Essex/Census **
    1851/Benjamin Palmer/scholar at home/11/Walton le Soken, Essex/Census **
    1851/Eliza Woolsten/boarder, scholar at home/11/Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire/Census **
    1851/Harriet Woolsten/boarder, scholar at home/10/Walton le Soken, Essex/Census **
    1851/Maria Rackham/niece, scholar at home/11/Ipswich, Suffolk/Census **
    1851/Mary Rackham/niece, scholar at home/08/Ipswich, Suffolk/Census **


    Pub not named [NOT Flag] - not done

    1851/William Strutt/innkeeper and baker/54/Manningtree, Essex/Census **
    1851/Ann Strutt/wife/53/Lawford, Essex/Census **
    1851/Charlotte Strutt/daughter/24/Manningtree, Essex/Census **
    1851/James Cant/journeyman baker/20/Bradfield, Essex/Census **

    Pub not named not done

    1851/Samuel Webb/publican/33/Coddenham, Suffolk/Census **
    1851/Mary Webb/wife/33/Old Newton, Suffolk/Census **
    1851/Sarah Webb/daughter, scholar/Battisford, Suffolk/Census **
    1851/Julia Webb/daughter, scholar/10/Ipswich, Suffolk/Census **
    1851/Agnes M Webb/daughter, scholarf/04/Ipswich, Suffolk/Census **
    1851/Hannah Foster/visitor, publican’s wife/26/Old Newton, Suffolk/Census **
    1851/Charles Foster/visitor, her son/02/London, Middlesex/Census **
    1851/Edith Foster/visitor, her daughterf/01/London, Middlesex/Census **
    1851/Charlotte Banyard/house servant/18/Blakenham, Suffolk/Census **
    1851/John Bull/ostler/17/Ipswich, Suffolk/Census **


    Pub not named, Cross Road [Horsley Cross] not done

    1851/George Parker/innkeeper/45/Bramford, Suffolk/Census **
    1851/Lucy Parker/wife/47/Stoke, Suffolk/Census **
    1851/Lucy Glade/step daughter, house servant/18/Stoke, Suffolk/Census **

    Great Baddow

    Betting Stand Beerhouse, Galleywood Common ndy

    1851/Charles Fogg/widower, poulterer and beerhouse keeper/38/Fyfield, Essex/Census **
    1851/Hugh Green/lodger, annuitant/43/Hexton, Hertfordshire/Census **
    1851/Elinor Green/lodger, his wife/37/Great Leighs, Essex/Census **
    1851/Robert L Green/lodger, their son/05/Hatfield Peverel, Essex/Census **
    1851/James Norman/visitor/14/Fyfield, Essex/Census **

    White Horse (not Gt Baddow White Horse)

    1851/Charles Willson/innkeeper/31/Great Baddow, Essex/Census **
    1851/Susannah Willson/wife/25/Great Hadham, Hertfordshire/Census **
    1851/Susannah Willson/daughter/02/Chelmsford, Essex/Census **
    1851/Jessey Willson/daughter/01/Chelmsford, Essex/Census **
    1851/Sarah Staines/nursemaid/15/Rettendon, Essex/Census **

    Horse and Groom ndy

    1851/Thomas Jefferies/beershop keeper/33/Dagenham, Essex/Census **
    1851/Jane Jefferies/wife/32/East Hanningfield, Essex/Census **
    1851/Mary Drake/house servant/15/North Ockendon, Essex/Census **
    1851/William Francis/lodger, widower, sack maker/51/Rayleigh, Essex/Census **
    1851/George Porter/lodger, widower, poulterer/54/High Easter, Essex/Census **
    1851/George Taylor/lodger, widower, skinner/65/Great Dunmow, Essex/Census **
    1851/Thomas Smith/visitor, tailor/42/Wisbech, Cambridgeshire/Census **

    King William IV ndy

    1851/Thomas Bush/victualler/30/Vange, Essex/Census **
    1851/Sarah Bush/wife/35/Great Baddow, Essex/Census **
    1851/William Andrew Bush/son/02/Great Baddow, Essex/Census **
    1851/Sarah Flaxman/widow, wife’s mother/73/Great Baddow, Essex/Census **
    1851/James Flaxman/widower, brother in law, cowkeeper/32/Great Baddow, Essex/Census **
    1851/Mary Ann Flaxman/niece/08/Great Baddow, Essex/Census **
    1851/James Boggis/lodger, ag lab/30/Felsham, Suffolk/Census **
    1851/Fanny Boggis/lodger [his wife]/21/Stambourne, Essex/Census **
    1851/Edward Rose/lodger, ag lab/46/Stambourne, Essex/Census **
    1851/Charlotte Rose/lodger, [his wife]/44/Toppesfield, Essex/Census **
    1851/James Barnard/lodger, ag lab/58/Sandon, Essex/Census **
    1851/Joseph Bareman/lodger, ag lab/49/Great Waltham, Essex/Census **
    1851/Charles Clark/lodger, sailor/18/Great Baddow, Essex/Census **

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