Pub history and London

This is a list of entries that have not yet been allocated to a Public House.

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These are in no particular order, they are added as they are found (or rather- not found)


Plough - Barking Lane (Not done yet)
1861/John Hewells/Beer Seller/43/Stepney, Middx/Census
1861/Elizabeth Hewells/Wife/40/Whitechapel, Middx/Census
1861/John Humms/Pot Boy/9/hitechapel, Middx/Census
1861/Annn Hewells/Widow/73/Aldgate, Middx/Census

?? beer house Green Lane (Not done yet)
1861/Robert Kemp/Beer House Keeper/73/Barking, Essex/Census
1861/Sarah Giffale?/Daughter, Widow, House Keeper/41/Barking, Essex/Census
1861/Ellen Reace/Servant/18/?, Essex/Census

Barking /Ilford 1871

Old Fairlop Oak (Not done yet)
1871/Maria Rawlings/Beer House Keeper, Widow/84/Bloomsbury, Middx/Census
1871/John Dench/Grandson, Painter/40/Stratford, Essex/Census
1871/Maria S Dench/Grand Daughter/24/Finsbury, Middx/Census
1871/Sarah E Dench/Great Grand Daughter/8/Barkingside, Essex/Census
1871/Maria Dench/Great Grand Daughter/5/Barkingside, Essex/Census
1871/William Dench/Great Grandson/4/Barkingside, Essex/Census
1871/James Dench/Great Grandson/11 months/Barkingside, Essex/Census

Black Lion (Not done yet)
1871/George Stevens/Victualler/69/West Hanningfield, Essex/Census
1871/Elizabeth Stevens/Wife/49/West Hanningfield, Essex/Census

?? Beer house, Ilford Terrace (Not done yet)
1871/William Skillington/Wholesale Beer Seller/41/London, Middx/Census
1871/Mary A Skillington/Wife/38/Saffron Walden, Essex/Census
1871/Stephen Skillington/Son/13/Stratford, Essex/Census
1871/Eliza Skillington/Daughter/11/Stratford, Essex/Census
1871/Edward F Skillington/Son/2/Ilford, Essex/Census
1871/Sophia Housden/Mother, Annuitant/46/Debden, Essex/Census
1871/Sarah Housden/Sister, Visitor/27/Ilford, Essex/Census
1871/Martha Housden/Sister/25/Ilford, Essex/Census

Saffron Walden
PUB ??
345_04/pdf 36

1841/Thomas Westwood/Publican/60/Essex/Census
1841/Susanna Westwood/../55/Essex/Census
1841/George Westwood/Ag Labourer/15/Essex/Census

PUB ??

345_04/pdf 37

1841/William Archer/Publican/25/Essex/Census
1841/Rhoda Archer//25/Essex/Census
1841/Lewis Archer//5/Essex/Census
1841/Charlotte Archer//2/Essex/Census

PUB ??

345_04/pdf 43

1841/Samuel Savill/Beer Seller/25/Essex/Census
1841/Lucy Savill//20/Essex/Census
1841/Samuel Savill//2/Essex/Census
1841/Sarah Savill//5 weeks/Essex/Census

PUB ?? Kings Arms ???
345_05/pdf 17

1841/Edward Fitch/Inn keeper/55/Essex/Census
1841/Dudley Fitch//50/Essex/Census
1841/Clara Fitch//20/Essex/Census
1841/Phebe Fitch//20/Essex/Census
1841/Edward Fitch//14/Essex/Census
1841/George Debney/Male Servant/30/Essex/Census
1841/Ruth Wright/Female Servant/15/Essex/Census
1841/Thomas Riestley/../25/../Census
1841/Henry Carter/Ag Labourer/35/Essex/Census

PUB ??

1841/William Nicholls/Inn keeper/27/../Census
1841/Ann Nicholls//26/../Census
1841/Mary Nicholls//1/Essex/Census
1841/Eliza Nicholls/Bar Maid/18/../Census

PUB ??
1841/Stephen Robinson/Inn keeper/40/../Census
1841/Emma Day/Female Servant/16/Essex/Census
1841/William Jeffery/Ostler/23/Essex/Census
1841/George Green/tailor/21/../Census

345_05 pdf 29

PUB ?? Kings Head ??
1841/Mary Webb/Beer House Keeper/49/Essex/Census
1841/Fanny Webb//18/Essex/Census
1841/Mary Webb//10/Essex/Census
1841/William Webb//12/Essex/Census
1841/George Webb//10/Essex/Census
1841/Cecilia Webb//8/Essex/Census
1841/Richard Webb//6/Essex/Census
1841/Harriett Webb//4/Essex/Census
1841/Thomas Webb//1/Essex/Census

PUB ??
1841/Robert Brand/Beer House Keeper/40/Essex/Census
1841/George Brand//15/Essex/Census

345_05 pdf 35 - Gold Street
PUB ??
1841/John Francis/Publican/43/Essex/Census
1841/Elizabeth Francis//38/Essex/Census
1841/Samuel Francis//12/Essex/Census
1841/Esther Francis//15/Essex/Census
1841/Susan Francis//9/Essex/Census
1841/Emma Francis//5/Essex/Census
1841/John Francis//3/Essex/Census
1841/Jeremiah Francis//5 months/Essex/Census


Swan Inn - this one not done yet
1861/George Bird/Inn Keeper & Agent to Eastern Railways Co./55/Long Melford/Census
1861/Susannah Bird/Wife/55/London/Census
1861/Susannah Fuller/Mother/73/Wethersfield, Essex/Census
1861/George Bird/Son, Agent to ditto/30/Ilford, Essex/Census
1861/Elizabeth Bird/Daughter, BarMaid/25/Chelmsford, Essex/Census

?? This not entered yet

1871/Ann Edwards/Inn Keeper, Widow/66/Cold Norton, Essex/Census
1871/Rachel A Parker/Niece/29/Hockley, Essex/Census
1871/Emily Hymes/General Servant/18/Chelmsford, Essex/Census
1871/Henry Whitehouse/Lodger, Moulder/21/Colchester,Essex/Census
1871/George Hawkes/Lodger, Lab/18/Chelmsford, Essex/Census

Colchester -from 1099/pdf 147
Castle - South St
1861/James Ely/Publican/40/Mistley/Census
1861/Hannah Ely/Wife/41/Ardleigh, Essex/Census
1861/Hannah Hyde/Neice/20/Chelsea, Middx/Census


Check these out 3rd Feb 2005 ** is John, otherwise me.


Pub not named ??
1851/John Vaughan/victualler/25/Aveley, Essex/Census **
1851/Sarah Vaughan/wife/19/Purfleet, Essex/Census **
1851/William [Forway]/lodger, blacksmith/43/Aveley, Essex/Census **

Ilford High St
1861/Robert Pearce/Licensed Victualler/26/Centerbury, Kent/Census
1861/Sarah Ann Pearce/Wife/29/Aveley, Essex/Census
1861/Emma Hughes/Inn servant/18/Ilford, Essex/Census
1861/William Davis/Lodger, Butcher/32/Ilford, Essex/Census

Back St ??
1861/John Clark/Beer Seller/54/../Census
1861/Mary Ann Clark/Wife/52/Maen, Norfolk/Census
1861/Francis Clark/Son/17/Hornchurch, Essex/Census
1861/Harriet Clark/Daughter/16/Hornchurch, Essex/Census
1861/Charles Clark/Son/8/Hornchurch, Essex/Census
1861/John Clark/Son/5/Hornchurch, Essex/Census
1861/George Clark/Grandson/6/Hornchurch, Essex/Census
1861/George Brown/Lodger, Ag Labourer/23/Caster, Norfolk/Census
1861/Elizabeth Brown/Wife/22/Lowestoft, Suffolk/Census
1861/John Randell/Lodger, Ag Labourer/29/Dagenham, Essex/Census
1861/Caroline Randell/Wife/24/Dagenham, Essex/Census
1861/John Randell/Son/3/Dagenham, Essex/Census
1861/Caroline Randell/Daughter/4 months/Ilford, Essex/Census

High St ??
1861/Henry Childs/Licensed Victualler/43/Hockley, Oxfordshire/Census
1861/Mary Ann Childs/Wife/42/Bardfield, Essex/Census
1861/Elizabeth Judd/Visitor/14?/Romford, Essex/Census
1861/Susan Shelford/General Servant/22/Finchingfield, Essex/Census

Chadwell, Ilford ??
1861/Foster Threadgold/Alehouse Keeper/59/Steeple, Essex/Census
1861/Jane Threadgold/Wife/55/Canewdon, Essex/Census
1861/James Threadgold/Son, Carpenter/22/Canewdon, Essex/Census
1861/Martha Threadgold/Daughter/16/Southminster, Essex/Census
1861/Foster Threadgold/Son/11/Southminster, Essex/Census

?? beer house Green Lane
1861/Robert Kemp/Beer House Keeper/73/Brking, Essex/Census
1861/Sarah Giffale?/Daughter, Widow, House Keeper/41/Barking, Essex/Census
1861/Ellen Reace/Servant/18/?, Essex/Census

Heavy Water, Chadwell ???
1861/Charles Kettle/Licensed Victualler, Boot ?/36/Dagenham, Essex/Census
1861/Mary Kettle/Wife/29/Dagenham, Essex/Census
1861/Kate Sarah Kettle/Daughter/3/Barking, Essex/Census
1861/Charles Frederick Kettle/Son/2/Barking, Essex/Census
1861/Elizabeth Hawager/Wifes sister/22/Dagenham, Essex/Census
1861/Jonah Dedman/Lodger, Journeyman, Boot & Shoe ?/Great Tey, Essex//Census

?? Beer house, Ilford Terrace
1871/William Skillington/Wholesale Beer Seller/41/London, Middx/Census
1871/Mary A Skillington/Wife/38/Saffron Walden, Essex/Census
1871/Stephen Skillington/Son/13/Stratford, Essex/Census
1871/Eliza Skillington/Daughter/11/Stratford, Essex/Census
1871/Edward F Skillington/Son/2/Ilford, Essex/Census
1871/Sophia Housden/Mother, Annuitant/46/Debden, Essex/Census
1871/Sarah Housden/Sister, Visitor/27/Ilford, Essex/Census
1871/Martha Housden/Sister/25/Ilford, Essex/Census

Great warley 1861 & 1871


Gen Havelock - not done
1861/Thomas Killick/Beer Retailer/24/Chatham, Kent/Census
1861/Sarah A Killick/Wife/25/Chatham, Kent/Census
1861/Sarah E Killick/Daughter/1/Great Warley, Essex/Census

The Queen not done
1871/Francis Beasley/Publican/30/Mayfair, London, Missx/Census
1871/Mary J Beasley/Wife/27/Clifton, Glos./Census
1871/Emma Neville/Servant, Barmaid/19/London, Middx/Census

Spread Eagle, North End, Stambourne - not found yet

1851/Henry Cock/innkeeper/31/Great Waltham, Essex/Census **
1851/Sarah Cock/wife/32/Great Waltham, Essex/Census **
1851/Cyrus Thomas Cock/son, scholar/10/Great Waltham, Essex/Census **
1851/Charles Porter/lodger, ag lab/43/Great Waltham, Essex/Census **
1851/Charles Porter/lodger, his son, ag lab/15/Great Waltham, Essex/Census **
1851/Arthur Porter/lodger, his son/09/Great Waltham, Essex/Census **

Pub not named Ballingdon

1841/Benjamin Crow/publican/40/not Essex/Census **
1841/Susanna Crow/wife/35/not Essex/Census **
1841/George Crow/son/11/not Essex/Census **
1841/John Crow/son/09/not Essex/Census **
1841/Susanna Crow/daughter/07/not Essex/Census **
1841/Mary Crow/daughter/10m/Essex/Census **
1841/Sarah Hampshire/servant/23/not Essex/Census **
1841/Samuel Lilly/servant/40/not Essex/Census **
1841/Sarah Warner/25/not Essex/Census **

Henham (hamlet of Bentfield)

Pub not named

1841/George Clark/40/publican/40/Essex/Census **
1841/Susanna Clark/41/not Essex/Census **
1841/Betsey Levy/42/Essex/Census **
1841/Henry Houghton/ostler/20/Essex/Census **


Pub not named

1841/Isabel Bentley/publican/50/Essex/Census **
1841/William Bentley/son, pig dealer/Essex/Census **
1841/Thirza Bentley/daughter/15/Essex/Census **
1841/Martin Bentley/son/14/Essex/Census **
1841/Ann Bentley/daughter/12/Essex/Census **
1841/Charles Bentley/son/10/Essex/Census **
1841/Isabel Bentley/daughter/05/Essex/Census **

Not done yet - 4/2/2005


Foresters Beer House - not done yet
1861/Ann Smith/Beer Seller (Licensed) & Farmer 4 Acres, Widow/70/Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex/Census
1861/Charles Smith/Son, Carpenter/30/Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex/Census
1861/Lydia Smith/Daughter, Housekeeper/34/Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex/Census

1871/Ann Smith/Beer House & Farmer 4 Acres, Widow/80/Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex/Census
1871/Lydia Smith/Daughter, Housekeeper/43/Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex/Census

Beer House - not done yet
1871/John Battell/Agr Labourer & Beer Retailer/46/Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex/Census
1871/Martha Battell/Wife/46/Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex/Census
1871/Henry Gunn/Lodger, Agr Labourer/28/Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex/Census
1871/William Reynolds/Lodger, Agr Labourer, Widow/73/Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex/Census
1871/Henry Reynolds/Lodger, Agr Labourer/17/Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex/Census

Fox BH - not done yet
1871/Marian Mardle/Beer Seller, Widow/50/Hallingbury, Essex/Census
1871/Millicent Dunmow/No occupation, widow/85/Bishops Stortford, Herts/Census
1871/John Mardle/Son, Errand Boy/15/Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex/Census
1871/Alfred Mardle/Son/12/Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex/Census
1871/Florence Mardle/Daughter/8/Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex/Census
1871/William Barker/Lodger, Bricklayer/51/Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex/Census
1871/David Francis/Lodger, Agr Labourer/31/Clavering, Essex/Census

Beer House - not done yet
1871/Reuben Cook/Dealer, retailer of Beer/44/Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex/Census
1871/Sarah Cook/Wife/45/Albury, Herts/Census

Tabrums Green BH
1881/Reuben Cook/Hay Binder & Beer House Keeper/53/Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex/Census
1881/Sarah Cook/Wife/54/Albury, Herts/Census

1891/Reuben Cook/Beer House Keeper, Widow/60/Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex/Census

Old Stag, Heath - not done yet
1861/Caroline Staines/Licensed Beer House Keeper/45/Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex/Census
1861/Hannah Staines/Sister/53/Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex/Census
1861/Daniel Barnard/Nephew, Drillman/41/High Laver, Essex/Census

Red Cow - not doen yet
1861/Solomon Brice/Beer House Keeper/34/Peterboriugh, Northampton/Census
1861/Sarah Brice/Wife/31/Chelmsford, Essex/Census
1861/Sarah Brice/Daughter/7/Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex/Census
1861/Emma Brice/Daughter/5/Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex/Census
1861/Hannah Brice/Daughter/2/Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex/Census
1861/Eliza Brice/Daughter/7 months/Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex/Census


Not sure which this one is yet?
1851/John Nunn/beerhouse keeper/30/Earls Colne, Essex/Census **
1851/Mary Nunn/wife/36/Aldham, Essex/Census **
1851/Philip Nunn/son/02/Thorrington, Essex/Census **
1851/Frederick Nunn/son/01/Thorrington, Essex/Census **
1851/Sarah Clark/visitor, labourer’s widow/50/Norwich, Norfolk/Census **
1851/Mary Ann Saunders/house servant/14/Great Bentley, Essex/Census **


Pub not named (perhaps the Anchor as I can't find J H Caton, who was in the directory)
Not done yet, but Joshua wall was at the Anchor in 1828-9

1851/Joshua Wall/innkeeper/61/Fryerning, Essex/Census **
1851/Mary Wall/wife/54/Gestingthorpe, Essex/Census **
1851/Sarah Wall/daughter/28/Willingale Doe, Essex/Census **
1851/James May/46/lodger, ag lab/46/Fryerning, Essex/Census **


Fiddlers - not done yet
1871/Susannah South/Publican/62/Theydon Bois/Census
1871/Benjamin South/Grandson, Ostler/18/Theydon Bois/Census
1871/John Page/Boarder, Agr Labourer/40/South Weald, Essex/Census

Walton le Soken

Spread Eagle not done yet

1851/John Palmer/innkeeper/50/Kirby le Soken, Essex/Census **
1851/Lucy R Palmer/wife/50/Walton le Soken, Essex/Census **
1851/Hanna R Palmer/daughter, governess/20/Walton le Soken, Essex/Census **
1851/Mary Palmer/daughter, scholar at home/13/Walton le Soken, Essex/Census **
1851/Benjamin Palmer/scholar at home/11/Walton le Soken, Essex/Census **
1851/Eliza Woolsten/boarder, scholar at home/11/Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire/Census **
1851/Harriet Woolsten/boarder, scholar at home/10/Walton le Soken, Essex/Census **
1851/Maria Rackham/niece, scholar at home/11/Ipswich, Suffolk/Census **
1851/Mary Rackham/niece, scholar at home/08/Ipswich, Suffolk/Census **


Pub not named [NOT Flag] - not done

1851/William Strutt/innkeeper and baker/54/Manningtree, Essex/Census **
1851/Ann Strutt/wife/53/Lawford, Essex/Census **
1851/Charlotte Strutt/daughter/24/Manningtree, Essex/Census **
1851/James Cant/journeyman baker/20/Bradfield, Essex/Census **

Pub not named not done

1851/Samuel Webb/publican/33/Coddenham, Suffolk/Census **
1851/Mary Webb/wife/33/Old Newton, Suffolk/Census **
1851/Sarah Webb/daughter, scholar/Battisford, Suffolk/Census **
1851/Julia Webb/daughter, scholar/10/Ipswich, Suffolk/Census **
1851/Agnes M Webb/daughter, scholarf/04/Ipswich, Suffolk/Census **
1851/Hannah Foster/visitor, publican’s wife/26/Old Newton, Suffolk/Census **
1851/Charles Foster/visitor, her son/02/London, Middlesex/Census **
1851/Edith Foster/visitor, her daughterf/01/London, Middlesex/Census **
1851/Charlotte Banyard/house servant/18/Blakenham, Suffolk/Census **
1851/John Bull/ostler/17/Ipswich, Suffolk/Census **


Pub not named, Cross Road [Horsley Cross] not done

1851/George Parker/innkeeper/45/Bramford, Suffolk/Census **
1851/Lucy Parker/wife/47/Stoke, Suffolk/Census **
1851/Lucy Glade/step daughter, house servant/18/Stoke, Suffolk/Census **

Great Baddow

Betting Stand Beerhouse, Galleywood Common ndy

1851/Charles Fogg/widower, poulterer and beerhouse keeper/38/Fyfield, Essex/Census **
1851/Hugh Green/lodger, annuitant/43/Hexton, Hertfordshire/Census **
1851/Elinor Green/lodger, his wife/37/Great Leighs, Essex/Census **
1851/Robert L Green/lodger, their son/05/Hatfield Peverel, Essex/Census **
1851/James Norman/visitor/14/Fyfield, Essex/Census **

White Horse (not Gt Baddow White Horse)

1851/Charles Willson/innkeeper/31/Great Baddow, Essex/Census **
1851/Susannah Willson/wife/25/Great Hadham, Hertfordshire/Census **
1851/Susannah Willson/daughter/02/Chelmsford, Essex/Census **
1851/Jessey Willson/daughter/01/Chelmsford, Essex/Census **
1851/Sarah Staines/nursemaid/15/Rettendon, Essex/Census **

Horse and Groom ndy

1851/Thomas Jefferies/beershop keeper/33/Dagenham, Essex/Census **
1851/Jane Jefferies/wife/32/East Hanningfield, Essex/Census **
1851/Mary Drake/house servant/15/North Ockendon, Essex/Census **
1851/William Francis/lodger, widower, sack maker/51/Rayleigh, Essex/Census **
1851/George Porter/lodger, widower, poulterer/54/High Easter, Essex/Census **
1851/George Taylor/lodger, widower, skinner/65/Great Dunmow, Essex/Census **
1851/Thomas Smith/visitor, tailor/42/Wisbech, Cambridgeshire/Census **

King William IV ndy

1851/Thomas Bush/victualler/30/Vange, Essex/Census **
1851/Sarah Bush/wife/35/Great Baddow, Essex/Census **
1851/William Andrew Bush/son/02/Great Baddow, Essex/Census **
1851/Sarah Flaxman/widow, wife’s mother/73/Great Baddow, Essex/Census **
1851/James Flaxman/widower, brother in law, cowkeeper/32/Great Baddow, Essex/Census **
1851/Mary Ann Flaxman/niece/08/Great Baddow, Essex/Census **
1851/James Boggis/lodger, ag lab/30/Felsham, Suffolk/Census **
1851/Fanny Boggis/lodger [his wife]/21/Stambourne, Essex/Census **
1851/Edward Rose/lodger, ag lab/46/Stambourne, Essex/Census **
1851/Charlotte Rose/lodger, [his wife]/44/Toppesfield, Essex/Census **
1851/James Barnard/lodger, ag lab/58/Sandon, Essex/Census **
1851/Joseph Bareman/lodger, ag lab/49/Great Waltham, Essex/Census **
1851/Charles Clark/lodger, sailor/18/Great Baddow, Essex/Census **

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