Gloucestershire 1863 Brewers & Drinks manufactories

All information provided by Paul Best

Directory of Pubs in the UK, historical public houses, Taverns, Inns, Beer Houses and Hotels in Gloucestershire. The Gloucestershire listing uses information from census, Trade Directories and History to add licensees, bar staff, Lodgers and Visitors.

Transcription extracts from the Post Office Directory of Gloucestershire 1863.


Bateman Henry & James, 2 Bedford Street, Stroud.
Beman W. Bros. Bell Lane Gloucester.
Broadstock, J. Westgate Street, Gloucester.
Bullivant Thomas, 10 George Street, Stroud.
Churchill Mrs. William, Westgate Street, Gloucester.
Clements William, Westgate Street, Gloucester.
Clissols J. Fairford, Swindon.
Copley W. 38 Eastgate Street, Gloucester.
Cummins J. low. Westgate Street, Gloucester.
Francis T. & Co. St John's Lane & The Docks, Gloucester.
Hamblett J. Low. Barton Street, Gloucester.
Karn J. Newnham.
Lloyd E. Bell Lane, Gloucester.
Mills Brothers, 100 High Street, & 3 Montpellier Street, Cheltenham.
Newson W. Bell Lane, Gloucester.
Pocock W. Market Place, Newnham.
Porter William, Market Place, Cirencester.
Price Miss E. 45 Northgate Street, Gloucester.
Roberts A. M. Southgate Street, Gloucester.
Smith John Paxford, 11 Eastgate Street, Gloucester.
Smith Llewellyn Edward, Regent Street, Cheltenham.
Stephenson P. H. Whitfield Street, Gloucester.
Stretche, J. B. Parker's Row, Gloucester.
Veal F. Stow on the Wold.


Archer W. Prestbury, Cheltenham.
Arnold Thomas, Stephen William & John, High Street Wickwar, Wotton under Edge.
Barber J. Berkeley.
Bicester Ale & Porter Stores (Hanslow & Son, agents) Mercer's entry, Westgate Street, Gloucester.
Billington L. Burton Street, Cheltenham.
Bloxsome, Weaver & Cullen, Woodmancote, Dursley.
Bowly & Son, Lewis Lane, Cirencester.
Burge T. St James' Square, Cheltenham.
Burge W. St George's Street, Cheltenham.
Burgham T. H. Upper Redbrook, Newland, Coleford.
Bush G. Beach, Bitton, Bristol.
Carter & Allard, Long Street, Dursley.
Clissold J. Nailsworth, Stroud.
Cook J. & E. Hampton Street, Tetbury.
Cripps & Co. Cricklade Street, Cirencester.
Dowle & Co. Carlton Brewery, Hewlett Street, Cheltenham.
Fewings J. Birdlip, Painswick, Gloucester.
Gardners Original Brewery (J. A. Shinner, man) High Street, Cheltenham.
Gillett R. & W. Stow on the Wold.
Gillman T. J. Maggot Bridge, Stroud.
Godsell T. Painswick, Stroud.
Golding & Woodward, Marshfield, Chippenham.
Grant C. Swindon Road, Cheltenham.
Hallewell, Watts, Biddell & Stanton, Stroud Brewery, Wallbridge, Stroud.
Harris & Leighton, Albion Brewery Cheltenham.
Harris J. 36 Winchcomb Street, Cheltenham.
Hatherell J. Old Sodbury, Chippenham.
Hazel W. Bisley, Stroud.
Hodge G. Victoria Brewery, Cheltenham.
Hooper T. Newport, Berkeley.
Jefferies Edward, 3 Portland Place, Cheltenham.
Jeremy C. Brothers Plave, Gloucester.
Johns T. A. High Street, Tewkesbury.
Jones C. 17 Church Street, Stroud.
Jones William, Church Street, Stroud.
Large Mrs. F. S. Collett's Brewery, Cheltenham.
Lea, Carpenter & Co, Cainscross, Stroud.
Lea J. 107 Northgate Street, Gloucester.
Prgan E. Woodmancote, Dursley.
Organ James, Eastgate Street, Gloucester.
Osborn Joseph, Long Street, Wotton under Edge.
Perrett D. Bourn Stream, Wotton under Edge.
Perrett J. North Nibley, Dursley.
Plaister James Henry, 14 St George's Street, Cheltenham.
Playne G. Forwood, Minchinhampton, Stroud.
Pole E. Vernon Brewery, Bath Street, Cheltenham.
Poole T. Church Street, Wotton under Edge.
Price Mrs C. Uley, Dursley.
Radway J. Ampney Crucis, Cirencester.
Richings J. 32 Northgate Street, Gloucester.
Salmon H. Coleford.
Saunders A. Grafton Brewery, Cheltenham.
Scott William, Church Street, Tewkesbury.
Shill Thomas & John, Bishop's Cleeve, Cheltenham.
Skinner T & Sons, Painswick, Stroud.
Smith & Son, Brimscombe, Stroud.
Stibbs G. Albion Street, Cheltenham.
Stoner W. Kingswood, Wotton under Edge.
Tanner, Thrupp, Stroud.
Tayler J. W. Aldsworth, Northleach.
Tewkesbury Brewery Co. Blizzard Brothers & Godsell, Quay, Tewkesbury.
Trimmer E. & B. Gloucester Brewery, Westgate Street, Gloucester.
Tuffley R. Birdlip, Painswick, Gloucester.
Vick S. George Street, Gloucester.
Warn W. Church Street, Tetbury.
Warner Thomas, Twying, Tewkesbury.
Wigmore R. Box, Minchinhampton, Stroud.
Wilson W. Birdlip, Brimpsfield, Stroud.
Witchell I. Church Street, Tetbury.
Wood D. Badbrook, Stroud.
Woodward E. & W. Marshfield, Chippenham.
Workman C. Silver Street, Dursley.


Bown H. 21 Church Street, Stroud.
Butler C. Low. Westgate Street, Gloucester.
Domeney J. 9 & 10 Bedford Buildings, Cheltenham.
Niblett C. Albion Street, Cheltenham.
Skinner T (& ginger beer & chemist) Market Place, Cirencester.
Wilesmith & Morton, Lower Barton Street, Gloucester.


Atkins G. 4 Ormand Place, Promenade, Cheltenham.
Ayliffe G. Long Street, Dursley.
Barrett George, Westgate Street, Gloucester.
Bateman Henry & James, 2 Bedford Street, Stroud.
Bellingham J. 298 High Street, Cheltenham.
Beman, Washbourn Brothers, Bell Lane, Gloucester,
Boyer & Co. 19 Promenade Villas, Cheltenham.
Brown T. & R. & Co. Gosditch Street, Cirencester.
Bullivant Thomas, 10 George Street, Stroud.
Caffieri H. 24 Montpellier Walk, Cheltenham.
Chandler P. Lower Westgate Street, Gloucester
Churchill Mrs Wm. Westgate Street, Gloucester.
Clemments 96 Winchcomb Street, Cheltenham, & 45 Westgate Street, Gloucester.
Collett W. Sherborne Road, Spa, Gloucester.
Cook J. & E. Hampton Street, Tetbury.
Cook J, 342 High Street, Cheltenham.
Davis W. 55 Middle Street, Stroud.
Dennis J. Coleford.
Denton W.B. 18 Southgate Street, Gloucester.
Dobell J. 246 High Street, & 9 Colonnade, Cheltenham.
Dobell S.T. 35 Southgate Street, Gloucester.
Evans Miss S. Blackjack Street, Cirencester.
Firkins J. High Street, Tewkesbury.
Francis F. & Co. St John's Lane & The Docks, Gloucester.
Glover W. A. Berkeley.
Handford J. 118 High Street, Cheltenham.
Hatherell J. Old Sodbury, Chippenham.
Holoborow J. Didmarton, Tetbury.
Horne T. & F. Moreton in Marsh.
Jefferies E. 3 Portland Place, Cheltenham.
Jefferies J.S. Westgate Street, Gloucester.
Jull George & Co. 2 Queen's Circus, Cheltenham.
Karn J (wholesale) Berkeley Street & at St John's Lane, Gloucester.
Knowles G. Newnham.
Laidlaw J. 18 Union Street, Stroud.
Lee J. I. 107 Northgate Street, Gloucester.
Legge D. Berkeley.
Lloyd E. Bell Lane, Gloucester.
Lockwood J. C. Lechlade, Swindon.
McPatterson D. 1 & 2 Montpellier Avenue, Cheltenham.
Matthews H. Bitton, Bristol.
Michael J. High Street, Thornbury.
Mills Brothers, 100 High Street & 3 Montpellier Place, Cheltenham.
Morton J. 7 Northwick Terrace, Cheltenham.
Newson W. (successor to the late H. K. Whithorn) Bell Lane, Gloucester.
Nind Isaac, Church Street, Tewkesbury.
Osborn Joseph, Long Street, Wotton under Edge.
Phelps J. Eastgate Street, Gloucester.
Pointer H. 64 Winchcomb Street & 12 Warwick Place, Cheltenham.
Porter R. Coleford.
Porter W. Market Place, Cirencester.
Roberts A. M. Southgate, Gloucester.
Roberts W. 5 Eastgate Street, Gloucester.
Roberts W. King Street, Gloucester.
Robinson H. Corn Exchange, Stroud.
Shingles J. Bream, Lydney.
Smith John Paxford, 11 Eastgate Street, Gloucester.
Smith Llewellyn Edward, Regent Street, Cheltenham.
Steeds E. High Street, Chipping Sodbury.
Stretche J.B. Parker's Row, Gloucester.
Tamplin J. jun, Lydney.
Tasker Charles & Co. Docks ; Counting House, Westgate Street, Gloucester.
Tayler J. W. Aldsworth, Northleach.
Vaughan H. Assembly Room Vaults, Cheltenham.
Veal Francis, Stow on the Wold.
Vizard F. J. & W. High Street, Chipping Sodbury.
Wane J. H. Fairford, Swindon.
Warn W. Church Street, Tetbury.
Wheeler J.D. & Son, Berkeley Street, Gloucester.
White W. Co. 400 High Street, Cheltenham.
Wilcox Mrs M. A. High Street, Tewkesbury.
Wintle G. S. & Co. 40 Eastgate Street, Gloucester.
Woodward E. & W. Marshfield, Chippenham.
Wooles S. Stow on the WOLD.
Woolley Charles & Co 9 Portland Street, Cheltenham & 66 Mark Lane, London E.C.

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