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Women at the Wicket: A History of Women's Cricket in Interwar England. Written by Adam McKie

Great Warley 1848 Whites Directory

 History of Great Warley

WARLEY (GREAT) is a long scattered village from 1½ to 3 miles S of Brentwood and its parish contains 596 souls, and 2653A 2R11P of land, having a heavy soil on a clay bottom, and giving rise to two sources of the rivulet which flows to Purfleet It includes Warley Street, Cley Tye, and Warley Common, and is fertile and well cultivated. The surface is picturesquely undulated, and the view from Warley Gap, is one of the most extensive in the county. Lord Headley (a Scotch peer,) is lord of the manor, which belonged to the abbess of Barking before the Conquest, and afterwards to the Gonsons, Evelyns, and Harts. One of the latter sold it in 1669 to Rowland Winne, an ancestor of the present owner. J.B. Sheridan owns Warley Franks, and other parts of the parish belong to St. Thomas's Hospital, Mr. John Cross, and several other proprietors. The copyholds are subject to arbitrary fines. Great Warley Place is the seat of General Pinson Bonham; and Warley House, sometimes called Hill House, is the seat of Lady Agnes English, relict of the late Sir J H English. They are both handsome brick mansions, with pleasant grounds. Warley Franks wad formerly held by the Scotland, Drywood, Fuller, Gundrey, and Grant families.

 The Church (Virgin Mary,) is a small ancient brick building, with a wooden belfry, containing three bells, and erected in lieu of the old steeple. which was burnt by lightning. The rectory valued in K.B. at £14, and in 1831 at £499, is in the patronage of the Master and Fellows of St. John's College, Cambridge, and incumbency of the Rev. H. Robinson, D.D., who has a good residence and 14A of glebe. The tithes were commuted in 1838 for £523 per annum.

Bonham General Pinson, Great Warley Place

Burrows James, shoemaker

Clay Mrs.

Caton John, butcher

Crossingham John, grocer, draper, etc.

Eldred William, constable, blacksmith and wheelwright

English Lady Agnes, Warley House

Hammond  John, builder and victualler, Headley Arms

Hesse Geo Agsts, grocer, etc.,

Jeggo M. William jun., assistant overseer

Jowett Mrs Sarah

Joslin Geo jun, assistant overseer

Kerr James, victualler, Thatchers Arms

Knight John, bricklayer, Common

Robinson Rev. Hastings D.D., Rectory

Rush W, parish clerk

Seabrook William, baker

Stokes James jun., grocer, Common

Tate Rev. George Edward B.A., curate

Wallis Mrs. P.

Wevers Margaret, school


Foker Susan

Hammod Joseph

Kettley John



Cross Jno (owner)

Coppen Isaac, Cley-Tye

Francis Fredk

Francis Samuel

Haywood Sarah

Haws Daniel, Berry House

Joggins Samuel

Joslin George

Knightbridge Ts

Packman Chas

Parker James

Shuttleworth A

Springham Natl

Weal Wm

Wood Wm



Post Office at J Crossingham’s. Letters, via Brentwood, daily

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