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Great Warley 1894 Kellys Directory

History of Great Warley

Private Residents

Bailey rev Hammond Robertson MA

Berkeley Robert, The Lea

Blackburn henry John, Holmers

Broadmead Capt Henry, Warley villa

Brown Leonard

Brown Mrs, Globe terrace, Warley Road

Campbell Arthur Alex, Warley terrace

Campbell Mrs, the Crosses

Church Mrs

Cook Jas Williams JP, Hampden House

Cudby William, Albion cottage, Warley Road

De Artime Jose, The Glen

Gardiner Col Thos Geo, Newport House

Gibson William, Warley terrace

Grice Mrs

Harlock henry, Windsor house, Warley Road

Helme Edward Thos, Warley side

Heseltine Evelyn, The Goldings

Johnson Mrs

Kitchener Leonard John, Hayden villa

Maguire Col, Constantine

Mathews John, Old rectory

Mathews Thomas, Warley Elms

Mildred Mrs, Warley house

Parson Miss, Pleasant cottage

Playle Miss, Warley Road

Raynes Rev Herbert Alfred MA (vicar of Christ Church)

Savill Stephen James

Smyth Rev C J Moncrieff (Catholic), the Presbytery, Warley Road

Stocks Robert, Harts house

Wahab Col John H, Brick house

Wallis Harry, Warley Road

Willmott Mrs, Warley place


(For other names in Warley Road, see Brentwood)

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