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The Hackney 1874 Trade Directory - B.

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Backhouse Eliza (Mrs), ladies outfitter, Grove street
Backler Charles, boot maker, 97 Well street
Bacon James, surveyor, 13 Tyssen terrace, Dalston lane
Bailey Elizabeth (Mrs), grocer, Hertford house, Manor road
Bailey Mary (Mrs), milliner, 2 Bonner road, Bethnal Green
Baines Josiah, grocer, 4 Amhurst road east
Bakers Almshouses, Lime grove, Mare street
Baker George Henry, surgeon, 14 Mare street
Baker Henry, baker, Grove street
Baker James, Grove Arms, Approach road, Bethnal Green
Baker James Wells, linen draper, Broadway, Grove street
Baker John Southgate, draper, 8 Approach road, Bethnal Green
Baker Thomas, artist in fireworks, 1 Sewardstone road west, Victoria Park
Baker Thomas, Devon Arms, Morning lane
Baker William, hair dresser, 4 Morning lane
Baldwin Thomas, paper hanger, 196a Mare street
Ball John Hezekiah, Kings Head, 324 Mare street
Bangs Thomas, grocer, 16 Wick road
Banks Robert, fancy repository, 185 Mare street
Barker Henry, beer retailer, 101 Well street
Barker Robert, stationer & bookseller, 245 Mare street
Barker Sarah (Mrs), haberdasher, 60 Loddiges road
Barker Wm, cabinet maker, 15 London place, London fields
Barker William, clothier, 350 Mare street
Barnes William Charles, manufacturing chemist, Phoenix chemical works, White Post lane, Hackney Wick
Barnfield George, hair dresser, Park street, Hackney Wick
Barnfield George, hair dresser, Wallis road, Hackney Wick
Barrett Elijah, plumber, 11 St Thomas's square
Barringer James (late Giles & Barringer), mustard, chicory & blacking manufacturer, ginger & general spice bleacher, & importer of benzoline, petroleum, & German & Swedish matches, Hackney Wick
Bartlett Wm Hen, zinc worker, 1 West street, London fields
Bates Elizabeth (Mrs), house agent, 18 Victoria road, Hackney Wick
Bax Frederick, corn dealer, 519 Mare street
Baxter Alex Jas, White Lion, Park street, Hackney Wick
Bayley Edward Moorshead, fancy repository 254, & cheesemonger 256 Mare street
Baynes Thos, pocket book maker, 13 London place, London fields
Beanes Edward & Co, Falcon chemical works, Wallis road, Hackney Wick
Bearman Thomas, confectioner, 101 Mare street
Beck George, baker, 92 Wick road
Beckett Charles, upholsterer, 281 Mare street
Bedford John, hair dresser, Wick lane
Beger Frederick, butcher, 1 Aproach road, Bethnal Green
Bell James, cooper, 9 Weston place, Well street
Belworthy Eliza (Mrs), grocer, 4 Grove street road
Bennett George Giles, carver & gilder, 304 Mare street
Bennett Thomas James, oilman, 1 Hedges terrace, Cassland road
Bentham Robert, M.D. surgeon, 15 Darnley crescent, Darnley road
Beresford Geo, Lea Fishery, White house, Hackney marsh
Beresford Louisa (Mrs), beer retailer, Wick lane
Beresford Wm, White Hart, Temple Mills, Hackney marsh
Besthouse Robert, greengrocer, 6 Derby road, Victoria Park road
Betts Samuel, auctioneer, 28 Mare street
Bickley Henry, boot maker, Wetherell road
Biggs John, civil engineer, 37 Groombridge road
Biggs John, undertaker, 318 Mare street
Binnington John Josiah, grocer, Park street, Hackney Wick
Bird George, ostrich feather dyer, 12 Victoria road, King Edward road
Bird Mary Ann Rebecca (Mrs), shopkeeper, Morning lane
Birmingham Henry Thomas, 56 Victoria Park road
Blackborow George, cabinet maker, 104 Mare street
Blackburrow John, furniture dealer, 19 Duncan place, London fields
Blackett Mary Ann (Mrs), grocer, 144 Victoria Park road
Blackmore & Morley, builders, 68 North street, Mare street
Blaycock James Josiah, manager to London & County Bank (branch), 1 Amhurst road east
Blayney Alexander, shopkeeper, Cassland road
Blayney William Cornelius, greengrocer, Morning lane
Blinco Chas, bricklayer, 20 Malvern cottages, Cassland road
Blundell Thomas, Tiger, Sidney road, Hackney Wick
Bohling Ludwig, grocer, 7 Duncan place, London fields
Bonarius Philip, shopkeeper, Wetherell road, Grove street
Bond Richard Moore, grocer, 9 Field view, London fields
Bonner Frederick, butcher, 6 Broadway, London fields
Bonter Ann (Miss), fishmonger, 326 Mare street
Bostock Mary Ann (Mrs), tobacconist, 2 Pritchards place, Broadway, London fields
Boston Hen, painter, 23 Sewardstone road east, Old Ford road
Bouchard Joseph, sexton, 2 Lamb terrace, Lamb lane, Mare street
Boulton Edmund, hatter, 166 Well street
Bowheer Georhe William, butcher, 2 Terrace road
Bowden Louisa (Miss), dressmaker, 102 Mare street
Bowden William Henry, tailor, 26 The Grove, Mare street
Bowman John, shoe maker, 144 Well street
Bowman William, baker, 11 Marion villas, Lansdowne road
Bowyer Walter, butcher, 236 Wick road
Box John, clothier, 200 Mare street
Boxall Elizh Jane (Mrs), shopkeeper, 46 North street, Mare street
Boyce Thomas, builder, 12 & 13 London lane
Boyd Francis John, coffee rooms, 15 Mare street
Brace Alfred Edmund, dairyman, 133 Well street
Brace John Henry, dairyman, 23 Mare street
Bradley Eliza (Miss), china & glass dealer, 408 Mare street
Bradley Robert, boot maker, 24 West street, Mare street
Brailey Charles, tobacconist, Wick lane
Bramley John, naturalist, 83 Mare street
Branch George Thomas, hair dresser, 143 Mare street
Brand Samuel Edwin, surgeon, 1 Havering villas, Grove street
Brangwin Francis, ironmonger, see Holland & Brangwin
Brantigam Henry, baker, 5 Pritchards place, London fields
Brede William, fishmonger, 292 Mare street
Brenchley Russell, dairyman, 5 Sheep lane, London fields
Brewster William, shopkeeper, 10 North street, Mare street
Bridger Alfred, boot maker, 18 Duncan place, London fields
Bridger Alfred, boot & shoe maker, 7 West street, Mare street
Bridgman Joseph Barnes, artist, Lamb lane, Mare street
Bridgman Joseph Barnes, corn, coal & coke merchant, 179 Mare street
Briggs James J, dairyman & cowkeeper, 9 Rosemorland terrace, Grove street road
Bright George, cheesemonger, 286 Mare street
British Penitent Female Refuge (Mrs Martha Carter, matron), Andrews road
Brittin Fredk Geo M, surgeon, 3 Norfolk villas, Grove street
Broll Henry, baker, 1 Homer terrace, Park street, Hackney Wick
Bromley Michael John, Kenton Arms, Kenton road
Brooke, Simpson & Spiller, aniline dyer manufacturers, Atlas dye works, Windsor road, Hackney Wick; & at 9 Fenchurch street EC
Brooks Eliza (Mrs), shopkeeper, 17 Well street
Brooks James, gas fitter, 8 Grove street road
Brooks William, dairy, 60 Eleanor road north
Brothers Robert, cheesemonger. 226 Well street
Brown Frederick, grocer, 222 Well street
Brown Isaac, greengrocer, 130 Mare street
Brown Mary Ann (Mrs), tobacconist, 252 Wick road
Brown William, grocer, 61 Eleanor road north
Brown William Henry, croquet manufacturer, Grove street
Brown William James, oilman, 8 Well street
Browne John Richard, cutler, 386 Mare street
Browne Robert Hollingworth, manufacturer of tailors shears, scissors etc, 11 Paradise place, Darnley road
Browne Rev Sidney S, school, 35 Evering villas, Amhurst road
Browning John, butcher, 123 Richmond road
Bruse Samuel, baker, 183 Mare street
Bruton John, confectioner, 129 Well street
Bryant Abraham, The Old Mermaid, 364 Mare street
Buck Charles, builder, 12 The Grove, Mare street
Buckler Richard, Earl Derby, 138 King Edward road
Bull Davis, boot maker, 3 Ebenezer place, London fields
Burgess John James, tailor, 1 Devon place, Morning lane
Burnham William, dyer, 217 Well street
Burton Ariana (Mrs), watch maker & jeweller, 379 Mare street
Burton James, greengrocer, 61 Loddiges road
Burwood & Co, Morpeth Castle, Francis terrace, Wick lane
Bush William John & Co, manufacturing chemists, 26 Ash grove, Mare street
Bush Robert, bookbinder, Grove passge, The Grove
Butcherrobert, butcher, 266 Mare street
Butler Alfred, M.D. surgeon, 64 Well street
Byatt Mary Ann (Miss), toy dealer, 152 Well street
Byatt Robert, toy dealer, 82 Mare street
Bygrave John, boot maker, 178 Well street
Byles James Cotton, surgeon, 2 Victoria Park road
Bysouth Geo, stone & marble mason, 45 Evering villas, Amhurst road

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