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    UK Pub history research and London historical street directory

    Search the historical London street directory, and London pub history site including early street addresses in London through the Victorian pub history of London. This search engine is broken, try address searches in the main google search to get better results. OR visit the London pub history directory index pages to which I am rapidly adding links

    The Hackney 1874 Trade Directory - C.

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    Calton William John, beer retailer, 212 Wick road
    Canton Edward Laurence, dentist, 329 Mare street
    Caperoe Elizabeth (Miss), dress maker, 26 Mare street
    Caplen Charles Edward, house decorator, 5 Marine terrace, Cassland road
    Capon John, tripe dresser, Morning lane
    Capper Hammah (Mrs), servants registry office, 26 Well street
    Card John, cabinet maker, 196 Mare street
    Carless, Capel & Leonard, manufacturers of benzole & naptha, benzoline, gasoline & all petroleum products, Hope chemical works, White Post lane, Hackney Wick
    Carpenter John, greengrocer, 147 Mare street
    Carter Chas Robert, tobacconist, 3 Francis terrace, Wick lane
    Carter George, butcher, 39 Mare street
    Carter Geo, grocer, 9 Pritchards place, Broadway, London fields
    Carter George, watch maker, 97 Mare street
    Carter James, fishmonger, 13 Broadway, London fields
    Carter Richard, cheesemonger, 12 Stanley road
    Cash Isaac, grocer, 4 West street, Well street
    Cashford William, dairyman, Jerusalem square, Mare street
    Cashford William, oilman, 272 Mare street
    Cassland Estate Office (George Sparks, surveyor), Cassland house, Cassland road
    Caswell Thomas J, tobacconist, 5 paradise row, Paragon
    Chalk John, corn dealer, Park street, Hackney Wick
    Chamberlain, Thomas, hair dresser, 165 Mare street
    Chambers thomas, fishmonger, Morning lane
    Champ Philip, commision agent, 12 London terrace
    Chance George, Rose & Crown, 13 Mare street
    Chandlers James, dairyman, Morning lane
    Chaney James, White Hart, Wick lane
    Chapman Samuel Smith, chemist, 11 Grove street road
    Chariry Organization Society, Old Town Hall, Mare street
    Charters Lewis, grocer, 70 North street, Mare street
    Chester John, cheesemonger, 212 Well street
    Chettle Horatio, milliner, 192a Mare street
    Chick John, oil & color man, 218 Well street
    Child James, veterinary surgeon, 228 Mare street & Triangle
    Childrens Home, Orphanage & Refuge (Rev Thomas Bowman Stephenson, B.A. principal; Henry Tyson, sec), Bonner road, Bethnal Green
    Chipcase William Thomas, confectioner, 243 Wick road
    Chopping Thomas, cabinet maker, 64 & 66 Mare street
    Christmas Amy (Mrs), hat maker, 280 Mare street
    Church William Henry, oilman, 4 Broadway, London fields
    City of London Hospital for Diseases of the Chest (Henry Tucker, treasurer; Henry Swell, hon sec; William Jones, sec; George Cooper Franklin, resident surgeon; Mrs V Bond, matron), Bonner road, Bethnal Green
    Clack Edward Somerset, tax collector, 4 Sylvester row, Grove place
    Clark Geo, beer retailer & wine & spirit merchant, 181 Well street
    Clark Henry Edmund, upholsterer, 21 Valentine road
    Clark John A, chemist, 11 Duncan place, London fields
    Clark William, tin flute manufacturer, 1 Bower road, White Post lane, Hackney Wick
    Clarke Charles, chemist, 172 Mare street
    Clarke Charles, coffee rooms, 5 Kenton road
    Clarke Henry Richard, school, Grove house, Grove street
    Clarke Nickolls & Coombs, wholesale confectioners, Wallis road, Hackney Wick
    Clarke Stephen L, butcher, White Post lane, Hackney Wick
    Clarke William John, butcher, 216 Well street
    Clayden Daniel & Co, oil refiners, Hepscott road, Hackney Wick
    Claydon Frederick jun, greengrocer, 1 Wick road
    Claydon James, greengrocer, 94 Wick road
    Cleare & Collenette, fancy drapers & china & glass dealers, 197 & 199 Mare street
    Cleaver Charles, grocer. 151 Mare street
    Clere Leon & Charles, benzoline distillers, White Post lane, Hackney Wick
    Cliff Eliza (Mrs), ladies school, 200 Richmond road
    Clinshaw James Hy, coffee rooms, Park street, Hackney Wick
    Clutterham John, cab proprietor, 53 Victoria Park road
    Coates Thomas, registrar of births & deaths, 3 Chesterford terrace, Stanley road
    Cockerell Charles, grocer, Broadway, Grove street
    Coffin George Poor, cabinet maker, Sewardstone road east, Old Ford road
    Coggin James, Bakers Arms, 75 North street, Mare street
    Coke William John, beer retailer, 211 Well street
    Coldwell Annie (Mrs), dressmaker, 5 Eleanor road, London fields
    Cole Benjamin, coffee house, Park street, Hackney Wick
    Cole Charles, grocer, 126 Wick road
    Cole Eliza (Mrs), ladies school, 7 Chesterford terrace, Stanley road
    Cole Henry, hair manufacturer, 26 Norfolk terrace, Darnley road
    Cole Mary Ann (Miss), ladies school, 2 Lansdowne terrace, Lansdowne road
    Cole Wm, rope, line & twine manufacturer, 223 Well street
    Coleman John, greengrocer, 2 Mariner terrace, Cassland road
    Coles Francis jun, upholsterer, cabinet maker & house agent, 3 & 4 Amhurst road east
    Coles Frances Ewens, ironmonger, 6 Amhurst road east
    Collis Charles, brush maker, 80 Mare street
    Condon John, stay maker, 24 The Grove, Mare street
    Connor Edward, painter, 15 Lamb terrace, Lamb lane, Mare street
    Conway Thomas, butcher, 113 Well street
    Cook Gustave, boot maker,329 Mare street
    Cook Henry William, oilman, 251 Well street
    Cook Wm John, china dealer, 21 Duncan place, London fields
    Cook Edward Geo, florist, 8 Sewardstone road west, Victoria Park
    Coomer William, grocer, 104 Wick road
    Cooper Augustus Henry, grocer, 119 Richmond road
    Cooper Frederick, corn dealer, 6 Stanley road
    Cooper Henry, wholesale boot & shoe manufacturer, 24 Duncan place, London fields
    Cooper Thomas, tobacconist, 2a Duncan place, London fields
    Cooper William Richard, linen draper, 198 Well street
    Cope Charles Henry, hosier, 299 Mare street
    Corby Caroline, Elizabeth & Charlotte (Misses), china & glass dealers, 382 Mare street
    Corby Thomas, veterinary surgeon, 240 Mare street
    Cornelius Charles, cheesemonger, 398 Mare street
    Cottingham Edward C, surgeon, 95 Mare street
    Couch George Richard, shopkeeper, 17 Sheep lane, London fields
    Cousins Thomas, Windsor Castle, 19 Charles terrace, Bishops road, Bethnal Green
    Covell William Mann, chemist, 302 Mare street
    Coventry John, stationer, printer & bookseller, 400 Mare street
    Crabtree Joseph Henry, Lord Stanley, Paragon road
    Crane Henry, carman, George street, London fields
    Crane Jane (Miss), tobacconist, 4 Hedges terrace, Cassland road
    Crease John, shoe maker, 12 Wick road
    Creswell Wm, Duke of Devonshire, 38 Darnley crescent, Darnley road
    Cromack Alfred, oilman, 32 Duncan place, London fields
    Cromack Jabez Alfred, oilman, 161 Well street
    Cronier John, boot & shoe maker, Wick lane
    Crook Joseph John, butcher, 14 Broadway, London fields
    Crosbie Charles, tobacconist, 66 Loddiges road
    Croucher Robert, Victoria, Gainsboroufgh road, Hackney Wick
    Culver Edwin, builder & house decorator, 38 Loddiges road
    Cumming Edward Adolphus, cork cutter, 259 Well street
    Curtis Elizabeth (Mrs), tobacconist, Grove street
    Cushion Emma (Miss), shirt dresser, 62 Mare street
    Cussans Edwin A, german suasage maker, Duncan road, Duncan square, London fields
    Cutbert Marian Ann (Mrs), draper, 81 North street, Mare street
    Cutler Robert, boot & shoe maker, 181 Mare street

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