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The Hackney 1874 Trade Directory - G.

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Gambrill William, butcher, 296 Mare street
Ganter Eliza (Mrs), stationer, 202 Well street
Gardner Sarah (Mrs), boot maker, 163 Mare street
Garner Thomas, provision dealer, 7 Field view, London fields
Garrett Hy Thos, tailor, 4 Gore terrace, Bishops road, Bethnal Green
Garwood Henry, ham & tongue dealer, 175 & 416 Mare street; & 52 Bishopsgate street without EC
Gathercole William Henry, architect, 1 Heasmans terrace, Sewardstone road east, Old Ford road
Gayton Thomas & Geo, vinegar maker, 3 Brampton road
Geary William, Warburton Arms, 137 Mare street
Geaussent James, solicitor, 8 Amhurst road east
Gee William, beer retailer, Morning lane
George Henry, oil & color man, 80 Well street
Gibbons Thomas, china & glass dealer, 3 Morning lane
Gibbs John, furniture dealer, 5 Well street
Gibbs Frederick, india rubber surgical instrument maker, 23 Southborough road
Gibson Richard Henry, fishmonger, 227 Well street
Gilbert Charles, baker, 76 Well street
Gilbert Edward, surgeon, 234 Mare street
Gilbert John, boot maker, 64 Loddiges road
Giles & Brown, fancy repository, Broadway, Grove street & 3 Grave terrace, Grove street
Giles Thomas, tailor, Tower street, London fields
Gill Richard, baker, 76 Well street
Gilpin Sophia (Mrs), ladies school, 71 King Edward road
Gladding David, watch maker, 298a Mare street
Glassborrow Ann Matilda (Mrs), Queen Eleanor, Tower street, London fields
Glover George J & son, dyers & bleachers, 403 Mare street
Glover Frederick, dyer & scourer, 99 Mare street
Glover Henry, grocer, 152 Mare street
Goaman William, oil & italian warehouse, 129 Mare street
Goddard Thomas, baker, 139 Mare street
Godden George, ironmonger, 174 Well street
Goldfinch & Golding, meat salesmen, White Post lane
Goldfinch George, butcher, Broadway, Grove street
Goldsmiths & Jewellers Asylum, Manor road, Well street
Goldwin Henry, boot maker, 79a Well street
Goodchild Robert Stephen, chemist, 147 Well street
Goodwin William & Co, curriers etc, 199 Richmond road
Goodwin Thomas, leather seller, Morning lane
Goold Jane Frances (Mrs), grocer, 30 Duncan place, London fields
Gover Edward, shoe maker, Grove passage
Grant Frederick, draper, 285 Mare street
Grant James George, boot & shoe maker, Cassland road
Grant Julian Gibson, dentist, 362 Mare street
Grant Robert, draper, 7 Grove terrace, Grove street
Grant Wm, carver & gilder, 6 Duncan place, London fields
Graves William, shopkeeper, 4 Mare street
Gray & son, house agents, 250 Mare street
Greaves John Thomas, plumber, 3 Stanley road
Green & Branscombe, linen drapers, 335 & 337 mare street
Green George, painter & oilman, Morning lane
Green Henry George, linen draper, 153 Mare street
Green Mittie (Miss), school, 5 Manor gardens, Amhurst road east
Greenfield Harvey, Mitford Castle, 62 Francis terrace, Wick lane
Greenwood Charles, oilman, 3 Gainsborough road
Greenwood John, oilman, Windsor terrace, Cassland road
Greenwood John, shopkeeper, Broadway, Grove street
Greest Alfred, pork butcher, 95 Well street
Gregory Martha (Mrs), ladies school, 196 Richmond road
Gresham George, glass cutter, Morning lane
Gresham Thomas, plumber & glazier, Kenton road
Griffin Henry, cowkeeper, 13 Paradise place, Darnley road
Griffiths & Com pitch, tar, creosote & varnish manufacturers, White Post lane, Hackney Wick
Griggs William, hair dresser, 115 Well street
Grist William Cook, confectioner, 405 mare street
Grounds Thomas David, chemist, 336 mare street
Grummer Mary Ann (Mrs), linen draper, 90 Well street
Gurney Thomas, cabinet maker, 10 Duncan place, London fields

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