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The Hackney 1874 Trade Directory.

Transcribed by Cathy Edge

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Jackson Frederick, upholsterer, 3 Grove Street road
Jackson John, butcher, 312 & 314 Mare Street
Jackson Thomas, marine store dealer, Cassland road
Jacob Thomas, grocer, 306 Mare street
James George, photographer, 289 Mare street
James Miss, ladies school, 56 Eleanor road north
James Water & Co, grocers, 45a Mare Street
Jarrett Richard William, harmonium manufacturer. 82 Well street
Jarrett Wm Rd, pianoforte maker, 8 Duncan square, London Fields
Jarvis Charles, shopkeeper, Morning lane
Jarvis John, boot maker, 188 Mare street
Jarvis John, tobacconist, 120 Mare street
Jarvis Samuel Stanley, jun , coal merchant , 45 Penshurst road
Jay John Matthews, shoe maker, 128 Well street
Jay Joseph, upholsterer & undertaker, 365 Mare street
Jefferd Edward, linen draper, 208 Well street
Jelley Thomas William, fancy repository, 274 Mare street
Jenkins Richard, carpenter, Morning lane
Jennings William, Boot & shoe maker, 27 Mare street
Jennings William, wheelwright, Morning lane
Jews' Almshouses, , London fields
Jews' Cemetary, , Grove street
Johns Joseph, tailor, 6 Princes place, Bishop's road, Bethnal green
Johnson Charles Booth, Boot & shoe maker, 10 Stanley road
Johnson Edward, ironmonger, 414 Mare street
Johnson James Henry, Prince Edward, 97 Wick road
Johnson John, surveyor, district surveyor's office, 32 Frampton Park road
Johnson Wm, tripe dealers, 11 Pritchard's place, Broadway, London fields
Johnson Wm, tripe dresser, White Post Iane, Hackney Wick
Johnstone Robert, vegetable spirit & Frankfort black manufacturer, Wick lane, Old Ford
Jones Benjamin, grocer &c, 3 Market row, Cassland road
Jones Edward, carpenter, 1 Union row, Morning lane
Jones Edward Yates, coach builder, 257 Mare street
Jones Henry William, watch maker, 349 Mare street
Jones Jenkin, dairyman, 5 West street, Well street
Jones John, greengrocer, 11 Broadway, London fields
Jones Richard, Earl Amhurst, 10 Amhurst road east
Jones Richard, grocer, 214 Well street
Jones Samuel, boot maker, 85 Mare street
Jones Thomas, tailor, 5 Approach road, Bethnal green
Jones William Henry, coal merchant, West street, Mare street
Jordan Richard, marine store dealer, Park street, Hackney wick
Jory John, brass finisher, 4 Marine terrace. Cassland road
Joyce Dinah (Mrs), stay & belt maker, 93 Mare street


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