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The Hackney 1874 Trade Directory.

Transcribed by Cathy Edge

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MacDonald Charles Daniel, hair dresser, 215 Well street
McIntyre Archibald, superintendent of Victoria & Greenwich parks, The Lodge, Approach road, Bethnal green
Mackay Margaret (Mrs), grocer, 1 Nelson terrace, Park street, Hackney Wick
Maddix John, toy manufacturer, 6 Shepherd's lane, Homerton
Mabany Edward Charles, oilman, 41 & 43 Mare street
Maides Vincent, grocer, 70 Mare street
Maizey Ebenezer, chemist, 2 Market row, Cassland road
Manchee Ruth, dress trimming, ma, 85 Approach road, Bethnal green
Mann Edward, baker, 1 Banner road, Bethnal green
Mann James, clothier, 247 Well street
Mann Robert, Pembury tavern, 5 Medina terrace, Dalston lane
Maples John Henry, whitesmith, Park street, Hackney Wick
Maples Sarah (Mrs), beer retailer, 235 Well street
Marfell Richard, linen draper, 276 Mare street
Marles Jason, printer, 79 Well street
Marsh Walter, tobacconist, 3 Duncan place, London field
Marshall John Wm, baker, 4 Medina terrace, Dalston lane
Martin Richard & Co, blacking & lucifer match manufacturers,, Lansdowne works, Lansdowne road
Martin John, tailor, West street, Mare street
Matthew Alfred, yeast merchant, 21 Abery terrace, Darnley road
Matthews George Walton, Bedford hotel, Wetherell road
Maxwell David, window blind maker, 9 Duncan place, London fields
Mayers Henry James, general broker, 5 Mare street
Mead John, tobacconist, Park street, Hackney Wick
Meatyard Charles, butcher, 100 Wick road
Medwin Arthur William, cheesemonger, 127 Broadway & ham & beef dealer, 8 Pritchard's place, London field
Meen Julia (Mrs), boot maker, 110, Mare street
Melsheimer Frederick, baker, 154 Well street
Merrill Henry, oilman, 22 West street, Mare street
Merry Daniel S, boot maker, 268 Mare street
Meyer Louis Alfred, baker, 142 Well street
Michell Edward & Son, brewers, Grove street
Miles Jas, beer retailer, 3 Pritchard's place, Broadway, London fields
Miller Rd & Co, drysalters, Duncan road, Duncan square, London fields
Miller Charles, coal depot, 342 Mare street
Miller Richard William, watch maker, 167 Wick road
Miller Robert, builder, George street, Ada street, London fields
Miller Susannah (Miss), ladies' school, 12 Shore road
Millman Samuel Edward, trimming manufacturer, 1 Kenton cottages, Kenton road
Millwood Henry, gas fitter, 4 Ebenezer place, London fields
Mitchell Charles, hair cutter, 95 Wick road
Mitchell Hannah (Mrs), paraffin oil warehouse, Morning lane
Mody & Co, varnish manufacturers, 32 Valentine road, Well street
Mongers' Almshouses, , Grove street
Monk Adolphus, draper, 366 Mare street
Monk Samuel, undertaker & upholsterer, 369 Mare street
Montgomery Alexander, milliner, 9 Amhurst road east
Moody & Co, haberdashers, 5 Grove Street road
Moody Henry, oilman, 118 Wick road
Moore Henry, coffee rooms, Wick lane
Morris Frank, stationer & circulating library, 282 Mare street
Mumford John, dairyman, Park street, Hackney Wick
Mumford Joseph, greengrocer, 206 Well street
Munday Maria Ashbridge (Mrs), wine, spirit & bottled beer merchant, 117 Richmond road
Munsey Harriet Maria (Mrs.), ladies' school, 4 London terrace, London fields
Murrell John, grocer, 5 Broadway, London fields
Murrell Joseph, chimney sweeper, West street, Mare street

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