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The Hackney 1874 Trade Directory.

Transcribed by Cathy Edge

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Page Edward , butcher , 169 Wells street
Page George, hair dresser, 6 Grove Street road
Page Henry James, upholsterer, 6 Paragon road
Pain Robt. Danl., basket maker, 34 Duncan place, London fields
Paine & Wilson, grammar school, 208 Mare street
Palmer Charles, grocer, 145 Well street
Palmer Henry Francis, beer retailer, 6 Pritchard's place, Broadway, London fields
Palmer John, wardrobe dealer, 5 Morning lane
Palmer Thos, patent agent, 8 Marion villas Lansdowne road
Pardo Maurice, dentist, 21 Victoria road, Hackney Wick
Parish Ernest, fishmonger, 121 Wells street
Parker Alfred, tobacconists, 160 Victoria Park road
Parker Thomas, fringe manfctr., Approach road, Bethnal green
Parker William, upholsterers' trimming manfctrs, 3 Ash grove Mare street
Parkes William Edward, chemist, 262 Mare street
Parry Thomas, school, 3 Clarendon villas, Grove street
Parsons & Co, confectioners, 196 Well street
Parsons William, butcher, 241 Well street
Pash Daniel & Co, shoe makers, 287 Mare street
Payne Thomas, auctioneer, 30 Mare street
Peacock James, dentist, 3 Kenton cottages, Kenton road
Peacock William, cricket bat & stump & rope & twine manufacturer, Hackney Wick
Pearce Richard Henry, Duke of Wellington, Morning lane
Pearson Chas. Robt., saddler & Harness ma., Morning lane
Pearson John, hair dresser & tobacconist, 146 Well street
Peerless Jas. & Co, biscuit bakers, 3 Approach road, Bethnal green
Pelling Edward, grocer & cheesemonger, Morning lane
Pelly David, tailor, 2 West street Mare street
Penny Thomas William, grocer, 256 Wick road
Pepper Edwin, coffee rooms, 6 Pritchard's place, Broadway, London fields
Perrey Randall & Zachariah, pawnbrokers, 1 Springfield place, Cassland road
Perry Elizabeth (Mrs), toy dealer, 231 Well street
Perry Richard, builder, Coach yard, Well street
Perry William, coffee rooms, 98 Mare street
Petifer George, beer retailer, 93 Well street
Petifer William Henry, grocer, 119 Well street
Pettet Sl(?) Dan. Taylor, architect, 1 Cawley road, Victoria park
Pettit Fredk. Wm., watch maker, 24 Malvern cots Cassland road
Pettit Thomas, Nag's Head, 227 Mare street
Petty John, hair dresser, 4 Compton terrace Dalston lane
Phillips Charles, grocer, 2 Wetherell road
Phillips Elizabeth (Miss), miusic seller, 415 Mare street
Phillips James, grocer, 120 Well street
Pickering Joseph, furniture dealer, 136 Well street
Pike William, beer retailer, 19 Well street
Pile Edward, stone mason, 168 Mare street
Pilgrims' Lodge (Miss Emma Plampin, matron), Lime grove, Mare street
Pitchfork George, Duke of Marlborough, 152 Richmond road
Pitman Catharine (Miss), ladies' school, 58 King Edward road
Pitt John, watch maker, 205 Mare street
Platt Catherine (Mrs), shopkeeper, 19 Mare street
Pleasance Charles, butcher, 8 Morning lane
Pocock Emily (Miss), dress maker, 221 Mare street
Pokey & Smith, haberdashers, 121 Richmond street
Pond Thomas A., dyer & scourer, Allenby house, Grove street
Poole Charles, grocer, 270 Mare street
Pope Frederick, bookseller & stationer, 305 Mare street
Porter Jas., cabinet manufr, 28 Bower road, Hackney wick
Potter Cornelia (Mrs), farrier, 4 Princes place Bishop's road, Bethnal green
Powell Geo, coffee house, 2 Rosemorland terrace, Grove Street road
Powell Thomas Hildridge, dairyman, 7 Morning lane
Poyton William, linen draper, 91 Well street
Prance Caroline (Miss), ladies' school, 5 Francis terrace Wick lane
Price Robert, grocer, 2 Well street
Pridham & Co, wholesale valentine makers, 11A Annis road
Pullham William, carver & gilder, Grove passage The Grove
Punter Arthur John, timber merchant, 125 Well street
Punter Arthur John, tobacconist, 179 Well street

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