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The Hackney 1874 Directory.

Transcribed by Cathy Edge


Vick James , poulterer , 361 Mare street
Vickers Saml., trimming manufr, 7 Bonner road, Bethnal green
Victoria Metallic Cask & Iron Works Co, engineers, patent, boiler, girder, tank & metallic cask manufacturers, 10 North John street, Liverpool; & Victoria Iron works, White Post lane, Hackney Wick
Victoria Wine Co (Hughes & Saunders), 380 Mare street
Vinall Caroline (Miss), Ladies' school, 3 Gray's terrace, Grove Street road
Vinall John, surgeon, 2 Cassland crescent, Cassland road
Viney Mrs, Ladies' school, 66 Well street
Waddington Elizh (Mrs), shopkpr, 16 Sheep lane, London fields
Wade George, baker, 2 Duncan place, London fields
Waggett George, who. Boot manufacturer, 40 Mare street
Wakefield Frank, stationer & fancy repository, 377 Mare street
Wakefield Geshon, commercial traveller, 13 Cadogan terrace
Wakinson Isabella (Mrs), Albion, Grove street
Walduck Eliza (Mrs), cap maker, 35 The Grove, Mare street
Walker Henry Fowler, master mariner, 3 Mitford crescent, Amhurst road
Walker James Alfred, grocer, 2 Hereford terrace, Cassland road
Walker Mary Ann (Miss), ladies' school, 1 Hackney terrace, Cassland road
Walker Robert Dalzell, tobacconist , Wick lane
Walker William Newman, surgeon, 20 King Edward road,
Wallace Richard Unthank, M.B., surgeon, 1 Evering villa, Amhurst road
Walters Walter, oilman, 187 Mare street
Ward Edward, marin store dealer, 112 Mare street
Warland William John, coffee house, Wetherell road
Warman William Albert, dispensing chemist, 167 Mare street
Warr William, firework dealer, Grove passage
Warren F. & Co, coal merchants, Amhurst road
Warren Frederick Aug., tobbaconist, 8 Grove terrace, Grove street
Warren James Dixon, oilman, 1 Stanley road
Waters Frederick Loder, butcher, 177 Mare street
Waters Rodham John, baker, 115 Richmond road
Watkins Frederick, beer retailer, 170 Mare street
Watkinson George W, Duchess of Kent, Morning lane
Watson Albert, butcher, 7 Stanley road
Watson Robert Henry, draper, 108 Mare street
Watson William, beer retailer, 87 Mare street
Watts Hammond, corn chandler, 18 Wick road
Weal Richard, florist, 170 Well street
Webb Samuel, cowkeeper, 1 Twemlow terrace, London fields
Webb William, baker, 8 West street, Well street
Webb William James, shopkeeper, Kenton road
Welch John , shopkeeper & nurseryman, Morning lane
Weller Emma (Mrs), Plough, Cassland road
Wells George, carrier, 280 Mare street
Wells George, pawnbroker, 13 & 14 Duncan place, London fields
Wernham John, confectioner, 392 Mare street
Wesson James Frederick, corn dealer, 149 Well street
West William, professor of music, 24 King Edward road
Weston & Payne, ivory turners, Duncan square, London fields
Weston William, baker, 2 Victoria road, Hackney Wick
Wever Charles, baker, 1 Kenton road
Wheeler Joseph, painter &c, Loddiges road
Whelan William, gas fitter, 13 Stanley road
Whelan James, ironmonger, 242 & 248 Mare street
Whipps Wm, Johnson, oilman, 15 Duncan place, London fields
Whitbourne John, solicitor, 32 Darnley crescent, Darnley road
Whitbread William, dairyman, Coach yard, Well street
White John W & Co, printing ink manufacturers,, White Post Lane, Hackney Wick,
White Elizh. (Miss), corn chandler, 5 Devon place, Morning lane
White Robt. Atkinson, builder, White Post lane, Hackney Wick
White Wm. jun., grocer &c, White Post lane, Hackney Wick
White Wm. Snr., brick maker, Wansbeck road, Hackney Wick
Whitehouse & Hook, cheesemongers, 376 Mare street
Whiter Jas., clothes' dealer, 8 Duncan place, London fields
Whitewood Sarah, (Mrs), dress ma,, 8 Hope vils, Cassland road
Whitfield John, dyer, 4 Duncan place, London fields
Wicker Richard, florist, 88 Mare street
Wigley William, boot & shoe maker, Morning lane
Wildsmith Samuel, butcher, Brookfield road
Wilkie George Francis, bookseller, 159 Mare street
Wilkins Ezekiel, greengrocer, 2 Stanley road
Wilks Rt., watercress grower, White Post lane, Hackney Wick
Willard Priscilla (Mrs), cheesemonger, 121 Mare street
Williams Arthur, drpaer, 1 Victoria terrace, Hackney Wick
Williams Edward Bliss, solicitor, 57 Penshurst road
Williams Frederick, greengrocer, Victoria terrace, Victoria road
Williams George, boot maker, 39 The Grove, Mare street
Williams George, grocer, 15 Broadway, London fields
Williams R., tailor, 20 Victoria Park road
William Thomas, boot maker, 368 Mare street
Willins Dinah (Mrs), tobacconist, 2 Valentine road
Willis Marmaduke, butcher, 2 Windsor terrace, Cassland road
Willmet Matilda (Miss), Ladies' school, 33 King Edward road
Willmott Collis, plumber &c, 9 West street, Mare street
Wills Augusta (Miss), Ladies' school, 68 King Edward road
Wills Charles John, hatter, 316 Mare street
Willson George, furniture dealer, 16 West street. Mare street
Wilman J., house decorator, 3 London terrace, London fields
Wilson James Leonard, book cloth manufacturer, White Post lane, Hackney Wick
Wilson Mary Ann (Mrs), linen draoer, 13 Well street
Wingrove Elizabeth (Mrs), ironmonger, 299 Mare street
Wingrove John, cowkeeper, 4 London lane, Mare street
Winkley Samuel, butcher, 363 Mare street
Winny Fredk. George, fancy repository, 341 Mare street
Wood Alfd, grocer, 5 Victoria terrace, Victoria road, Hackney Wick
Wood Edwin William, boot & shoe maker, 412 Mare street
Wood Ephraim John , Carpenter, 22 Wick road
Woodcock James, Ion Arms, 32 Boden place, Andrew's road
Woodford Edmund, Northumberland Arms, 78 Well street
Wooding William, builder, 144 Mare street
Woodman Robert, cheesemonger, 122 Wick road
Woolgar Hannah (Mrs), haberdasher, 250 Wick road
Woolster Thomas, greengrocer, 102 Well street
Worts Thomas, toy dealer, 3 Springfield place, Cassland road
Wright Eliza & Emily (Misses), milliners, 378 Mare street
Wright Henry, tailor, 1 Lamb terrace, Lamb lane
Wright John, Cassland hotel, Grove Street road
Wright John, fruiterer, 1 Rosemoreland terrace, Grove Street road
Yerrell Thomas, tripe dresser, Park street, Hackney Wick
Youens William George, prof. of dancing, 18 St, Thomas's square
Young Edwin A,, lime & cement merchant, 10 Mare street
Younghusband Amelia, Caroline & Emily (Misses), Ladies' school, Amhurst college, Mitford crescent, Amhurst road
Youngman Brothers, grocers, 85 Well street
Youngman Christopher, cheesemonger, 164 Mare street
Zoars Wm. Lepld., stick manufr, 10 Bonner road, Bethnal green

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