London historical street directory and pub history

This is now an updated and complete, historical London street directory for 1832 and 1842 and more

Wells Street / Preston Street / Hanbury Street, Mile End, East London - a time line.

The middle section of  Hanbury Street running between New Montague Street and Church Street, in Mile End was originally  Wells Street, renamed to Preston Street sometime between 1865 and 1869. This is a time line of this part of Hanbury Street from 1841

Browns Lane , Montague Street , Wells Street / Preston Street , Church Street


Well Street, Mile End New Town

Bulls Head, Abraham Buckey

Bulls Head, Henry Fox
2 Clark Thomas, dealer in grindery
4 Buddin William, butcher
4 Pilley George, oilman
5 Pickering Robert, turner
6 Callcut George, leather seller
7 Graves Richard Henry, grocer
8 Blackbrow Thomas, greengrocer
9 Cummins Henry, baker
10 Critchfield Richard, smith etc
13 City of Canterbury, Samuel Holdsworth
23 Jacobs Well, James Howard
32 Davis Mrs Mary, beer retailer
37 Ship, Bernard William Menge



Well Street, Montague Street

2 Clarke Thomas, dealer in grindery
4 Pilley George, oilman
5 Pickering Robert & Son, wood turners
7 Duncan Samuel, wood turner

8 Blackrow Thomas, greengrocer
9 Watson John, wheelwright
10 Salter George, blacksmith
11 Fletcher Robert sen, hair dresser
12 Rodney Charles, chandlers shop
13 Bulls Head, Henry Fox

... here Silver Street intersects ...

City of Canterbury, John Bamsey
14 Scoles William, bamboo cane dealer
15 Manins James, iron dealer

... here Lombard Street intersects ...

5 Harrison Samuel, shoe maker
22 Field John, furniture broker
23 Jacobs Well, John Humphreys
25 Curtis Mrs Sarah, chandlers shop
37 Ship, Henry Wade
38 Buck Mrs Mary, chandlers shop
31 Shufflebotham Charles, shoe maker
32 Davis Mrs Mary, beer retailer
33 Papworth James, ginger beer maker
34 Fullstone John, tailor
7 Graves Richard Hen, chandlers shop
6 Boling Frederick, patten & clog manufacturer
5 Berry Charles, dining rooms
4 Lat John, chandlers shop
1 Paffey Samuel, fishmonger

... here Samuel Street intersects ...

9 Stile George, baker
8 Rudd Thomas, tripe dresser
7 Woollcott Robert, cap caul maker
6 Callcut George sen, leather seller
4 Buddin William, butcher
3 Platt Thomas, chandlers shop
1 Clark William, boot & shoe maker


Preston Street, Montague Street NE
Mile End New Town
1 Taylor Joseph, cane chair maker
3 Clarke Mrs Ann, dealer in grindery
7 Box George Alexander
9 Smith Henry, undertaker
15 Bureham James, greengrocer
17 Hatwell Charles, farrier
23 Weber Kaufman, grocer

... here is Silver Street ...

25 Bulls Head, Thomas Badkin
31 Newman Mrs Elizabeth, corn dealer

... here is Lombard Street ...

37 City of Canterbury, Chas C Porter
43 Harrison Samuel, chandlers shop
41 Jacobs Well, James Brand
48 Harrison George, shoe maker
58 Ship, Richard Woodbridge
56 Crabb Frederick, pickle manufacturer
42 East Robert, beer retailer
40 Papworth john R, ginger beer maker
30 Mornington Edward James, book seller
24 Cardy Mrs Sarah, chandlers shop

... here is Samuel Street ...

20 Bernet John, baker
18 Rudd Thomas, tripe dresser
14 Callent Michael, leather seller
12 Woollcott Robert, cap caul maker
8 Hughes John, shoe maker



85 Lamport Miss Eliza, oil warehouse
87 Smith Henry, undertaker
93 Burcham George, greengrocer
95 Raydon Henry William, farrier

... here is Silver Street ...

103 Bulls Head, Arthur Tushaw
109 Smith John Richard, corn chandler

... here is Lombard Street ...

113 City of Canterbury, Mrs Maria Wade
125 Swash Robert, coffee rooms
127 Jacobs Well, George Richard Dixon
129 Harrison George, bootmaker


82 Fleming Henry, boot maker
88 Legg George, coffee rooms
96 Callcutt Michael, leather seller
100 Rudd Thomas, tripe dresser
102 Moll John, baker

... here is Samuel Street ...

106 Blumson Wm, chandlers shop
110 Cummins Daniel & Jas, hat manufacturers
114 Weinberg Joseph, hair dresser
120 Curran John, livery stables
132 Griffiths Wm & James, boot maker
138 Crabb Frederick, pickle manufacturer
140 Ship, Frederick Schirmer



89 Miller Morris, tailor
93 Cohen Morris, hair dresser
95 Harris Abraham, chandlers shop
99 Raydon Henry William, vet surgeon

... here is Silver Street ...

103 Bulls Head, Balthasar Scheerer
105 Harris Nathan, tailor
107 Cohen Philip, haberdasher

... here is Lombard Street ...

111 Korobinski Jacob, chandlers shop
115 Stranger David, machinist
127 Jacobs Well, John Marvell
129 Goodman David, pickle maker


82 Fleming Henry, boot maker
86 Berlinski Jacob, chandlers shop
88 Legg Geo Thornton, coffee rooms
90 & 92 Griffiths Wm & Jas, boot makers
94 & 43 Woollcott Robert, hosier
98 Goldberg Simon, piece broker
100 Rudd Mrs Lucy, news vendor
102 Moll John, baker

... here is Spelman Street ...

104 Crook Morris, butcher
108 Duggin Mrs Mary Ann, marine store dealer
114 Marchinski Philip, clothes dealer
116 Levitt Solomon, tobacconist
120 Curran John, livery stables
136 Woodman Edwd Hy, greengrocer
140 Ship, Daniel Gladman

What I am now attempting to achieve is the coverage of an earlier London street directory in 1832. This is unique, plus images of the 1842 Robsons directory which confirm earlier entries and also carry much more trade detail about a premises or person. Here is the index of streets in 1832, many with 1842 imagery added.
And next is the complete 1940 London street directory - this will take some months to complete, so bear with me!

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