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Hertfordshire 1908 Public House Directory - WY

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Wagon & Horses, Alfred E. Bullock, Watton-at-Stone, Hertford
Wawn & Horses, Frederick Croft, Friars wash, Flamstead, Dunstable
Wagon & Horses, Geo. Robt. Hook, 13 Castle street, Hertford
Waggon & Horses, Jn. G. Armstrong, Colliers end, Ware
Waggon & Horses, Joseph Copland, High Cross, Ware
Waggon & Horses, Hertfordshire Public House Trust Co.
Limited (Joseph John Cole, manager), Ridge hill, Ridge, Barnet
Waggon & Horses, Charles Huttiestone, Baldock street, Ware
Waggon & Horses, Hy.Piper,Pepper hill, Great Amwell, Ware
Waggon & Horses, Wm. Geo. Saggs, Barley, Royston
Warren House, William Bond, 69 Railway street, Hertford
Warwick hotel, Ernest Daniels, Victoria road, New Barnet
Wellington, Mrs. Charlotte Anderson, Welwyn
Wellington, Alfred Cronk, Boreham Wood
Wellington, David Gentle, 26 Market place, St. Albans
Wellington, Thos. W. Leach, 141 High street, High Barnet
Wellington hotel,. J. R. Lee, 2 Woodford road, Watford
Wheatsheaf, Charles Child, Barkway, Royston
Wheatsheaf, Jn. Jas. Dunhill, French row, St. Albans
Vheatsheaf, Albt. Edwd. Jenkins, 312 High street, Watford
Whip & Collar, J. Brown, Mill End, Rickmansworth
White Bear, Mrs. Margaret Casbolt, Broxbourne
White Bear, Fredk Wm Greenhill, Knebworth street, Royston
White Bear, T. Mayo, Batchworth, Rickmansworth
White Hart, James Bygrave, Holwell, Hitchin
White Hart, John Chalkley, Buntingford
White Hart, Thos. J. Clarke, 25 Holywell hill, St Albans
White Hart, Josiah F. Colley, 18o High street, Watford
White Hart, Edwd. Dorman, 191 High street, Waltham Cross
White Hart, Edward Hockaday, High street, Stevenage
White Hart, Fredk. James, 27 High street, Bushey, Watford
White Hart, Edward Newens, Long Marston, Tring
White Hart, Walter George Offord, Market hill, Royston
White Hart, Robert Reynolds, 46 Baldock street, Ware
White Hart, George Shrimpton, Market place, Hertford
White Hart, Jesse Spencer, Bedmont, King's Langley
White Hart, Charles Henry Tomlin, 30 & 32 High street, Hemel Hempstead
White Hart, Wm. Young, 170 High street, Great Berkhamsted
White Hind, Mrs. Elizabeth Wayland, Wade's Mill, Ware
White Horse, William Arnold, High Cross, Ware
White Horse, Edward Baker, Barkway, Royston
White Horse, Walter Barnes, Clay hill, Bushey, Watford
White Horse, William D. Bartlett, Shenley, Barnet
White Horse, Henry Beardmore, Burnham green, Welwyn
White Horse, Mrs. Anne Biggs, Albert street, Stevenage
White Horse, Thomas Brighty, Crib street, Ware
White Horse, Albert J. Fuller, Welwyn
White Horse, Wm. Gibbons, Buckland, Buntingford
White Horse inn, Chas. Gilbert, North street, Bishop Stortford
White Horse, Ernest Gorvatt, Markyate, Dunstable
White Horse, Hertfordshire Public House Trust Co. Lim. (Alfd. Lockyer, manager), Hertingfordbury, Hertford
White Horse, John Richard Jones, Weston, Stevenage
White Horse, Harold Landles, Bourne End, Northchurch, Berkhamsted
White Horse, John Leeds, 19 St. Peter's street, St. Albans
White Horse, Thomas Percy, Melbourn street, Royston
White Horse, Rd. H. Perryman, Park Street, St. Albans
White Horse, Archibald W.Ridpath, North road, Baldock
White Horse, Miss Mary Ann Ramsey, Tea Green, Luton (Beds)
White Horse, Sidney Sale, Chorley Wood, Rickmansworth
White Horse, John Searle, London Colney, St. Albans
White Horse, Henry Slugg, Markyate, Dunstable
White Horse, Ernest Southgate, Pirton, Hitchin
White Horse, Isaac Swallow, Wareside, Ware
White Horse, Henry Trice, Burnham, green, Datchworth, Stevenage
White Horse inn Charles Henry Woods, Flamstead end, Cheshunt, Waltham Cross
White Lion, Latimer Archer Bunten, Sawbridgeworth.
White Lion, Robert Drew, 79 St. Albans road, Watford
White Lion, James Eyre, London Colney, St. Albans
White Lion, John Foster, Walkern, Stevenage
White Lion, George Holland, 91 Sopwell lane, St. Albans
White Lion, Arth. Jn. Lovick, 59 Bengeo street, Hertford
White Lion, Henry Everett Read, High street, Baldock
White Lion, James B. Riley, 64 Railway street, Hertford
White Lion, Chas. Hy. Swaker, 50 New road, High Barnet
White Lion, John Harry Wigley, New town, Hatfield
White Lion, Wm. Philip Wood, 93 Bancroft, Hitchin
White Swan, Charles Chatman, Bell bar, Hatfield
White Swan, George J. Glunicke, 22 Fore street, Hertford
White Swan, Thomas Hatton, Widford, Ware
White Swan, Thomas Packer, 5 West street, Ware
White Swan, Geo. W. Robinson, Upper Dagnall street, St Albans
Windmill, Walter S. Clark, Windmill lane, Cheshunt, Waltham Cross
Windmill, Thos. Henry Hummerstone, Standon, Ware
Windmill, Charles Mantle, 49 St. Peter's street, St. Albans
Windmill, Gearge Morgan, Charlton, Hitchin
Wine Lodge, Lionel Cox, 102 High street, Ware
Woodhall Arms, Mrs. M. Wrightson, Stapleford, Hertford
Woodman, George Cooper, Hatfield Hyde, Hatfield
Woodman, Harry Fenn, Nuthampstead, Barkway, Royston
Woodman, Robert Francis Venables, West end, Wormley, Broxbourne
Woolpack, Mrs. M. A. Ayles, 59 High street, Cheshunt, Waltham Cross
Woolpack, Alfred Geo. Darren, 2 Old cross, Hertford
Woolpack, Geo. Wm. Parker, Nightingale road, Hitchin
Woolpack, Mrs. Louisa Plumb, 17 High street, High Barnet
Woolpack, William West, Barley, Royston
Woolpack, Waiter Withey, Puckeridge. Ware
Wrestlers, James William Wade, North road, Hatfield

Ye Old Black Bull, William Warner, Buntingford
Yew Tree inn, William Humphery Bonner, Furneaux Pelham, Buntingford
Yew Tree inn, Thomas Vye, Walkern, Stevenage
Yorkshire Grey, Alfd. Fredk. Childs, High street, Stevenage


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