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John Hollyman 1804, Aylesbury and Cuddington, Buckinghamshire

The story of the Hollyman family, John Hollyman born circa 1804 in Cuddington.

Hollyman index

John Hollyman is aged 10 in 1841.

Aylesbury Road, Cuddington :
1841/John Hollyman/Ag Labourer/35/Buckinghamshire/Census
1841/Mary Hollyman/../30/Buckinghamshire/Census
1841/John Hollyman/../10/Buckinghamshire/Census
1841/Thomas Hollyman/../8/Buckinghamshire/Census
1841/Rebecka Hollyman/../6/Buckinghamshire/Census
1841/William Hollyman/../4/Buckinghamshire/Census
1841/Eliza Hollyman/../2/Buckinghamshire/Census

John Hollyman marries Sophia Oakley in December 1850 quarter in Aylesbury distruct.

Lower Green, Cuddington :
1851/John Hollyman/Agricultural Labourer/20/Cuddington, Buckinghamshire/Census
1851/Sophia Hollyman/Wife/24/Cuddington, Buckinghamshire/Census
1851/Isaac Oakley/Son in Law/4/Cuddington, Buckinghamshire/Census
1851/Sarah Hollyman/Daughter/5 months/Cuddington, Buckinghamshire/Census

Cowley Cottage, Cuddington :
1861/John Hollyman/Ag Labourer/36/Cuddington, Buckinghamshire/Census
1861/Sophia Hollyman/Wife, Lacemaker/36/Cuddington, Buckinghamshire/Census
1861/Sarah Hollyman/Daughter/8/Cuddington, Buckinghamshire/Census
1861/Fanny Hollyman/Daughter/6/Cuddington, Buckinghamshire/Census
1861/Thomas Hollyman/Son/4/Cuddington, Buckinghamshire/Census
1861/James Hollyman/Son/2/Cuddington, Buckinghamshire/Census
1861/Eliza Hollyman/Daughter/1 week/Cuddington, Buckinghamshire/Census
1861/Mary Webb/Nurse/56/Cuddington, Buckinghamshire/Census

Cowley Cottage, Cuddington :
1871/John Hollyman/Thatcher/36/Chearsley, Buckinghamshire/Census
1871/Sophia Hollyman/Wife/42/Cuddington, Buckinghamshire/Census
1871/Thomas Hollyman/Son, Ag Labourer/14/Cuddington, Buckinghamshire/Census
1871/James Hollyman/Son, Ag Labourer/11/Cuddington, Buckinghamshire/Census
1871/Eliza Hollyman/Daughter/8/Cuddington, Buckinghamshire/Census
1871/Elizabeth Hollyman/Daughter/5/Cuddington, Buckinghamshire/Census
1871/John Hollyman/Son/1/Cuddington, Buckinghamshire/Census

nr Cowley Farm, Cuddington :
1881/John Hollyman/Thatcher/46/Chearsley, Buckinghamshire/Census
1881/Sophia Hollyman/Wife/53/Cuddington, Buckinghamshire/Census
1881/James Hollyman/Son, Ag Labourer/20/Cuddington, Buckinghamshire/Census
1881/John Hollyman/Son, Ag Labourer/14/Cuddington, Buckinghamshire/Census

In March 1884 quarter,  a John Hollyman aged 50 is listed in death records in Aylesbury.

In the 1891 census, there are two entries for Sophia. The first is crossed out, and shows her as a widow with her son John at Denton, Buckinghamshire. The second lists her as a monthly nurse at Ridgbarn Farm, in Cuddington.

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