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Hornchurch 1861 Census Walk

part 1

 History of Hornchurch

Hornchurch 1861 Census - an abridged walk through the town of Hornchurch following the enumerators steps. This lists the head of most households present in 1861, but not all - there would have been approximately 1100 persons in total listed in this census.

All the township of Hornchurch from the Bridge over Ingrebourne Brook eastwards to Abbs Cross westward to the south as far as and including Suttons Gate, Hacton farm and the space includes in a line drawn from Suttons gate to the Bridge on Hacton Road and all that part of the Village to the north included in an angle drawn from the four Cross ways at Grouts farm Eastward to Abbs Cross. westward meeting to and including the Burnt Houses at the 3 Cross ways diverging from Hornchurch to Squirrels Heath and Ardley Green

High Street:
Post Office - Thos W Hampshire
Grocers Shop - Saunderson Wilson
Plumber, Painter & Glaziers shop - William S Brett
Beer Shop - Thos George Fry
Butchers shop - Susannah Gate
Lodging House - Jane Clarke
Bricklayer - William Sibthorpe
Ag Labourer - James Jarvis
Carpenter - John Winter
Brewers Labourer - Richard Webb
Bakers shop - Frederick Powling
Saddlers - John Franklyn
Carrier - Peter Smith
Baker - George Barker
Engineer - Brook Francillon
Blacksmith - William Crow
Shoe maker - George Parker
Barbers shop - Charles Finch
Grocers Assistant - William Pinchon
Police Constable - William Harrington
Ag Labourer - Joseph Pearce
Ag Labourer - William Tyler
Ag Labourer - Edward Dolby
House Owner - Harriett S Thompson
Butchers shop - George Wolfe
Ag Labourer - James Kent
Boot Maker - John Dolden
Glover - Henry Archer
Grocers shop - George Kemp
Bull Inn - Aaron Martin
Foundry & shop - Robert Wedlake
Engineer - Henry Hankison
Curate of Hornchurch - Thos Cunning Dean
Butchers Shop - Isaac Steel
Ag Labourer - Thomas Parish
Groom - William Bennett
Wheelwright - Jonathan S Diaper
Blacksmith Edward Brewer
Blacksmith - William Matthews
Smiths shop - James Townsend
Alms House - Maria Ivory
Carpenter & joiner- Benj Collins
Carpenters shop - Walter Alabaster
Blacksmith - Robert Wheatley
Engineer - James Nichols
Blacksmith - William Wheatley
Ag Labourer - James Rush
Beer House - Richard Wren
Bakers shop - William Miller
Cricketers inn - John William
Ag Labourer - William Dear
Tailor - George Oxley
Clay pipe maker - Alfred Stevens
Painter - William Roast
Wheelwright - William Dear
Ag Labourer - Henry Dale
Ag Labourer - Joseph Stevens
Cooper - Joseph Barfoot
Iron Moulder - Richard Baker
Carpenters Shop - Robert Dockrill
Engineer - George Howes
Smith - Thomas Elliston
Ag Labourer - Daniel Crow
Brickfields - Charles Cove
Ag Labourer - William Turner
Grocer - Mary Ann Spencer
Boot maker - William Franklyn
Saddler & Harness maker - William T Allcock
Baker - James Stevens
Shoe maker - John Franklyn
Greyhound Beer House - John Marsh
Blacksmith shop - Thos Bennett Cressy
Yarn & Mop manufacturer - James Thos Viall
Plumber - Edward Smith
House Decorator - Henry White
Pork butcher - James Garrad
Baker - William Hobbs
Gardener - William Holmes
Carrier - John Munt
Wheelwright - William Brazier
Agricultural machine maker - William halls
Watch maker - Samuel Seabrook
Brick layer - Charles Jarvis
Gent - William Powling
Butcher - William Henry Phillips
White Hart Inn - Geo Thos Hobart

White Hart Lane:
Machine maker - Charles Foster
Ag Labourer - William Burrell
Ag Labourer - Joseph Vinton
Charwoman - Sarah Bass
Laundress - Ellen Bailey
Ag Labourer - John Linsell
Drayman - Joseph Brown

High Street:
Lodging House - Ann Stevens
Dress maker - Emma Playle
Police constable - Albert Ridley
Mechanist - Robert Starling
Tailor - Wm McGibbon
Coachman - Chas Pigrim

White Hart Lane:
Maltster - Thomas Nash
Labourer - Charles Aley
Ag Labourer - George Denny

High Street:
Ag Labourer - Char;es Amos
Baker - George Salmon
Brewers cellarman - John Nokes
Kings Head - James Olley
Iron moulder - Henry Prior
Brewers Labourer - George Brett
Ag Labourer - William Patten
Brewers labourer - James Linsell
Plumbers shop - Thos Martin
High Street:
Groom & Gardener - Joseph Roots
Brewers labourer - Edward Young
Brewer - Thomas Woodfine
Hornchurch Lodge - Thos Mashiter
farm bailiff - William Summers
Gardener - William Ambrose
Hornchurch Hall - John Bearblock
Farm bailiff - John Noles
Vicarage - Daniel George Stacy
Drury Fall Farm - Joseph Grout

Hacton farm - Abraham Dolbey
Suttons gate House - Robert Lambert

White Hart Lane:
Ag Labourer - Charles Stillman

Cage street:
Gardener - James Nokes
Ag Labourer - William Conn
Carter - William Dunning
Gardener - George Riglin
Painter - Samuel Palmer
Ag Labourer - Richard Oliver
Fellmonger - James Fry
Washerwoman - Matilda Taylor
Blacksmiths labourer - Samuel Burrell
Ag Labourer - William Chester
Shoe maker John Payne
Ag Labourer - Thos Stockley
Ag Labourer - John Jackson
Brewers labourer - William Linsell
Cow keeper - Thos Alexander
Gardener - William Roots
School master - George Rochford
Carpenter - George Rayment
Carrier - Samuel Parish
Grosvenor House - Richard Dendy

Cage lane:
Ag Labourer - George Gregory
Groom - William Oliver
Ag Labourer - George Archer
Sawyer - John Garrard
Labourer - Thomas Wells
Holly Cottage - Peter Deakin
Gun maker - William Cove
Foundry labourer - Samuel Rush
Straw plater - Esther Halls
Ag Labourer - Charles Conn
Farm bailiff - John Mann
Ag Labourer - James Brown

Butts Green:
Wheelwright - Charles Mills
Iron moulder - Lazarus Jarvis
Ag Labourer - William dale
Ag Labourer - Josiah Cressy
Polcemans wife - Mary Parslow
Ag Labourer - Edward Brown
Gardener - Samuel maddox
Charwoman - Mary Ann Wright
Ag Labourer - William Lazell
Carpenter - John Reeve
Iron moulder - David lazell
Ag Labourer - Robert Wood
Ag Labourer - Edward Chester
Gardener - Richard Adams
Brick maker - Edward Cross
Straw carter- James Dale
Portrait painter - John Noon
Ag Labourer - Thomas Lazell
Cattle dealer - Charles Stevenson
Carpenter - James Smith
Farmer - John Stevens
Ag Labourer - John Hedgely
Ag Labourer - Benjamin Oliver
Ag Labourer - John Weaver
Dealer in marine stores - Charles Fuller
Ag Labourer - Samuel Wall
Excise Department - Charles denham
Plumber & Glazier - John Brown
Ag Labourer - George Wood
Bricklayer - John Harris
Ag Labourer - William Warren
Ag Labourer - Thomas Humphries
Shoe maker - Godfry W Gower
Ag Labourer - John Tyrrell
Cordwainer - John Aldous
Ag Labourer - James Livermore
Ag Labourer - Robert Knight
Hurdle maker - George Bridge
Pig dealer - William Wolfe
Warehouse man - Thos Beardwell
Agricultural machine maker - Charles Horslen

Billet Lane:
Little Langtons - John Harris
Charwoman - Francis Clarkson
Great Langtons - John Wagener
Ag Labourer - John Bass
Ag Labourer - Thos Dale
Ag Labourer - Joseph Smith
Ag Labourer - James Lazell
Ag Labourer - William Pearce
Ag Labourer - Thos Humphries
Ag Labourer - Joseph Lazell
Billett Inn - Richard Dodson
Fairkytes - Thomas Barker
Gardener - Jeremiah Garnham
Mill House - Thomas Howard

Cage Street:
Labourer (Foundry) - Joseph Patmore
Drill Sergeant - William Lightfoot
Tile maker - John Ulett Pearce
Labourer - John Parish
Charwoman - Sarah Parish
General Practice - William Cooper

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