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Hornchurch 1861 Census Walk

part 2

 History of Hornchurch

Hornchurch 1861 Census - an abridged walk through the town of Hornchurch following the enumerators steps. This lists the head of most households present in 1861, but not all - there would have been approximately 550 persons in total listed in this census. [This enumerator has atrocious hand writing!]

All the north ward of Hornchurch to the northern limits, bounded on the east by the Ingrebourne Brook and on the west by Dagenham Brook at Havering Well. On the south by a line drawn from the bridge over Ingrebourne Brook on the high road separating Hornchurch from Upminster to the 3 cross ways from Hornchurch to Squirrels Heath and Ardly Green meeting at Burnt Houses; from there South west to the Harrow Inn on the Hornchurch and Romford road and on the western boundary of Havering Well including Hay Green, Nelmes, Gubbins, Hare Lodge and all the northern limits, Ardley Green, Squirrels Heath (Part of) to blind Barneses and all the north side of the road from Hornchurch to Romford, up to and including the Harrow Inn above named and including Havering  Block Farm near B?

Lee Gardens:
Farmer - John Mitchell
Ag Labourer - Charles Dennis
Ag Labourer - James Aylen
Ag Labourer - Joshua Sams
Gardener - William John Edden

Wych Elms:
Ag Labourer - Charles Rockliff
Ag Labourer - James Blackwell
Wheelwright Thomas Rayment

Lillyputs cottage - Peter E Bearblock

Hay Green:
Ag Labourer - James Hoy
Hubbards - David Wilshire
Wingle Tye Farm -
Farm House - Jonathan Gate
Worlds End farm House - Joseph Chandler
Ag Labourer - William Pumfrett
Ag Labourer - Thomas Lazell
Ag Labourer - Charles Weavers
Great Gublings - William Bacon
Little Gublins - George Page
Reden Court - Adam Roper
Old Reden Court - Peter Brown
Hare Lodge - Charles H Simson
Ag Labourer - Robert Grainger
Hare Lodge - Edward Thompson
Ag Labourer - Samuel Tucker
Ag Labourer - George Briant
Ag Labourer - George Bird
Spencers Arms - Rachel Wolfe
Ag Labourer -  John Maskell

Hardley Green:
Ag Labourer - Thomas Grainger
Ag Labourer - Thomas barfoot
Ag Labourer - William Ellis
Brick maker - James Cross
Ag Labourer - Richard Coleman
Ag Labourer - Daniel Clark
Hay Binder - James Burgess
Labourers Widow - Amelia Dorrington
Ag Labourer - William Hughes
Hardly House - William Ballard
Farm House - Abraham Carter
Little Nelmes - William Roach
Ag Labourer - George Dorrington
Great Nelmes - Joseph Parsons
Gardener - William Walker
Farm House - Thomas Arnold
Ag Labourer - Thomas Dennis
Drover - William Kerr
Engine Driver - William Stratford
Hound Farm

Great gardens - Philip Brown
Ag Labourer - Jonathan Parish

North Ward
Ashford cottages - George S King
Box maker - William Jessup
Rose Cottage

Havering Well:
Crown Inn - Mary Ann Hands
Ag Labourer - Josiah Argent
Ag Labourer - Samuel Giblin
Havering Villa
Havering Well House - Elizabeth Truston
Havering Block Farm - James Wood
Harrow Cottage - James Frost
Harrow Inn - Amos Frost
Bush Elms - William Miles
Gardener - James Young

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