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Hornchurch 1861 Census Walk

part 3

 History of Hornchurch

Hornchurch 1861 Census - an abridged walk through the town of Hornchurch following the enumerators steps. This lists the head of most households present in 1861, but not all - there would have been approximately 550 persons in total listed in this census. [This enumerator has atrocious hand writing!]

All the south ward of Hornchurch including Abbs Cross lane and Pryors Farm to the top of the hill at Clay Houses, on the road from Hornchurch to Rainham hence by a line drawn from this corner to the Eastern Boundary at the Bridle Bridge on the Ingrebourne Broog to the River Thames on the South, by Dagenham Brook in the West, as far as hevering Well including Smee's Cottage, Great Suttons, Hargreves, South End road to Rainham Bridge, Cherry Tree corner, Mud island, Dagenham Bridge and the Romford and rainham Road, Wybridge and havering Well, thence by the Turnpike Road from Romford to Hornchurch in the North, including all the South side of that road to Abbs Cross

Abbs Cross Lane:
Ag Labourer - George Dear
Pryors Farm - George Barr
Cross House - Henry Brokes
Ag Labourer - John Edwards
Ag Labourer - Thomas Archer
Smee's Cottage - Charles Smee
Great Suttons - Samule Brooks Gooch
Groom - Robert Newman
Ag Labourer - Isaac Gibson
Ag Labourer - Samuel James
Ag Labourer - Frederick halls
Ag Labourer - George Willers
Up Havering Farm - Esther Paine
Ag Labourer - Robert Sallows
Ag Labourer - Joseph Wright
Glynns farm - John Hopson
Ag Labourer - James Wright
Barrack Houses - Samuel Wright
Ag Labourer - Samuel Curtis
Ag Labourer - Robert Crow
Ag Labourer - John White
Ag Labourer - Samuel Curtis
Ag Labourer - Henry Hare
Ag Labourers wife - Louisa Wells
Ag Labourer - John Ross
Hay Jobber - William Bush
Ag Labourer - John Wright

Rainham Road:
Ag Labourer - James Copping
Ag Labourer - Thomas Bird
Ag Labourer - William Green
Ag Labourer - William Rayment
Ag Labourer - George Clark
Ag Labourer - Thomas Pamment
Good Intent - George Oliver
Ag Labourer - Thomas Biggs
Algores Farm - Benjamin Cracknell
Albyns Farm - Mary Bonnett
Scotts Farm - Mary Daisey
Ag Labourer - Charles Marriage
Argents Farm - Samuel Perrin

Lambs Lane:
Ag Labourer - James Vinton
Ag Labourer - Henry Halls
Ag Labourer - Charles Bennett
Widow - Besey Pear
Ag Labourer - John Valentine
Ag Labourer - Charles Shonk
Ag Labourer - Isaac Vinton
Ag Labourer - William Peer
Ag Labourer - William Cotton
Ag Labourer - John Wood
Ag Labourer - Robert Smith
Ag Labourer - William Wootton
Grove farm - Samuel Brown
Gayes Field Farm - Thomas Prince
Cresseys Lane:
Widow, Elizabeth Gentry
Ag Labourer - John Cotton
Ag Labourer - James Vinton
Thatcher - James Gentry
Widow - Susanna Palmer
Tailor, near Cherry Tree - Charles Wright
Ag Labourer - John Felton
Ag Labourer - John Thomas
Widow - Mary Cracknell
Widow - Elizabeth Clark
Dovers Farm - William Perrin
Dovers Farm - E R Blewitt
Railway gate Keeper - William Caines
Mud Island farm - George White
Mardyke Farm - Richard hart
Marsh Foot Farm - John Challis
Ag Labourer - George Gray

Cherry Tree Lane:
Ag Labourer - Charles Lee
Cherry Tree - James Collings
Blacksmith shop - George Cressey
Weybridge farm - Thomas Davis
Newtons Farm - Mary Ann Tyler
Horse Breaker - Frederick Hoye
Ag Labourer - William Shonk
Ag Labourer - James Valentine
Ag Labourer - John Rickett
Ag Labourer - Thomas Palmer
Ag Labourer - William March
Ag Labourer - Joseph March
Carter - Henry Smith
Ag Labourer - John Nickols
Ag Labourer - Francis Stock
Beemans Farm - James Cressey
Ford Lodge - Louisa Tyler
Sybell Skeales cottages - George Marriage
Ag Labourer - William Cove
Ag Labourer - Thomas Thompson
Ford Place farm - Felix W Boulton
Ag Labourer - William Wall
Ag Labourer - James Wright
Brittons farm - John Moss
Ag Labourer - Simon Wright
Ag Labourer - James Durrant
Wybridge Farm - Mary Vince
Ag Labourer - William Bush
Ag Labourer - Benjamin Noakes
Malans Green farm - Fanny R Collier
Haverin Well:
Hurdle maker Henry Bridge
Farm Bailiff - John Masters
Farm - George Laws
Harrow Lodge - Charles Hill
Ag Labourer - William Hills

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